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Have you ever noticed that there are some times of the day, month or year when you feel like superman, in total flow with yourself and everyone else around. Everything just flows in perfect rhythm, everything seems to work FOR you. And then there are certain times when you just want to hide behind a blanket or bury your head in the sand. Maybe you force yourself to do certain things, like working late at night, burning your adrenals out, taking in sugar or coffee late at night. However, you are completely out of sync with life. Does this sound familiar? – Well, these ebbs and flows are no coincidence. Your day to day life is not only influenced by your conscious choices, but also by planetary rhythms.

“Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.”
(Albert Einstein)

Nature. It is the place where we come from, the place where we belong. Believe it or not: you literally are nature, an essential part of the greater picture, a piece of the puzzle. Planet earth is one big eco-system which connects everything and everyone. The more you live in alignment with nature and its biological rhythms, the smoother life will flow; the more you can feel that the world (universe) works FOR you.

In this article, I want to reveal the four main natural cycles that do not only happen out in nature and the universe, but also in our bodies:

  • Circadian cycle
  • Lunar (moon) cycle
  • Seasonal cycle
  • Tidal cycle

What are these cycles and how do they show up in our bodies? How can we tune into and align with nature in order to live a smoother life?






~ We literally are nature ~

Nowadays, humanity has come to believe that nature is somehow outside of us, something separate. A place to visit – maybe – if it’s sunny and warm. Somehow the perception was created that rivers, mountains, the ocean, birds and bugs are nature, but not us human beings. It is an idea of separation – away from unity. We live inside in almost sterile buildings. We’ve created a culture that honors hard work, money, and material goods. A culture that eats dead and artificial “food”. We’ve never been more separated from nature -thus, from ourselves- ever before. Not only humanity is suffering from chronic physical and mental illnesses as a result of the separation that has been imprinted in the human mind. At the same time, planet earth -nature- is suffering from natural catastrophes. It is a result of how humans have been treating Mother Earth. Humans as well as nature is suffering right now, because we are one. The global warming on planet earth reflects the global warming in the human body, i.e. a state of chronic inflammation, the silent ongoing of degenerative diseases. Never before have we faced such an epidemic of chronic diseases related to diet and lifestyle habits.

“As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.
As is the atom, so is the universe.
As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.”
(Deepak Chopra)

Nature as well as the human body is made of four elements: air, water, fire, earth. They do all have an essential meaning on the planet and in our bodies:

  • Water (Liquids) = Hydration
  • Fire (Sunlight) = Energy
  • Air (Oxygen) = Breath
  • Earth (Food) = Nourishment

An adult physical body is about 60 % water, similar to planet earth. It allows our metabolism to work properly and to eliminate waste products via the kidneys. The element fire represents sunlight which has heaps of benefits to the human body. Of course, you’ll find the right amount that works for your skin type. However, sun exposure is essential for vitamin D synthesis, hormonal balance, mental health and much more. The next element –  air – is so important for the body that it even automates breathing in order to survive. We are dependent on oxygen through clean, fresh air. Last but not least, the element earth. It is our source of nourishment. It is the place where we grow our food which further nourishes our bodies and minds.

“We should consider nature our home,
not a place to visit.”
(Roxana Jones)

Nature works in cycles – and so does the human biology. Our bodies love routines, especially the hormones run in sync with daily or monthly rhythms (e. g. melatonin and the female sex hormones).







~ Circadian cycle ~

Are you constantly struggling with getting up in the morning? Can’t run without your morning coffee or sugar kick? At the same time, you have a hard time going to sleep at night? This can likely be related to an imbalance in your circadian hormones, the antagonists serotonin and melatonin. It is a very common phenomenon that affects a lot of people in modern society, because of our lifestyle which is not at all in sync with nature. Best example: artificial lightening which can be turned on at any time, independent from natural (sun)light.

The circadian rhythm is the 24 hour (day and night) rhythm
which happens as the earth rotates around its own axis.

Have you heard of the blue light before? It comes from any electronic device and can mess up our internal biological clock, our circadian rhythm. As your eye is exposed to blue light, it signals the brain to inhibit melatonin production. This hormone is essential to prepare you for a good night sleep. You may eventually struggle with insomnia, stay up all night long, and can’t get up in the morning – as the sun naturally rises and your serotonin levels are actually supposed to rise.

Why is it so important to live in alignment with the circadian rhythm? A disconnection of this cycle has been proven to cause various mental and physical issues. The researcher K. Wright from University of Boulder/CO shows interesting results on that (dis)connection.


How to get in sync with the circadian cycle?

If you’re struggling with the abovementioned phenomenon, I highly recommend you connect with nature and become aware of your blue light exposure at night.

If you’re currently living not far away from the equator, do your best to wake up with the sun.

  • First thing in the morning: Go out, take a breath, watch the sun rise (and the sunset in the evening).
  • Practice yoga: Sun salutations are a great way to acknowledge the morning and the day.
  • Stay active during the day and slow down in the evening.
  • I personally love a morning and an evening routine which keep me in sync with the natural circadian rhythm.






 ~ Lunar cycle ~

When you think of the moon phases, what comes to your mind first? – Little hint: It works in a monthly cycle. Yes, exactly. The female cycle. Energetically, the moon (night) represents the feminine or yin energy, whereas the sun (day) stands for the masculine or yang energy. However, no matter what gender you are, we all can use the different phases of the moon to live a more balanced life.

The lunar cycle is the 28 day (more or less monthly) rhythm
which happens as the moon orbits the earth.

This cycle of 28 days happens in two big phases (if we break it down), exactly like the female cycle: It takes two weeks to grow up to full moon where the moon shines brightly. This time represents ovulation in the female body. After that peak, the moon weans and two weeks later we experience new moon which goes along with the menstrual flow in women.

New moon can be used to set intentions for whatever you’d like to manifest into your life. This is the time to plant seeds. It is the perfect time to go inwards, retreat, and to be still. Exactly what a woman on her cycle feels called to do. On the other hand, full moon is the time to open up, to experience confidence and growing. It is the peak phase in our lives. It is the time of ovulation and maybe even the time of conception.


How to get in sync with the lunar cycle as a woman?

The menstrual cycle – nobody enjoys talking about it, yet so many women seem to struggle with it nowadays. I personally believe that this invisible phenomenon (hormonal and period issues) is deeply (energetically) rooted in our masculine (yang) based world: the conditioned behavior, the go-go-go and do-do-do mentality, honoring the rational, forceful mind over our soft, receptive, and creative side. This obviously causes hormonal imbalances. Simple ways to get in sync with your feminine (yin) energy and your cycle – besides the general recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, and stress – are:

  • Seed cycling: Support your hormones (estrogen, progesteron) with different seed combinations during your cycle. Day 1-14: take in 1 tbsp pumpkin and 1 tbsp flax seeds. Day 15-28: take in 1 tbsp sesame and 1 tbsp sunflower seeds.
  • Moon bathing: Get out in the moon light and absorb its powerful energy.
  • Relationships: Surround yourself with empowering women. Do not underestimate the power of a strong community (primary food).
  • Dancing or any intuitive movement that connects you with your feminine essence.
  • Yin yoga: is another great way to connect you with your feminine energy. Yin is the feminine, dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool, introspective aspect of life in contrast to yang (masculine).







~ Seasonal & tidal cycle ~

“Eat more local and season food.” – You’re probably familiar with that saying, aren’t you? Not only does it have environmental benefits to consume (organic) food which has been grown in your nearby area; but also does your body benefit from those products. The body constantly adapts to the environment you’re currently living in: temperatures, humidity, amount of sunlight, etc. Thus, it needs certain types of food (raw, cooked, different calorie and water content, spices, etc) for certain conditions. As we go through different seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter – our bodies do have different requirements.

The seasonal cycle is the 12 months rhythm
which happens as the earth rotates around the sun.


How to get in sync with the seasonal cycle?

  • Visit your farmers market and make yourself familiar with the produce that’s currently in season.
  • When it comes to the seasonal changes: Be gentle with yourself. Give your body time to shift from one season to another. It  might be an uncomfortable experience at some days, especially for those who are sensitive (like myself).
  • Take in enough liquid (water and high-water content food) in summer and nourish your body with warm (cooked) and “grounding” food in winter.

Last but not least, I want to mention the so-called tidal cycle: The force of gravity has the ability to move water. The earth is attracted to the moon and -equally- the moon is attracted to the earth. The sea levels as well as the earth itself are slightly pulled towards the moon by the force of gravity. This phenomenon causes two tides a day as the earth spins around its own axis every 24 hours:

  • The ocean on the side of the moon gets pulled towards the moon itself causing one tide.
  • The earth gets pulled to the moon as well, yet not as strong as the ocean. However, this force is strong enough to cause another tide on the opposite side of the earth.

The tidal cycle is the rise in sea levels (tide) followed by a successive low tide (ebb)
due to gravitational effects by the sun and the moon.

At new moon and full moon, the tide is at its greatest, because the sun, the moon and the Earth line up in a relatively straight line; the pull that the moon exerts is at its strongest. According to science, there is no evidence or sign that the moon also pulls water within our bodies. However, it is said that the water relates to our emotional body. So, you can imagine that the moon can pull your emotions, especially at full and new moon where its gravitation is the strongest. I invite you to become aware of the moon phases (which I’ve described earlier); not only in terms of the female’s cycle, but also regarding your emotional wellbeing.







Conclusion: Get in sync w/ nature ~

The unity between human beings and nature is absolutely essential if we want to create a sustainable future for humanity. We cannot live without nature: without the air to breathe, without water to drink, without food to eat, and without the sun to even exist. Nature provides us everything we need. If we start appreciating and taking care of this gift – seeing nature as a part of us – instead of exploiting and polluting it, we can create balance and harmony on planet earth.

“Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature,
it will nurture your mind, body & soul.”
(A.D. Williams)

By tuning into the cycles of nature, you will come back to your own natural cycles. When you are in sync with nature, you will become more aware of your own body’s needs which is absolutely critical to build a life that works for you; to create a life aligned with your true purpose. If you get in sync with nature, life will flow much easier, more effortless, and you will even be able to come closer to your own innate true nature – your Self!

I invite you to go out today – right now. Look up at the sky. Take in a couple of deep breaths. Get your bare feet on the ground. And what I absolutely love doing: Hug a tree! It is so simple, yet so powerful to connect with nature. It tunes you into the energy field of the universe …

What about your relationship with nature: Do you live in sync or out of balance with its cycles? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Sending you much love & sunshine from the bottom of my heart!


yours Isabel!


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