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A very special and cordial Welcome, everyone!

With this very first blog post in the section of mindset, personal development, psychology and spirituality, I want to ask you one question:

> Who do you want to be in this one and only life that is yours? <

Don’t worry, if you don’t have an answer right away.

My deepest wish is to reach, inspire and accompany people in their process of finding their own power.  And there are two ways I would like to go forward with that. On one hand, on a completely physical level with the help of an energizing, vitalizing nutrition,  as well as physical activity and relaxation. On the other hand on a deeper, mental level.

My own experience with mind shift ranged from absence to abundance, from dealing with a victim mentality to self-creation, from injustice to gratitude, from severity to ease, from feeling disconnected to become whole, from compulsive self-limitation to faith and from being tied to my mind to listen to my heart. At this point I want to emphasise that I’m still on my journey as well – for the way is the destination; a final destination itself does not exist in the process of life.

But YOU are also able to witness this life changing experience!

Even science has been paying attention to the field of consciousness: precious information that I will address on this page as well! To begin, we already have some proven facts showing that our inner attitude and our dogma are considerably influencing how life turns out for each of us.

This journey of personal development, the spiritual pathway, is definitely not as simple as we would like to be, because we need to surmount our own borders, step out of our comfort zone, our familiar thoughts and habits. However, you’ll find a way towards more fulfilment, joy, happiness and love; you’ll drill down on your true authenticity.

Doesn’t this sound exciting? 🙂

Then make yourself comfortable and join me on this journey into the world of our thoughts, our consciousness and sub-conscousness, our feelings and how we create our own life … are you ready?!


~ One Question – Your Answer ~

>Who do you want to be?<

A question that is looking for an answer. A question about the meaning of life. An answer that is only up to your own thoughts and feelings. And because it’s only YOU who can, may, should answer this question … it is underlying your own decision. 

It’s all up to you – how you want to be in your life; how you want to construct this one and only – YOUR – life; how you want to see and understand your reality; which task(s) you choose as being yours; which meaning you’re giving to your life; how you want to feel after getting up in the morning, while going to bed in the evening and in between these times .

YOU CAN influence if life works for or against you. There is so much more within yourself than you’d have ever expected.

It’s my personal honour to join you on this exciting trip to find an answer to this very important question of life. I want to support you in finding answers – answers that are hidden within yourself. However, the question “Who do you want to be” is still yours.

It’s the life itself that asks us questions. He’s not the one who should ask, he is rather the respondent of his life, who gives the answers – who takes responsibility for life.
(Viktor Frankl)

Meaning, it’s not you who is supposed to ask life for its meaning. It is rather your life that asks you, which meaning you want to give it…



~ How am I finding my path? ~

Each of us is going his/her very individual journey, starting with birth. Sometimes there are inconvenient obstacles on the way. Often, we go astray, detour or completely loose our orientation. Sometimes we find ourselves in the nirvana without seeing any resort. But this is exactly the time where life presents us a gift, so that we can find our right way again. However, seeing these challenges as road signs rather than a punishment of life is a question of perspective. At these certain points of time, we are given the opportunity to question our behaviour, to scrutinise our thoughts and to consider different possibilities. Opportunities that could most likely serve us more.

Typical examples are sicknesses and other inconvenient or even life-threatening conditions. They foil the plans that we made within our mind. Our autopilot is compelled to take a break. We are forced to calm down; to reconsider our situation. We are forced to leave our comfort zone; to change our perspective. For in most cases, it isn’t us who willingly makes the decision to change. It is rather our life who gives us a gentle or even a hard push into the right direction.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to wait unconsciously for such a stroke of fate.  Every single moment there is the possibility to make a decision by yourself. Willingly. Consciously. You are able to restore and train the connection to your inner self.



~ Strength lies in calmness ~

Our society nowadays is characterised by working hard, restlessness,  perfectionism, ambition, consumption, shopping binge, noise, … – in short: we are characterised by all of the distractions from the outside. There is our burdensome and stressful working life, then we’re hurrying to the gym, picking up our children from the nursery, shopping groceries, cooking dinner and afterwards, we just want to distract ourselves from this frantic day and all the stress by watching TV.

So where can we find a moment of calmness? A moment to come into our creative power?

Only a calm pond reflects the light of the stars.
(Chinese Saw)

Most of us are unable to find this silence. But I’ve got good news: it IS possible! It is possible to work step by step on this process of finding your inner calmness. To listen to this gentle, quiet voice within yourself. To get connected to your higher self. To set up your self-determined mindset and to let go of your apparent being at somebodies mercy.



~ Your mindset and the rest of the world ~

There is no doubt: if someone starts building up a mindset that completely objects the majority of our society, it needs courage, willpower and patience. And we will deviate from this one time or another; we won’t be able to internalise this new mindset 100%, 24/7. Simply because we are confronted with the opposite (absence and negativity) day by day.

But it is definitely possible to create your own mindset of abundance, gratitude, joy, freedom and love. Step by step. With time, you will internalise and manifest these thoughts in your sub-consciousness and eventually, you will see first results manifesting in your life. On the outside. In YOUR reality. In a world that lies upon your thoughts, words, actions and decisions. And finally, you will attract these beliefs in your outer world that mirrors your invisible mindset.

It’s a simple rule of thumb: our energy flows in the direction where our focus lies. Our attention on certain things decides what eventually flows back into our life. You can imagine this law of attraction (or law of resonance) like a boomerang. And YOU can decide by yourself, if you want to attract abundance and love or rather loss and injustice.

I can tell you one thing from the bottom of my heart: changing your mindset on a more conscious level is WORTHWHILE.



~ Conclusion: Stand up and empower yourself ~

Fact is, you can achieve everything in life that you want to achieve. Assumed that you break away from your mental prison, your mental constraints. You are able to make the apparently impossible possible. Stand up, make a decision, empower yourself and live your full potential!

I’m genuinely wishing for you to find your way, to find this power in the deepest level of yourself to become the creator of your life in all aspects. So that you can experience a life of joy, freedom and love. So that you will be able to answer the question:

> Who do I want to be ? <

You’ll find food for your thoughts, precious information and get tools in order to empower yourself. Make yourself ready for this one and only journey and pick out the essence of my content. Everything that feels good and right for you … and make yourself ready for the journey of YOUR heart.

I’m looking forward to exchanging with YOU. Let me know what concerns you most and what questions you have for your life. For one thing, I want to impart you with a bunch of valuable information. But on a greater degree, I want to awaken feelings within you. Feelings, which bring you closer to your purpose and your power.

Last but not least, it is my mission to remind you on one thing: you are a unique, precious gift for this world. You are capable to enrich the world and to contribute to make this place a sustainable and happy one. A place of abundance and love.

I’m so glad that you’re here!

Spread your love & just the best,

yours Isabel!



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4 thoughts on “Mindset | Thoughts create reality”

  1. Liebe Isabel!
    Der Papa und ich haben gerade deinen tollen Artikel gelesen, wie wahr, wie wahr. Auch der Papa stimmt dir zu, er ist auf einem guten Weg.
    Wir lieben dich und drücken dich ganz fest und sagen supi, supi, supi!
    Mum und dad!

    1. Liebe Anna, es werden nach und nach immer mehr Artikel rund um unser Mindset kommen, sodass das Verinnerlichen ein wenig unterstützt wird. 🙂
      Vielen herzlichen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar.
      Fühl dich feste zurückgedrückt! Alles Liebe! :*

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