Have you ever said “Yes”, but actually meant “No”? Have you ever felt the urge to express something that’s lingering on your heart, but kept on hiding it, because of any type of fear? Like rejection?

I can genuinely tell that it is worth freeing yourself from pretending to be someone you are definitely not, freeing yourself from this people pleasing behavior. It is the most precious gift you can give yourself as well as the world when you honor your truth, when you speak and live in accordance with it.

Today’s inspirational quote comes from the one and only Mahatma Gandhi, he once said so truthfully: 

“Even if you are a minority of one, 
the truth is the truth.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Let’s talk truth-telling. It seems to be the most challenging thing to do, yet it is THE most essential way of teaching, learning, evolving, and healing. Healing oneself as well as healing the collective, because your energetic alignment does create a ripple effect that expands. The moment you step into complete alignment by integrating and expressing all aspects of yourself, you’ll invite others (at least energetically) to do the same. Your authenticity will be a magnet for those around you. Nothing else is more attractive than fully being, accepting and loving yourself.

This topic is extremely near to my heart and it’s a top message that I need to put out there:

Go within.
Explore the soft, subtle, gentle, yet powerful inner knowing inside of you.
It always communicates with you.
It is your TRUTH.

The truth always comes from within, it cannot be found outside of you.

The truth is the most powerful tool you have.

The truth will heal and transform.

The truth will set you free for the flow of life.





~ Why do we please people? ~

We all know deep within that it’s so important to be honest with ourselves as well as with others. We basically know what to do in order to live a healthy, happy life in integrity – if we’re 100 % honest! However, why is it so extremely difficult to acknowledge, honor, and share our true feelings with those around us? To stand up for who we really are? Why is it so much easier to fall back into this people pleasing behavior?

Pleasing others means to pretend, to hide, to lie, to say and do things in order to meet the expectations of other people; often times it’s just what we think other’s may expect. It is a “survival mechanism” we once adapted in order to become accepted (by our tribe). Being part of a social group is an innate need, we require connection in order to thrive. Deep down we are horrifically afraid of rejection, of being alone, of being an outsider.

The fear of separation is probably the biggest fear a human being can experience.

Love and connection are probably the strongest feelings of fulfillment a human being can experience.

Speaking the truth can be so frightening, because it might hurt other people initially. To be more concrete: it may hurt their ego which has certain ideas and expectation of life. The truth is not always what people want to hear, but it is the only way to live 100 % in integrity and to set you free!

“The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with.
It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices.
It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true.
But our preferences do not determine what’s true.”
(Carl Sagan)






~ What actually is the truth? ~

After all, what is the truth? At this point I refer to Monica Kade who once said:

„You know the truth by the way it feels.”

I’m asking you again: Have you ever said “Yes”, but actually meant “No”? Did you ever do things just to meet other people’s expectations? Have you chosen a job just to ‘survive’ (to pay your bills) or because it might made sense according to what society says, but deep down, it progressively makes you sick? Well, that is obviously not your truth! The truth feels expansive, powerful, it releases you from a “lie” and creates space, it deeply resonates with your heart, it simply feels TRUE.

Imagine the following scenario: There’s a tiny angel sitting on your shoulder, it is always communicating with you. It whispers into your ear with a very subtle, soft, and gentle voice. Almost inaudible. At the very same time you’re on this “concert of life”: a big band is playing music in front of you, thousands of people are around you, yelling, shouting, screeching, dancing. There’s so much noise around you and because of this distraction it is IMPOSSIBLE to hear what the little angel is trying to tell you. In this example, the little angle refers to your soul that holds the truth, and the concert with all the loud distractions depicts your ego, the identification with the external world.

Your job is to become aware of the loud noise, to draw yourself back from this concert in order to calm the mind. This will enable you to hear the angel’s soft voice more clearly. This voice – that is deeply and always inside of you – is the TRUTH.

I strongly believe that it is time to finally come back to the truth. We as a society have probably never been in more need of it! So it is time to let go of this unhealthy people pleasing behavior. The earth needs more people who live in accordance with their deep values in order to heal. Reclaim your power, heal yourself, and simultaneously you’ll support the collective healing.

Are you ready for change? – I invite you to speak your truth today, and observe how it makes you feel…

As for now, I’m sending you much love from the bottom of my heart!

Remember: You are a precious gift for this world. The planet needs you.


yours Isabel!


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