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Did you know that the most common regret people have on the deathbed is their lack of authenticity in life? Well, this is what most people articulate before passing away:

„I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.“

This fact makes clear: Most people do not honor their dreams, their values, ultimately they do not honor themselves. As soon as they approach death it comes back to what REALLY matters in life. It’s the moment when most people have a glimpse of awakening to life. Better late than never? Unfortunately, this realization won’t change much anymore. The extend you appreciate yourself is a direct depiction of your happiness. After all, isn’t happiness all we seek in life? – Happiness is neither a goal, nor is it something you can achieve externally. You can only find your happiness within, by knowing your values, by acting upon them, and ultimately by expressing your raw, true, innate, most authentic nature …

The phrase “living an authentic life” has become some kind of a buzz phrase in recent times. Others might call it “becoming your greatest version” or “living in alignment” or “being connected to your Highest Self”. These are all beautiful and totally truthful phrases I love to use and work on embodying it by myself. However, what does it actually entail to live aligned, authentically, and to express the greatest (highest) version of your true Self?

In my opinion and experience so far, authenticity is the greatest gift you can give to yourself as well as to the world. Within your truth lies a unique sacred gift the world desperately needs right now. It will not only serve your highest goods, but also those of others. It does happen for a reason that we have this body, this mind, these talents, dreams and visions. The art of re-connection and embodying your true authentic Self is the holiest, most precious thing you can do in this lifetime. I truly believe that it is the foundation of an infinite human potential.

Authenticity is directly linked to a meaningful, happy, and fulfilled life.


Who am I? – Good question, isn’t it?

I invite you to close your eyes for a second and to take a deep breath.


I warmly invite you to  truly reflect upon this article.
As always, let’s start with the following most beautiful quote:

“Be yourself;
everyone else is already taken.”
(Oscar Wilde)







~ What does alignment mean? ~

You might have heard me talking about alignment and congruency. These two terms have become part of a message I seek to embody and share with the world. The term holism in its ultimate meaning traces back to the integration, yet alignment of all aspects that make up the whole. In terms of the human species, it is the integration and alignment of body, mind and heart (spirit):

  • The heart (spirit) can be perceived as the place your desires arise from, channeled by the Divine through you. By looking for your purpose it answers the question “WHY”.
  • The mind is the operative tool you need to transport the Divine messages into the 3D material world. It helps you to take action and to figure out “HOW” to move towards your purpose.
  • The body is this beautiful expression you are gifted with in order to share your purpose with the world. It allows you to bring the non-visible message into the physical reality.

Alignment in terms of “living your authentic Self” is the harmonization between all parts of this trinity (body, mind, spirit). It requires an integration of each to  step into alignment and to live an authentic life.

Each and every one of us incorporates something very unique, precious and valuable. It is usually hidden or we’ve rather forgotten it during life. After all, it does exist and desperately wants to become expressed by our body-mind-construct. The tricky part is to become reconnected. As we grow up, we’ve built layers (belief patterns)upon this raw, naked authenticity within. You might have been told that your words don’t matter, that what you’re telling is insignificant, not important. You were given structures and patterns to live upon without being asked if they resonate with you. Thus, you’ve probably adapted the given concept and always did your best to fit into it, because of the fear of being different. This fear has been manifested. As a result, you might have forgotten your core values which is your truth…







~ Your personal core values ~

Most people are stuck in the hamster wheel playing a certain role in society based upon what they were told or offered to do. They are overburdened with their day-to-day life so that there’s neither time nor energy left to spend on finding a deeper meaning in life. Self-care is regarded as selfish. – At this point, it is necessary to become aware of the fact that these patterns do neither serve yourself nor anyone else around you. These structures set the perfect environment for disconnection from our true nature. If you continue to wear a mask and play a role in the matrix, yet being unhappy and resisting your dreams, you will probably end up like most of the people on their deathbed: with the regret of not having lived their own lives.

We all have certain values deep within. Just as our fingerprint they are totally unique. You can imagine these values as a form of compass which tries to guide you through life. However, only if we honor our values and listen to this guidance, we are able to live in alignment. You might also be familiar with the attempt to copy someone else. If you feel impressed and attracted by someone who deeply fascinates you at some point, there’s a meaning behind: (S)He simply embodies something that already lingers within you. This part of yourself yearns to become awakened by your individual expression. Let yourself become inspired by others, but don’t try to copy anyone. I mean: Isn’t our uniqueness the greatest gift of all?

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”
(Lao Tzu)

It takes a degree of awareness to become reconnected with your authentic Self. Knowing your own highest values is the first step before you can speak, act, decide and live upon them. This means it is time for introspection and self-reflection. In other words: There is no way round spending time with yourself. The easiest way to become familiar with this idea is to honor your body and mind by practicing self-care. The love and attention you put into yourself will be rewarded by becoming connected to this truth inside. Step by step.

By finding your personal values, it is essential to be radically honest with yourself. Your mind hasn’t as much to say as your heart does during this process.







~ Re-evaluate your values ~

Next question: How to find your values? – Well, here’s a quick guideline which might support you:

  • Sit down, grab a pen and start recalling a time you felt totally yourself; a peak moment in your life. Describe this situation in detail.
  • Now reflect: What was is that made you feel so happy back then? What was so special? You can bring to paper as many terms as possible, like love, compassion, courage, strength, aliveness, etc.
  • Choose the most important one or two terms that resonate mostly with you.
  • Describe the deeper meaning of this value to you personally. What’s your association, how do you relate to this value?
  • As you go deeper into this value, try to put it into a word or term and feel insight. Does it resonate with you? Does it feel “right”, good, like a priority in your life?

You can repeat this process a few times in order to find more of your personal core values. As we grow and evolve, certain topics become more meaningful (other less) to us. Thus, our values change naturally and that’s totally fine. Get clear about your current priorities.








~ Unleash your full potential ~

Living in alignment means that you think, speak, make decisions, and act upon your own highest values. It means that your non-visible and visible creation is congruent.

Speaking your truth from the bottom of your heart is not always easy in a world that has made up and gives you certain rules. If your truth doesn’t fit into these structures, it will take a lot of courage to stand out with your different approach. On the contrary, if you obey societies structures and don’t resonate with it, you will accumulate resistance within which is the major cause of human’s suffering. The feeling of resistance will never lead you towards true happiness and fulfillment. You will never be able to live your fullest potential. Yet, your sacred divine gift will stay hidden from the world. I truly believe that each of us as a human being has a massive potential which can be awakened by the reconnection with oneself.

Happiness is all we seek in life. – Happiness and further total fulfillment only happens through the connection with your Highest self which is ultimately connected to the source of creation. This is when real change happens: The universe will literally flow through you in form of thoughts, words, and actions. In other words: Spirit is channeling through you. At this point, human potential expands into infinity, for the universe (consciousness) is infinite. Within this state of holy flow you will experience that anything is possible. You will awaken to the infinite power that has always been lying deeply within. This is the moment when the universe rises to support you in each and every step, because you are completely aligned with source, Divine, which ultimately is your Highest Self. Something happens called “fulfillment”: You will be able to recognize the gift you’ve been given in order to heal yourself as well as the planet by sharing this unique gift with the world.






~ Conclusion: Discover your authentic Self ~

The individuality of a human being is in my opinion the most beautiful and precious gift we were given. As we have relearned and therefore disconnected from our essence of being, I personally perceive it as an exciting (re)discovery of my authentic, true Self again. It takes time to become familiar with yourself. It definitely takes courage to stand out with values which are not a match with societies expectations. However, aligning body, mind, and soul by embodying your personal core values is the ultimate key to happiness and fulfillment. This is what living authentically means to me.

My most effective and beautiful practice to reconnect with my highest Self is meditation or rather the holistic yoga practice (8 limbs). However, in my day to day life yoga is equally as important as to care for myself by eating high vibrant (plant-based, whole) foods, by exercising, staying hydrated, some kind of creative work, connecting with nature, having nourishing relationships, etc. – Every single choice in life which is aligned with your personal values brings you closer to this Divine state of flow.

It was an honor for me to share this crucial heart-topic of mine with all of you. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your view with me. Feel also free to share my content with anyone who might resonate with these lines. Remember what a divine gift dims inside you. It is just waiting to become enflamed by you.

May love & light surround you!


yours Isabel!


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