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At some point in your life, have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

Am I content with my life?

Am I happy?

Am I fulfilled with what I’m doing?

What’s my first thought on a Monday morning? 

If you cannot answer the first three questions immediately with an euphoric YES and if the fourth question gets your stomach turning, THIS is the place to be for you right now.

Are you ready to grow, to discover your full potential and to create a life that gives you an abundance of success, satisfaction, joy and freedom in all it’s glory? There’s only one thing left to say: Welcome to Holistic You!

It’s scientifically proven that most people do not even develop/live a minimum of their actual potential; so they scale down their desires and opportunities to the necessary minimum.

This article on personal development will explain it’s definition and role in our life, as well as the meaning and strategies of how you might be able to become the best version of yourself.



~ Personal development: Definition ~

Personal development is about the progressive enhancement and development of an individual being. Meaning, your mindset, behaviour and expression are developed in a way that allow you to reach the most ideal vision of a successful, content and happy personality.

You focus on your strengths and learn how to handle your critical and negative thinking patterns, set clearly defined goals that are worthy to work towards; you settle success-oriented habits and routines, plus you’ll start – step by step – to come into your creative power, to savour and enjoy the full potential that lies within yourself!

Let’s not forget that this is a continuous process without a defined end point. Confuzius said once so beautifully and truthfully:

„The journey is the destination.“

This journey is probably – or for sure – the most exciting one you’ll ever experience: it is the journey of YOUR LIFE.

You’ll gain more self-confidence, serenity, you’ll learn how to deal with problems in an adequate way as well as how to think and act solution-oriented with a healthy portion of optimism. Your charisma, your communication skills, your social interaction with fellow beings, your independence and your self-image will increase.


~ Being successful ~

Before you’re able to assess and judge your own success, ask yourself the following question:

What does success mean to me?

The answer may be a very individual one and therefore  will differ between each of us. Some would say it’s (financial) wealth, some would define it as being recognised and free.

My personal definition may be as follows: success means being able to do anything that gives me joy, freedom and fulfilment from morning to sundown; that serves me as well as other beings; where I can aid, assist, inspire, and motivate others and spread my love to as many hearts as I can.

So – before you start creating your own successful life, it requires your definition of success, as a first step.



 ~ Being in the fast lane: professionally and privately  ~

Success is often automatically associated with professional highs, achievements or accomplishments. But if you start working on your personality, not only will your behaviour and way of expressing yourself change within your job. More than that, you will make room for a holistic development that includes a variety of different aspects of life; to say the least your private life. These areas of life may include:

  • profession and job
  • family and friends
  • health
  • partnership
  • character
  • social skills
  • emotional condition
  • mental condition
  • spirituality

Now, as you’ve gone through this list, I’d request you to assess every single aspect on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 = miserable, 10 = absolutely successful) …
So, how does your result look like? Probably, there is still room for improvement in one or another area, isn’t there?

Are you ready to embark on the journey towards discovering yourself? Are your ready to embrace your inner power? It’s my honour to join you on this trip!



~ Habits: the key for success ~

What are your habitual behaviours and routines that you’re displaying, every single day? Are they supporting you in finding your own path and mission in this world? A path that gives you joy and fulfilment?

It is not about the outer circumstances that change life,
but it’s the inner changes that will be reflected outside.
(Wilma Eudenbach)

Habits are an essential tool in the process of personal development; for everything we practice, do and think regularly, will be manifested in our sub-consciousness. Our convictions are reflected in the outside, because we implement these manifestations. If we program our sub-conscious mind with deliberate, promising habits, we’ll see the results very soon in our life.

Habits are fingerprints of the character.
(Alfred Polgar)

It definitely will demand discipline, overcoming and persistence on one day or another, at least in the beginning; but in the end you’re investing in YOURSELF, in YOUR development, in YOUR health, in YOUR long-term goals and success. You’ll thank yourself at the end of the day.



Fears are helpful guideposts ~

Excellent indicators of your growth potential are your fears. That may sound a little unattractive and intimidating at first, doesn’t it?

Fears are a natural, evolutionary protective mechanism that often stands in the way of our pursuit for personal development. Fear stops us in the long run from getting out of our comfort zone, meaning our accustomed, familiar situation and behaviour. And of course, the first step out of this comfort zone may seem unpleasant at first – but only then can we allow new doors to open up for us and new opportunities to come our way. New perspectives in our life, that enrich and empower us.

Courage does not mean to be unafraid of something.
Courage simply means to act DESPITE the existent fear.

In most cases, our fears are completely unfounded; they are horror scenarios made up in our brain.

Our fears represent possibilities to grow without confronting real danger.

So why should you do this despite all the fear?

Simply because IT IS YOUR LIFE! 

This journey is a slow, but progressive step-by-step process. We all do have fears. So, why not support each other to face unreasonable fear and to go one step FURTHER in order to grow beyond our potentials.

Fears are THE massive potential for the growth of your personality. 



~ Conclusion: What is personal development? ~

The term “personal development” can be defined as the process of striving to unfold your full potential in all aspects of life. The aim is to seek for the optimal and best version of yourself in order to gain better results in different areas of your life and to get up every single morning with an abundance of excitement, gratitude and vitality for what lies ahead.

Do you want to create a life that matches your deepest wishes and dreams? There is a mighty potential within yourself that is just waiting to be awakened and expressed.  Come into your power and develop into the best version possible.

This developing process will not always be a gentle walk in the park; but you’ll only grow and mature through facing the challenges life throws at you.

So, become inspired by my practical tips and precious knowledge. I’m looking forward to our shared journey on discovering a potential that lies dormant within all of us.

I’m sending you a big hug & lots of love,

yours Isabel!

4 thoughts on “Personal development | Strive for the best version of yourself”

  1. Liebe Isabel!

    Das hast du wunderschön beschrieben und ich kann es nur aus meiner Lebenserfahrung bestätigen. Nur ganz kleine Schritte führen weiter und, man muss auch öfters zurückgehen um neu zu beginnen. Aber es lohnt sich. Das Leben bietet soooooo vieeeeeeel, man darf die Neugier auf das Leben niemals aufgeben. Und man muss nicht gleich ein Superstar oder Manager einer erfolgreichen Firma werden. Ich bin zB eine glückliche Mama!

    Deine Mum!

  2. How lovely and deeply written dear Isabel. The mind is the key to our souls and our thoughts feed our mind. I felt touched by your article and I am sure you will touch hearts of many readers out there.
    Great job!

    Lots of love,

    1. My dear, thank you for all of the amazing words. You are one of those people, who inspire me .. and your support means the world to me.
      Lots of love & sunshine back to you,

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