It is a very short message. Seven words put in one sentence. But this sentence has a strong, deep, sharp meaning that I urgently want to share with you:


“Be the energy you want to attract.”


This is the very first inspirational quote I want to share on this new category of my blog, “Quote-spirations”, as these words have been teaching me a lesson, again and again, throughout life.

There is one universal law I want to remind you of. A law you should always keep in mind: Everything is energy! Nature is energy. Things are energy. People are energy. Life is energy. The universe is energy. YOU are energy – everything is based upon this constant flow of energy. The universe doesn’t have ears to simply listen to what you’re saying. But it can only feel the vibration of what you’re offering; the energy you are sending out. Your messages arrive in form of thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, habits, commitments which shape your personality. Everything starts with YOU.

Ask yourself:

What do you see in life?
What relationships are you in?
What kind of work are you up to?

And here it comes – the biggest question:


Do you align with where you are in life right now? Do your habits, your thoughts and beliefs support you in evolving further?

Your life is simply a mirror of your internal world. It reflects the vibration you’re carrying with you and putting out into this world. You’ll always get more of what you’re having – of what you’re BEING right now. There’s this magnetic pull, your energy signature, matching you to the vibration you hold.

If you’re not aligned with what you see and do day by day, don’t worry or panic! This state of energy will bring you further down. Don’t start pointing fingers at circumstances, at others. Don’t start blaming anything on the outside. This just weakens your own power, it weakens you in taking responsibility for your life. You want to step into this beautiful path of joy, ease, constant flow, success, love, abundance – don’t you? To attract all that into your life, you need to shift your energy into a similar state. Right now.

If you’re not happy with what you attract, there is always this beautiful possibility to recreate yourself. Certain things and certain people will come into your life as soon as you’re vibrating on their certain level of energy.

Each of us simply wants to be happy. Howsoever that might be. So, how to start shifting your energy and manifesting what you’re so desperately desiring?

  • You want more abundance?– Start realizing everything you already have in your life. Practice gratitude and feel yourself in this state of abundance. You have air to breathe. You have eyes to see the beauty all around you. You have ears to listen. You even have an internet connection to read these lines right now: WHAT a luxurious gift you’re blessed with!
  • You want the right kind of people around you? – Start doing things and thinking like those you want to be surrounded by. Read books, blogs, listen to podcasts, put yourself fully into the world you want to live in. BE the kind of person you’re so desperately looking for!
  • You want more love in your life? – Start spreading your own love out into this world. Love is always there. Feel it within. Let it shine from the inside out. Offer YOUR expression of love to the world. BE love. And I can assure you that you’ll attract so much more than you’d have ever expected!

The practice of gratitude is my ultimate personal tool to shift my vibration instantly in order to help me attract more of this beautiful energy. As soon as you start being thankful for what you have, you’ll be able to SEE the abundance on earth.

And do you know what the most beautiful thing is about this universal law? Everything, we as human beings are all so desperately yearning for, seeking towards, desiring deep within – I’m speaking of love, of joy, of happiness, of meaningfulness, of abundance, of deep fulfillment – all of these very valuable things in life do multiply as soon as they are given. As soon as we embody them. As soon as we ARE them.

~ ~ ~

This was a quick, but deep reminder I wanted to share with you today.

Keep looking up. Create for yourself this life you’re dreaming of. Simply because it is YOUR life. And you ARE worth it. You ARE able to live your dreams. You ARE supposed to live the most authentic, fully aligned version of yourself.

Sending you lots of love & power to step into YOUR purposeful life!


yours Isabel!


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