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Aloha & Namasté, everyone!

Today, I have a special article for you as I would also like to use this platform as a place for sharing my personal experience. I want to be totally honest and vulnerable. Maybe you can relate to my story in any way. Maybe it will give you some sort of motivation, a glimpse of realization, if something is off in your own life right now… I’d love to encourage you to be radically honest, true, and vulnerable with yourself and everyone else. Life is a constant flow of learning, evolving, re-adjusting and getting to know your truth one step at a time … Enjoy reading!






~ My current situation ~

At the moment, I usually write my blog articles on weekends that I spend at home, right after a gym session in the morning. My list of ideas, titles, my work-flow structure, and bigger visions are enormous. Most of the times, I come back home from the gym, take a shower, prep myself a tea, sit down in front of the computer and instantly start writing. The flow of inspiration always hit me, already right after waking up. However, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling off…not aligned…not only do I feel uninspired but also uncomfortable in my skin and out of place… At the same time, I desperately try to figure out how to create more value online. Often times, I eventually tap into the flow after I start writing. Nonetheless, a very clear feeling of misalignment has been flowing through my veins for some time now.

A few weeks ago, I sat down, grabbed pen and paper, went within, and wrote down my core values. This is actually the foundation of a unique fingerprint which stems from your essence. If you are living in alignment with your core values, the flow of life happens very naturally. If you act opposed to these values, you are resisting your truth. Something feels off then. You’ll get a slight intuitive nudge. If you keep acting against your truth, the resistance will grow, your anger, despair, sluggishness (however it is expressed) will increase and one day, your body shows you clearly that you’re not on your path; in some form of ailment.

Back to my story: One of my main values turned out to be health and well-being (no surprise). I wrote down what makes me feel my highest Self. With regards to health and well-being, it clearly is the connection to nature. Mother Nature. For me personally, it is the most effective way to become nourished, inspired, and healed. No costs, pure joy, and (almost!) always present. Did you know that hugging a tree releases mood enhancing hormones and can stimulate the immune system? Did you know that the UVB-light of the sun enables your body to synthetize one of the most essential and multi-powerful nutrients, called Vitamin D?

I personally perceive it as no coincidence that I feel rather connected to my higher Self, more authentically, more self-confident in my body, totally inspired, if I‘m out in nature. However, this is just the case during summer or in a place close to the equator. I feel ALIVE when I’m outside in the sun, whether on the bike, for a run, a gentle walk or when practising yoga. Putting the feet, the hands, my body onto the ground makes me feel safe and embedded into this beautiful world. A seed in my heart starts blossoming as soon as I sink into a sandy beach with my feet, feeling the sun on my skin, as soon as I walk through the woods and inhale all of the oxygen that comes from the trees. It is a glimpse of becoming one with nature, the source of creation.

Next topic: Foods. After I’ve experimented with more cooked foods in the last few months, I was internally forced to come back to my raw (living) foods-based approach. It was a strong intuitive guide. Yes, although it is winter. I had to admit that it is the most potent way to align and heal myself. At least for this moment in life. As I said: Life is a constant state of flow and I definitely don’t want to identify myself with certain labels. Anyways, after three weeks of juicing, enjoying fruits, leafy greens, and meditating twice daily, there was a lot coming up on the emotional and spiritual side.








~ Disconnection and Misalignment ~

I became more aware of the fact that how I live right now is not the life I’ve been dreaming of. I’m not living my highest potential. Why? Well, I figured out two main reasons:

Winter has always been a rather challenging and unpleasant time of the year for me. However, I’ve completely lost connection to nature right now. As soon as winter approaches, people literally have to hide from nature by putting on ridicolous amounts of clothing. We start to mimic nature inside boxes (houses) to keep our optimal temperature inside. We live in artificial rooms with heats, blankets, stoves, etc. in order to keep our physiological (tropical) body temperature upright. These conditions are simply an imitation of what nature may offer us at a different place. The lack of sufficient sun exposure results in a Vitamin D deficiency, emotional disorders, hormonal imbalances, etc. In my opinion, sunlight is a source of nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit. What became clear to me is that I don’t want to hide myself almost 60-70 % of the year from the source that enables me to step into my highest power, Mother Nature. This kind of life is not aligned with my core values. Plus, I feel more than alien and ridiculous when I buy my (tropical) fruits at the market while it’s 0 °C outside. This is the most unnatural and ecologically-unfriendly thing I can do. Not to mention that these foods are far away from high quality in terms of ripeness and freshness.

Beside the disconnection from nature, I’ve also realized a sense of my heart being split into two pieces. From Monday to Friday I work for my two jobs. Saturday and Sunday, I step into my passion and become fueled by an inspiring source that keeps me getting up in the morning. Plus, I enjoy spending time with my friends on weekends. Don’t get me wrong: I like and enjoy my two jobs, otherwise, I wouldn’t do them. However, I do not experience this sense of fulfillment and alignment with what I do (anymore). There is always this voice inside that wants to shift my career path into a different angle. It is a nudge that pushes me towards a new challenge. It tells me that the weekends are way too limited in order to take time for what lifts me up, to raise my potential and move towards self-actualization. I truly believe that we are here to serve in some way that connects us with our Highest Self. Then, we don’t have to figure out a meaning of life, because it is constantly about to reveal itself to us. However, it is a process that always needs some adjustments. The past has brought me to where I am now and I’m looking back with gratitude. Right now, I feel it’s time to readjust my current situation. All I seek is being a greater servant to the world while at the same time shaping my personality and growing even further.







~ Resistance to the present moment ~

If we are unhappy, not feeling fueled by life itself, it will always come back to some degree of resistance. The moment I realized that something is off, I asked myself “What are you resisting to right now”? It actually came crystal clear into my mind that we can only LIVE in the present moment; if I don’t enjoy what IS, what I DO, how I’ve been creating my life in the last couple of weeks, it simply means: I do resist the present moment. It never is about external conditions, it is about my own reaction, choice, and creation in life.

I instantly started to become aware of everything I have. I started practicing gratitude, because let’s be honest: Actually, I do live in total abundance. My basic needs are fully met, otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to think about these higher needs, like self-actualization. Being in a state of gratitude cannot let you down with resistance. It definitely is the most powerful tool to come back into a state of love and appreciation.







~ How to move forward…? ~

Well, now we’re coming up with the question: How to find a solution? I personally feel it is a step-to-step process which starts and is all covered by our awareness.

The very first step is becoming aware of what is going on. As soon as I recognized the reasons behind my misalignment, I had a reference point to start from.

Afterwards, there are always two options to choose from. Either to accept it and live with the situation as it is by changing the perception of it; or to make re-adjustments in life. The situation is as it is right now. It’s neither good nor bad. My own perception on it just tells me more about myself, about my personal development. Changes are absolutely okay, in fact, they are necessary in order to grow …

The decision of either accepting or changing is followed by probably the hardest part: taking action. Yes, I know, it takes courage. Especially if this decision will require life-altering changes. However, it is necessary to choose and act, in alignment with your highest values.

I personally consider both options, accepting (embracing) and re-adjusting. I choose to be my authentic Self in every single moment of the life I’ve created so far – serving others in my current jobs -, and at the same time creating more space for my Self to grow and expand … focusing more on the things that fuel me deeply from the inside out.
According to my current living situation, I will surely make an adjustment in the (near) future.

With every decision you make, you can re-write your own personal story.

You are warmly welcomed to join me on that journey as well as to share your own experiences on misaligned conditions in your life. How did you choose to come back into a congruent state with your core values?

Sending you lots of love from the bottom of my heart.


yours Isabel!

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