It is right or wrong. It is good or bad. It is easy or difficult. (S)he is beautiful or ugly. (S)he is too fat or too short, too intelligent or too dumb. These phrases constantly run like a program within our brains: Judgements. But during this continuous process of letting our thoughts dictate our life’s, we miss one major part.

“The less you judge, the more you love.”

Each of us seeks it, we are so desperately longing for it as it probably is one of the greatest desires of humanity: true, pure, unconditional love. Yes, I said “unconditional” which in the word itself automatically excludes “conditions”. Thus, loving unconditionally means to let go of everything we were trained to think, to believe, to assess as good or bad – to let go of judging. However, this probably puts us in front of a major challenge as we are doing it all the time; everything, everyone, every single moment without any awareness. We are ‚programmed‘ to assess everything we perceive as good or bad, as beneficial or detrimental, as nice and kind or strange and unfriendly. Our mind is automatically judging all day long. We are surrounded by judgments every day. Everyone does it. The world shows us to do so. Whether it’s TV, culture, religion, science, etc. We are attached to categorizing, stereotyping and comparing.

The more we’re unconsciously stuck in our brain, running all these programs like a machine, the more we lose our innate ability to look at the world and at people from our hearts. Judging is a process which lessens our natural, unconditional state of love. It decreases our ability to see the beauty around as well as within us. Of course, we were always and everywhere told and shown that we are not good (enough) as we are. Thus, we find ourselves automatically projecting this perception into the world. However, have you ever asked yourself if this opinion does any good?

Judging creates polarization and leads us away from the magical gift of experiencing existence as it is with our full awareness. You can say that as soon as you start thinking in such a comparing way, you shift away from the Here and Now, the presence. Judgment does have some kind of reason; otherwise, certain standards would completely disintegrate. However, even in this case of necessity, I would rather choose to discern instead of judging; which means to distinguish what is appropriate and what’s not when it comes to handling life situations; to follow certain rules in order to keep some kind of order in society upright.

But when it comes to loving fully, completely and unconditionally, you need to step into a state of consciousness. To look at the bigger picture, entirely with the eyes of your heart. Real love can only happen unconditionally, without fear or judgments. Real love is what you carry in abundance within. Judging is an egoist act of separation from everything and everyone else. In return, love is an act that happens out of awareness, realizing that we’re all sharing the same consciousness; and simply expressing ourselves in different ways, a way that we are meant to be; which is perfectly beautiful as it is.

Take a breath right now. Simply become aware of this fact. Don’t feel bad as soon as you find yourself judging again. This will happen, it happens all the time. But becoming aware of what your mind is constantly creating and that these thoughts will shift you far away from the experience of loving fully is the first step you can take. Thus, as soon as you catch yourself in an unconscious pattern of judging someone else or even yourself again: Take one step back. Simply become aware of what just happened and consciously choose, which perspective you “really” want to take: Judging or loving? For “the more you judge, the less you love”, as the French writer, Honoré de Balzac put it so eloquently. I simply wanted to reverse this sentence as my quote here on this page, as I always prefer putting a statement into a rather positive way – “The less you judge, the more you love.”

My friends, true love is eternal. As soon as you surrender your judgments, you will realize divinity in everyone, even in yourself. And this really is the power of unconditional love.

Have a wonderful day and spread your love!

Lots of love & Namasté,

yours Isabel!


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3 thoughts on “Quote-Spiration #3”

  1. Liebe Isabel!

    Es ist sooooo schwer aus dem alten Muster herauszugehen aber ich weiß, es funktioniert.

    Hab dich ganz doll lieeeeeeeeeeeb!

    Deine Mum!

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