Listen | Your intuition is speaking to you

Have you ever felt that something was not right although it was the most logical thing you could have done? That it didn’t align with what you were sensing deeply within? Did you experience this urge to do something, but you didn’t take action? Have you ever felt a bad energy around a certain person, neglected to protect your own and got trapped into an uncomfortable situation?

Some call it gut feeling, others the sixth sense or simply “your intuition.” Without further ado, let’s dive directly into this heart-moving topic of mine – sit back, relax and listen … to my message.





~ Intuition: What is it? ~

We will find many definitions around what intuition actually is or means. However, the term definition itself relates to a logical, ratio-based approach, which is already about to limit its true meaning. According to such a description from the dictionary, you’ll find the following: Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. This definition simply says that something happens somehow, without any further explanation.

Deepak Chopra, an expert on both fields, spirituality as well as science, came up with a definition that goes further beyond:

“Intuition is the voice of truth, empowerment and integration. A form of intelligence that is beyond the rational mind, but it is contextual, relational, holistic. Literally, it drops from the mind of the universe and is therefore nonlocal.”
(Deepak Chopra)

Thus, we can tell that this inner voice or rather feeling goes beyond our mind’s logic. It is a deep knowing that comes from a different source than what we’ve learned in theory or what we’ve memorized from our life experience. It goes even beyond our sub-consciousness. An ability to receive instinctive knowledge. Exactly! It is only in the state of reception that you’re able to find the key to your intuition. But before we start answering the “How”, I’ll give you a deeper insight into my own perception of this beautiful human gift called intuition.






~ Intuition: My personal view ~

In my opinion, intuition is the most powerful source every single person is able to connect with. The access to our intuition has been made available to us from the moment of birth. However, at some point in time, we gradually became disconnected from this important aspect of life, of our being, literally of our (Higher) Self.

“Your intuition is the language of your soul.”
(Kute Blackson)

But what do I mean by Higher Self? Your Higher Self represents the plain, true, innate essence of yourself, which has this strong bond to the universe, the source of consciousness we derive from. Being aware of this form of existence, you’ll start opening up to that guiding voice. Being in a conscious state of living, you’ll start to understand that true knowledge does not come exclusively from books, theories, data, facts, and hypothesis that humans made up on the base of their logical mind. You’ll gain the ability to listen. Listen to what this higher voice inside – connected to the endless source – wants you to know. You could actually say that your intuition is a way of how the universe speaks to you and guides you, step by step, through life. It is a natural gift we’re all carrying within. It is THE ultimate knowledge, which can give us the answers to every single question we’re so desperately keen to answer.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

The point is: each of us struggles with life at some point. None of us possesses an instant answer to the challenges we so often face in life. And what is our overall first approach in trying to fix our situation as soon as possible? Yes, of course, we’re trying to use our knowledge from the brain. Thinking, thinking, worrying, panicking, etc. If you keep listening to your mind, you’ll probably remain confused or eventually become even more confused; simply because your mind is always filled with thoughts, with duality; it is constantly flowing without a state of stability.

“The only reason your mind won’t stop its endless chattering
is because you won’t stop listening to it!”
(Guy Finley)

And if the answers of our own brains are not sufficient, we continue to seek support from the outside. Doctors are consulted on health issues, psychologists are consulted on mental issues, medications are taken in order to numb the deeper problem, etc. I don’t want to say that doctors or psychologists are of no need – not at all. What I want to say is that we’re passing our own responsibility completely into the hands of somebody or something else. In this very moment, we’re stepping into the victim role. In this state of dependence, we immediately lose our own power. We’re rather behaving as marionettes in the hands of a stranger, who doesn’t know us nearly well as we do ourselves.

I’m pretty sure each of us has already experienced such situations in life. You think you’re completely helpless, at somebody’s mercy, unable to see the answer to your questions. And if there is no solution in sight, we’re pushing ourselves in a downward spiral of life; the only way out seems to push it away, to resist, by using outer distraction. Thus, we try to eat our problems away, to drink them away, to social-media them away – simply to numb ourselves from what we don’t want to feel. But what happens next? Everything you resist persists. The intensity of your “problem” increases. This terrible feeling inside grows and grows. The downward spiral takes its own course. What the hell shall I do?

“It is a characteristic of wisdom not to desperate things.”

Even if you think you don’t know what the next step shall be – you might be rationally convinced that there is no answer, no solution. However, I can tell you from my own experience: there is a deeper part within you that always knows everything! The simple question is: Are you listening? Do you entrust this Higher Self of yours?

After all, you’ll probably ask yourself: But where is it? How can I find it?






 ~ How to find the connection to your intuition ~

The very first step that helped me along my journey is to accept that your brain, your thoughts, your senses are limited. It is not the only thing that matters in life and it is certainly not the only thing you have to rely on. There is far more we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch physically. Become aware of the fact that your three-dimensional perception of this world made up by your brain is not everything. That your brain is not able to have all the answers. But that there exists a higher power, which always wants to hold your back, to give you support and guidance. Through this process of acceptance and opening onto up, you start inviting your intuition to come closer; to speak a little louder.

“Soulful surrender opens the doorway to receiving.”
(Panache Desai)

As your mind is always busy creating scenarios of the future that will set you in a state of anxiety or bring you back to experiences of the past when you were struggling with fear, there is a need to still the mind. Well, this is probably the most challenging thing to do for us, isn’t it? To be able to find a point in stillness, to rest within in silence, is a daily practice. It is about patience and continuity. But the amazing rewards you’ll be able to experience are worth this practice. Thus, find a few moments every single day where you stay with yourself, completely alone. No distractions. Sit down and shift your focus to one point. Breathe. Become aware of the silence. Become aware of yourself. 

“Listen to the silence. It has so much to say.”

Make it clear to yourself that you ARE always connected to this intelligence within. The question is rather, if you’re engaged to it. If you’re committed and ready to listen in order to work hand in hand with this beautiful power of yours. Make it also clear to yourself that it’s not an external power that might give you a visit and vanish again. No. It IS you. You own it. You ARE it. You’re carrying it with you all the time. Always. Infinitely.

“Your mind is limited, your soul is infinite.”

So, if you choose and commit to engage with your Higher Self, start communicating with it. That may sound silly at first sight. But why not give it a try? From my own experience, I simply can encourage you to do so. Start talking with your inner intelligence. Tell yourself that you’re ready, opened and eager to listen and sense what it wants you to know. Be patient, but also be committed. Go into this experience … and simply feel.





~ Intuition: My own experience ~

There was a time in my life when I started focusing completely on what’s going on in the outer world. What is everyone else doing? What recommendations and conventions do I get? And without questioning too much, I started following any paths I assumed as suitable for me. However, there were uncountable moments when I felt completely out of balance. Not aligned with what I felt within. Nonetheless, my conditioned mind would always tell me stories about what is right to do, how I should behave, what decisions I need to make and what is simply irrational and thus, impossible to do.

My deepest point was the physical downward spiral I went through during my apprenticeship in a pharmacy. Intuition was so far away from myself that there was no possibility to intervene in order to stop me from facing an inconvenient truth. Thus, my body as the last messaging instance of my (Higher) Self was literally punching me in my face: it was more than obvious that I completely lost my path. While becoming weaker and weaker, suffering from certain health issues, I reached a certain point where it was not possible to look away anymore. This was the time in my life when I started realizing that looking away from my problems was no solution. Figuring out how to free myself from this inner prison did not only confuse me, it literally made me crazy. After searching in the outside for any straw of help to grasp, it took me a few years to eventually become aware of the fact that I always tried to serve someone else and didn’t align with my own path. Finding support in my own spiritual practice of yoga; finding support from spiritual teachers, I started reconnecting to myself again … successfully!

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”
(Zen Proverb)

After making a lot of decisions according to my intuitive sensation, I internalized the realization of being able to trust this feeling completely. It really gave me this feeling of security. A deeper sense of peace. My choice of committing to listen to my intuition really changed a lot in my life and has been guiding me throughout my journey in a very conscious, beautiful way. And I don’t say that I do always have instantly all the answer to my questions – it is always a process. But there is one very important thing I’ve learned and I committed myself to: I don’t need to figure everything out with my mind. I allow myself to surrender to a greater source … my holistic practice of Yoga in its various aspects has been deepening my ability to surrender and go within. I would like to call it my very anchor in life, the most supportive tool I can always rely on. As with Yoga, meditiation has also allowed me to connect with my Higher Self. Sitting in silence. Just myself. Eyes closed. Focused internally. Calming the chattering mind. Breathing.

“Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers.”

Everything is there. Every single answer to all of your questions. Open up. Commit. Engage. Trust. And listen!






~ Conclusion: Your intuition is always speaking to you ~

Isn’t this an amazing and powerful aspect of life? It does not only sound too good to be true; it IS true. You know so much more than you think you do. There is something in you that is infinite, because it is connected to the infinity of the universe. Thus, it knows everything. As soon as you act from the depth of your intuitive sensation, you will step into the flow of life. Everything will become so much more effortless, graceful, balanced, and aligned.

Start by accepting that you are not limited to your thoughts in the brain and that you’re not dependent on anyone else. Choose to open wide. Choose to receive whatever might come from within. Give yourself time to feel within. Bring attention to sensations in your body. Talk honestly to yourself. Ask questions and remain in calmness. Listen!

The more you trust yourself, the more your intuition will blossom. It will deepen. You will become more and more authentic, start living YOUR truth because you’re aligned with it. You’ll be able to rise above your limits, reaching your next level. And magic will happen!

You are guided. You are guided through life. Trust. Surrender. Go within. And listen.

Lots of love & Namasté,

yours Isabel!

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5 thoughts on “Listen | Your intuition is speaking to you”

  1. Liebe Isabel
    ich bin erst vor kurzem auf Deine seite gestossen (dank der Ecodemy). Es ist spannend wie doch eines zum anderen kommt, wohin uns das Universums bringt. Jede Entscheidung hat eine Ursache und Konsequenz. Nun bin ich hier und ich freue mich so sehr diese Worte , Deine Worte gefunden zu haben. Sie helfen mir wirklich in einer Situation des Umbruchs, der Veraenderung wo ich nicht so richtig weiss in welche richtung ich gehen soll, auch weil ich doch so viele Dinge gar nicht beeinflussen kann aber mir dennoch gedanken darueber mache. Ich danke Dir fuer diese Worte und versuche auch meinen Punkt der Stille zu finden, zu mir zu finden. Danke, Anja

    1. Einen wunderschönen Tag, liebe Anja!

      Ganz, ganz lieben Dank für deine bezaubernden Worte, die mich wirklich sehr berührt haben. Freut mich, dass du meine Seite entdeckt hast und daraus etwas für dich mitnehmen kannst.

      Du hast es sehr schön formuliert! Anders ausgedrückt hat alles im Leben seinen Sinn und wir ziehen immer genau das an, was wir ausstrahlen.
      Veränderungen im Leben sind in gewisser Weise eine Notwendigkeit, denn ohne würden wir uns nicht als Persönlichkeit weiterentwickeln. Unser Inneres strebt nach neuen Erfahrungen, während uns unser Verstand immer in der vertrauten Komfortzone halten möchte. Du kannst diese (notwendigen) Veränderungen als ein Geschenk ansehen und im Inneren, in Momenten der Ruhe, findest du auch die passende Antwort für dich…für den nächsten Schritt. Vertraue auf deine innere Weisheit.

      Alles erdenklich Liebe für dich!
      deine Isabel!

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