The Moon | How to harness the lunar energy

The moon: It is mysterious. It is constantly changing. Moving. Flowing. Cyclical in nature. On some days of the months, it appears in its highest luminescence. At other times it becomes invisible. It is growing and shrinking – over and over again.

In contrast to the sun, which we can all see (and feel) on a daily basis (besides a cloudy sky), the moon is often times invisible to us. These astrological occurrences represent the dual energies of existence:

  • The sun represents the masculine (yang) principle.
  • The moon represents the feminine (yin) principle.

Although they appear as opposites, they’re tightly interconnected and complementary to each other. They’re both essential for bringing balance and harmony into existence. The sun and moon are good examples of these two energy streams, they influence us holistically on a momentary basis – whether we’re aware of it or not.

I personally have always had a strong resistance towards the cold and dark season of the year. As soon as we approached autumn and winter, as the days got shorter (sunrise after 8 am and sunset at 3.30 pm in Germany), I started feeling irritated and anxious. It wasn’t until last year that I had a realization: The “dark time” triggers and brings up my own “shadows” (my pains, blocks, hidden energies), basically everything that is stored in my subconscious and has been suppressed for many years.

“Three things cannot long be hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

At the same time, I started connecting more with the moon and began to build a relationship with the lunar cycles. I now consider the dark and cold season as an invitation to go inwards. By being open to whatever comes up and by doing the inner work, I will then move towards the light again. I will then approach spring and summer with a much lighter and brighter vibrational state.

As you might guess – I am very fascinated by the moon as well as the sun and extremely passionate about getting deeper into the effects it has on us human beings, on a physical and spiritual level. Are you ready to go down that rabbit hole with me?








~ The lunar phases ~

The moon cycle (lunar phases) can be dissected into four or eight sections. I will now discuss the four major phases. These phases have different rhythms to the human body. Like every cyclic pattern in existence, they can be related to certain universal principles and physical occurrences:

  • the dual energies of yang (masculine) and yin (feminine),
  • the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) and three doshas in Ayurveda (Vata Pitta, Kapha),
  • the four seasons on planet earth,
  • the women’s menstrual cycle.

“Life is like the lunar phases.
If there’s a new moon, understand that a full moon is in order.”

The lunar cycle starts with the new moon: At that time, the moon is not visible to us, because it is positioned right between the sun and the earth. Its darkness represents new beginnings: It is time to let go of the old and welcome the new. The perfect time to go inwards, to set intentions and goals.

The new moon represents

  • the yin (feminine) energy.
  • the air and space elements as well as the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda.
  • winter with regards to nature.
  • menstruation with regards to the female cycle.

After new moon, we’re moving into the waxing phase as the moon continues circle the earth. The illuminated portion of the moon increases up to half after 7 days and illuminates completely after 7 more days. This period of growth is dominated by strength, hence, the masculine (yang) energy. It is the time of growth and expansion. This phase can be divided into the waxing crescent, the half moon (1st quarter) and the waxing gibbous.

The waxing phase represents

  • the yang (masculine) energy.
  • the water and earth elements as well as the Kapha Dosha in Ayurveda.
  • spring with regards to nature.
  • the follicular phase of the female cycle.

Fourteen days or two weeks after the new moon, we’re in the full moon season. At that time we can see the moon entirely illuminated from the earth as the sun faces and shines at the moon directly. The energy is at its peak, it is blossoming. The full moon stands for fertility, abundance, radiance, and transformation. It is time to go outwards. But consider that whatever energy you’re holding or exposing yourself to, it is easily enhanced.

The full moon represents

  • the yang (masculine) energy.
  • the fire and water elements as well as the Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda.
  • summer with regards to nature.
  • ovulation with regards to the female cycle.

Last, but not least, after full illumination of the moon we’re approaching the waning phase. The moon continues circle around the earth as the amount of sunshine reflecting the moon’s surface decreases. This is the time to go into a more restful state, it is time to reflect, and release. This phase can be divided into the waning gibbous, the half moon (3rd quarter) and the waning crescent.

The waning phase represents

  • the yin (feminine) energy.
  • the air and space elements as well as the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda.
  • autumn with regards to nature.
  • The luteal phase of the female cycle.







~ The Moon & Your Body ~

Just like the sun and the earth, the moon is part of our galaxy and the universe. They hold and emanate a certain frequency which influences all matter on earth. Interestingly enough, there are even scientific observations regarding this phenomenon. For example does the moon’s energy affect the ocean’s tides: the gravitational pull from the moon bulges the ocean’s water which leads to an ongoing change between high and low tide.

At the same time, this energy might also influence the water within our bodies. Consider that an adult human body is made up of around 60-70 % liquid. Thus, the gravitational pull from the moon may arouse emotions, thoughts, behaviors – well, it might affect our total consciousness. Each phase of the moon has a spiritual meaning and a certain significance to each of us. Especially to women who’re going through a monthly cycle.

We may believe it is a coincidence that a women’s menstrual cycle is at the exact same duration as the lunar phases. This includes the peak time (ovulation), represented by the illuminated full moon and the “lowest” phase (menstruation), represented by the dark and so-to-speak hidden new moon. It is said that in the past, when women lived much closer to and more connected with nature, their menstrual cycles were in sync with the phases of the moon. However, as we moved towards a lifestyle that rather disconnects us from nature (e.g. with artificial lightening, living in buildings, technology and radiation etc.), women got out of sync with the lunar phases regarding their menstrual cycle.

No matter what gender you are: During full moon, your energy may become enhanced – in whatever state you’re in at that time. When you’re feeling well, you will feel your even better. When you’re feeling off, this energy will become stronger as well. The full moon energy enhances everything that currently is. Have you recognized it before?

Although we do not have scientific evidence on the possible effects of the moon on the body, Isaac Newton suggested that the moon does affect fluids in a biological organism such as the human body. He suggested that it aggravates certain conditions (epilepsy, kidney stones etc) and also menstrual cycles. As I started observing myself, I can find some interesting patterns as well. And let’s be honest: The universe and coincidences? –  I’d say that’s very unlikely. Just by observing nature and looking at how the universe works, everything makes total sense. Maybe you want to pay attention to your own life during the moon phases ..?







~ The Moon: The feminine principle ~

Coming back to the opposites of moon and sun, they represent the masculine and the feminine energy or principle. By taking a closer look at their qualities and characteristics, you’ll notice some significant spiritual meaning behind the sun and the moon.

“The moon taught me: It’s okay to go through phases.
The sun taught me: No matter how many times you go down – keep rising!”

The sun is a representation of the outer world. It is shining brightly and allows us to perceive the physical world with our visual sense. It stands for heat, strength, courage, taking action, and constancy. It always stays the same within the circadian (daily) cycle.

On the contrary, the moon represents our internal world. It is rather associated with our hidden emotions, our “dark sides” or “shadows”, but also dreams and desires. It’s basically everything that is stored in the subconscious mind. This energy relates to our psychic and intuitive ability. As the moon goes through cycles, so does the feminine (energy). It is always changing, never the same – the opposite of the sun and the masculine (energy).

The masculine and feminine energies do not refer to a gender though (male vs. female). We all do have both energies within, no matter if man or woman. Only the proportions are different and vary from person to person and usually between genders.

We can apply these principles or energies not only to one person, but also to the global scale, the collective consciousness. When we take a look at our current world situation -especially the western world-, it is dominated by the (thinking) mind, by the action-oriented way of living, hustling, doing, working etc. These are typical qualities of the masculine energy. Collectively speaking, we’ve largely lost our connection to the feminine qualities: being, softness, intuition, changing in terms of growing, developing, and transforming. Neither energy is good or bad, they’re equally important. Yet, the planet energetically urges for more balance. This is why so many people seek out for and bring (slowly, but gradually) more yin energy into this world. More people feel drawn towards spirituality, yoga, meditation practice etc.








~ How to harness the moon’s energy ~

Everyone of us can benefit from aligning with the powerful energy of the moon. No matter what gender, age or life stage you’re currently in. As I mentioned before, certain lunar phases hold a specific energetic blueprint that refers to certain phases in our lives.

New moon is the perfect time to set intentions, for example by writing down your goals or starting with a new project. You want to practice this consciously, like sitting in meditation or in a ceremony as you connect with the moon and the entire universe. You literally plant the seed during this “dark phase” and will see it growing as the moon gradually illuminates.

During the waxing phase, your intention may build up in sync with the moon growth. Take this time to put conscious action into your goals, because we’re in the yang (masculine) energy. Inspired action is unstoppable, but take it easy: focus on one action step at a time and refine when needed in order to avoid the hustle mode.

As full moon arises, the energies are very strong. Your manifestations may come to fruition. Take this time to practice gratitude, maybe even in a ceremony. After the full moon, you want to turn inward. Be even more gentle with yourself during the weaning moon as the yin (feminine) energy arises.

“And if you’re ever feeling lonely, just look at the moon.
Someone, somewhere is looking at it too.”

For all spiritual seekers out there: If you want to deeply honor and celebrate the full moon energy, here are some practices you may want to introduce at that time:

  • Moon bathing: Expose yourself to the moon’s light. The moon’s energy will rejuvenate you on all levels.
  • Meditation: It considered to be more powerful than at any other time to meditate on a full moon.
  • Healing practices: At this time of the month, self-healing will help you release any stagnant energy much more effectively.
  • Hold or join a full moon circle: Harness the powerful energy with like-minded spiritual seekers.

As the energy on the planet and in your body is super heightened during full moon, you also want to consider a few things to avoid. This is not the perfect time to make any life-changing decisions, to put yourself under a lot of stress or to start anything new in your life. Remember to stay grounded and be aware of your energy during full moon. Take care of yourself! 🙂







~ Conclusion: Live in sync with the lunar cycle ~

You can truly live in harmony with nature by honoring and following the natural cycles. One of those is the moon phase or the “lunar cycle”. Building a relationship with the moon is a beautiful opportunity to connect deeper with your own body as well as your spiritual essence.

If we take a closer look at nature, it teaches us a lot about our own physical bodies and the life stages we’re moving through. Just like nature, our bodies follow certain cycles. We go through different phases in life, we evolve, we change, and we grow. By syncing your life with nature, you will understand better how our bodies are designed to live in order to thrive on a holistic level. You can use the moon cycles to heal, to align, and to manifest. By doing so, you’re going hand in hand with nature which is the BEST condition to live your fullest potential in a healthy, and happy body.

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

What is your relationship with the moon? Have you already noticed some patterns in your behavior, emotional wellbeing and/or physical state during the different moon phases? And ladies: Does your menstrual cycle go in sync with the lunar cycle? I’d love to hear from you, beautiful!

Sending you a big hug, dear ones!

Lots of love – to the moon and right back to you!


yours Isabel!



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