Purpose #3 | Your mess(age) and infinite potential

Welcome back, souls, to the third article on this exciting topic of finding your “purpose” in life. The first article covers the meaning of purpose by touching upon the question “Why am I here?” The second one provides you key questions to get a better understanding of your soul’s purpose. This post focuses on some outstanding background information:

  • What happens when you resist and hold back your gift?
  • The paradox that we are actually more scared about our own potential than about being inadequate.
  • What does the statement “Your mess becomes your message” mean?

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
(Robert F. Kennedy)

More and more people start questioning the meaning of life, why they’re here, and how to express themselves in order to add value to other (human) beings. They do not accept this deep feeling of dissatisfaction and meaninglessness at work, in a relationship, or home environment. People are thinking about alternative ways which rather suit their needs than the current situation. However, the external circumstances are often too powerful and people are low in self-esteem. The attachment to the collective consciousness in our surroundings (i.e. societies conditions, belief patterns, self-destructive thoughts) doesn’t give people enough space and support to explore and unleash their hidden potential. We’re compromising our heart’s desire (yet, purpose) by following a given structure and thinking thoughts that are not even our own …

Nevertheless, our hearts are about to speak louder, the nudges become stronger, and the desire to let go of these beliefs is growing. Are you aware of that? – Let’s start with all the reasons you will miss out if you don’t choose your soul’s path and hold back your gift.

Enjoy reading!






~ Holding back your gift ~

The term “life purpose” appears to be this one huge, definite, precise, and life-lasting mission you came here to figure out and live for. However, your life purpose is not something you need to seek (externally) for and instantly have a crystal clear idea of. My article on “Key questions” (Purpose #2) gives you a theoretical guideline to become more familiar with your personality, passion, talents, and your target group. After all, it cannot replace the process of taking action which is the only possibility to come closer to a purposeful life.

People are often waiting for external opportunities, for some special event in the future (“When I have enough money, then …”) which might enable them to step into action and find meaning. By waiting and giving excuses, you’re actually resisting the divine within and hold back your gifts. If you don’t take the first step, probably nobody will knock on your door and give you this life altering offering. Everything has to start with(in) yourself.

I want to emphasize and give you a different perspective on this process of waiting, thinking, and missing out the essential part of taking action: Imagine your very last day on planet earth has arrived. You look back and come to the conclusion that you’ve always tried to fit in the given structures, regardless you agreed with it or not. Can you imagine what your biggest regret would be? – Exactly what most people regret on their deathbed:

„I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.“

If you keep waiting,

  • you miss out all the opportunities that life offers you,
  • you resist your divine dreams which are there for a reason,
  • you are holding back your gifts from the world,
  • you miss out the exciting discovering of your infinite potential,
  • you will die with a huge regret.

There is a massive amount of people out there waiting for you take action; to help them along their journey. Living your purpose is not about your small self anymore, it is about everyone else’s life you touch. Thus, you could actually say it’s a selfish behavior not following your heart’s desire.

“We’re all just walking each other back home.”
(Ram Dass)

So, if you struggle with life, look for an alternative way, and yearn for more meaning, then THIS is your wakeup call! The world needs you. It wants you in your most authentic, shiny, greatest version in which that you’re able to see the gift of life itself and all the magic it carries within.








~ Our infinite potential is scary ~

Although it might seem paradoxical at first sight, there is a lot of truth in what Marianne Williamson, one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our times, said:

“It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”
(Marianne Williamson)

Deep within we’re all connected to the source of creation. This source does not know any limitation. It is the mind that always tells us something does not work out. Are you familiar with thoughts like “How do you even dare thinking of that?”? Yes, it is super easy to say something won’t work out anyways, then we don’t even have to give it a try. Your brain literally forces you to stay in this tiny little comfort zone which relies on the familiar experience from the past. It seems a safe place to be, thus, the biggest fear lies in the unknown. What if it might work? What if you grow beyond yourself and suddenly have to take responsibility for your words and actions, not making any excuses anymore and stop acting like everyone else around you … You may have to give up your cozy little comfort zone which doesn’t serve you anyways; which doesn’t allow you to step into the depth of life and achieve a deeper understanding of who you truly are.

It is the change in life what frightens the ego most. Why? Because something life-threatening could happen. The ego wants to protect you and instantly starts to envision the worst case scenario. Protection ist not a bad thing per se, but overprotection is the enemy of growth. Often times we need a wakeup call where the degree of suffering is too unbearable in order to let go of the old patterns.

“Stop acting small. You’re the universe in ecstatic motion.”

Marianne Williamson puts it further very brilliantly as she says playing small does not serve the world. If you stay insecure and hide behind a mask, everyone else around you will feel and act in the same way. But if you ignite your light and shine out your authentic Self, you will automatically (even unconsciously) give everyone else the permission to do the same. Deep within we all just want to be seen, accepted, and acknowledged as we truly are. If people knew how much they’re actually capable of, they would probably go crazy, because the mind cannot hold the amount of power that dwells within … You can choose to act small, but in actuality you never are. You didn’t receive the privilege to come here on earth for being a copy of everyone else. You’re born an original, so do you want to die as a copy?








~ Your mess becomes your message ~

Each and every one of us faces challenges in life. If you look back at your past, you will remember highs and lows along the way, don’t you? Every single personal story is unique and every one struggles with different, yet some with similar issues.

Think back: What were the most challenging moments in your life so far? And now I want you to remember what you did to overcome them?

Your biggest struggles will become your triumph. It is a message from the universe that teaches you a big lesson. As you learned the lesson, you will become an expert of it and you can share your own experience and knowledge with the world. Issues that you once perceived as your shortcomings will then become your unique strengths.

“Every endurance in the past prepares us
for our blessings in the future.”

For example: Imagine someone who has healed their supposedly incurable disease with a specific type of diet. This person can’t help sharing this life-changing message with the world and support others, who are struggling with a similar situation.

Did you suffer from skin issues during childhood or adolescence? Weight problems? Digestive issues? Did you overcome an addiction, an eating disorder, a childhood trauma? Did you get burned out in a job that did not nurture your soul? Did you always feel different from everyone else around you, hiding your true Self? Whatever difficulty you faced: As soon as you learned a lesson out of this challenge, it might be the gateway towards your life purpose.






~ The universe has your back ~

When you say “Yes” and tap into the mission of serving others with your unique gift, there is one important premise under which you can experience it fully: TRUST. Your trust in life, in the process, in your inner guidance system, in the universe.

“Working hard is important.
But there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself.”
(J. K. Rowling)

Many of us grew up with the idea that working hard, hustling, doing, doing, doing is the only way to any achievement. Although it is important to put effort into your “work” (whatever you’re doing), greater things will only unfold if we believe in them; if we find balance between doing and being. A meditation and self-care practice on a daily basis is at least as important as the book you write or the video you record or the charity work of yours. As you allow to let the energy flow by stepping back from work and put TRUST into life, everything will come together as it is supposed to be.

The more centered (aligned), the calmer, and the more peaceful we are, the easier it becomes to have faith in life. Everything will be smoother and it is easier to sense the inner voice. Then you’re working in accordance with your Highest Self, connected to the ultimate source. It is no longer about the egoic will, about your limited perception on how everything has to be done (based on past experience).

Being in alignment means …

  • your thoughts, words, and deeds are congruent.
  • It means to be connected and in “one line” with your Higher Self.
  • It means expansion.
  • It means to experience bliss, love, and connection.

And how can you tap into alignment?– By doing or being with something or someone that/who allows you to be 100 % who you are; when no mask and insecurity is no longer needed …

Everything in life happens for a reason. Everything is conducted by a higher power. You do not have to figure out all by yourself (with the brains’ limited perception). There is a higher force which always wants the best for you. It guides you step by step towards your mission and – if you believe it or not – it has your back. Remember: Life is always for and never against you …

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”
(The Universe)

Lots of love & Namasté,

yours Isabel!

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