Sensitive Soul | You are a gift for this world

Namasté, beautiful sweet soul!

“What’s wrong with you..?”

“Why don’t you want to join? Just like everyone else! Every other ‘normal’ human being!”

“What did you just say. – Weirdo.”

“I don’t get why you always withdraw.”

“Aren’t you lonely when you’re alone that often?”

“You’re living in a dreamworld. This world is tough and unfair!”

“You’re too sensitive for this world.”


Dear one, are you familiar with statements like that?

  • Have you been told or shown, directly or indirectly, that there’s something wrong with you?
  • Have you felt – over and over again – that you don’t belong to this world?
  • That you’re (feeling) so different from everyone around you?
  • That the words from other people, the media, politics etc. feel totally out of alignment with the frequency of truth?
  • That the “love” you experience from people around you is strongly based on conditions?
  • That you’re judged by others?
  • That people approach you based on conditions, with their minds, only seeing your physical form, but not sensing your soul…?

Dear one, I’m here to tell you that this is a place where your sensitivity, your beautiful soul, is honoured, appreciated, and cherished.

A place where you are encouraged to …

  • connect with your soul,
  • get to know the gift you carry within,
  • bring this gift – which truly is your “medicine”- to this world, so it can heal, and
  • take care of your physical body, your human shell, in this seemingly unsafe, superficial, uncomfortable, and chaotic world.

“Hello & Welcome to Holistic You”!

My personal journey as a highly sensitive soul has led me through many dark, but also extremely bright moments. I’ve learned (rather “remembered”) that connecting and building an anchor within yourself is key for a life as a sensitive soul in this material world. Along the way, I’ve implemented routines and practices which allow me to thrive on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can now tell you that your sensitivity is a gift. That you came here with this gift for a reason. I also want to remind you of one of my biggest realizations which used to cause me suffering in the past, but allows me to thrive now:

“You don’t need to fit in,
because you already belong.”

Wonderful soul, is this you? Can you relate to this introduction? – Then I warmly invite you to continue reading … 🙂

I’m more than honoured to guide you along this beautiful journey of yours.








~ Are you an “old soul”? ~

If you found yourself in the above-mentioned traits, it is highly likely that you’re sensitive to the subtle energies around and within you. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I didn’t have a clue about why I’m feeling so deeply and obviously in a different way than everyone around me. It wasn’t until the information age with the internet, with infinite access to everything and Social Media, when I came across more spiritually related topics and across the term “old soul”. For some reason, this resonated very strongly with me as I could finally make sense of why I’m feeling and being the way I am. A few years later, when I was connecting with other spiritual seekers, they immediately used this term – “old soul” – when looking at, listening to me, and feeling my subtle energy body…

What am I referring to when talking about an “old soul”?

Old souls are considered to be souls who have lived for many lifetimes, so they are mature in soul age. There is not one definition, something that can be measured or what you’d learn in school. However, based on some key traits of old souls, you’ll immediately feel if you resonate with it or not …

Material possessions do not matter that much to an old soul. Typical conversations about everyday life are boring to them as they want to talk about deeper stuff that goes beyond work, weather, or going out for dinner. They find much meaning in deep soulful connections. They enjoy exploring the true nature of Self, seeking for meaning and purpose in life.

The world is perceived rather from the heart and from the inside world than from the visionary sense alone. Old souls feel the subtle energies around them, they kind of read the spaces between the lines or hear the pauses between the words. Thus, their intuition is pretty strong.

Because old souls perceive the world so much more intense than young(er) souls, they prefer being alone and withdrawing for introspection. Their empathy can make life challenging and may require more alone-time in order to recharge their batteries. The time and space for themselves can truly lead to a strong connection with the power within. Do you also feel super alive and deeply connected when out in nature, just by yourself?

An old soul has a deep intrinsic feeling of purpose in life which is ultimately about serving the collective. Supporting the process of awakening. Raising the consciousness of humanity so that the planet can thrive (again). A “normal” (9/5) job feels not only like a waste of time, but it can make them sick, because it suffocates their soul’s mission.

Another trait I once came across is a high level of acceptance. You know that everything is in the process of change and everyone has the power to be that change. Meaning: You do not spend time on complaining for hours, days, or weeks about things that happen in the outside world. You already know -deep down- that complaining only lowers the frequency of yourself and everyone around, and it does not serve anyone at all. However, your focus is much more oriented on the solution that we can bring into this world which comes from within. By raising your frequency, you can support others and therefore the collective, because you create a ripple effect of high vibrational frequencies. You know that “Fighting against war is just another kind of war.” You understand that “Love is the answer.” And that “Love can only come from within…” Having the awareness that every person acts out of their current level of consciousness allows you to accept them as they are. There’s no need for judgment. Every person does their very best in each moment. Unjustified behaviors are unconscious actions coming from the pain body of a person. At the same time, old souls focus on the progress. You keep spreading your love together with people who resonate with that frequency. You may even have the desire to dissolve in unconditional love whilst everyone around you is complaining about “human stuff”, about politics, the economy, money issues, and seemingly little things…

Is that you, my love?








~ The challenges and magic for sensitive souls ~

As you may assume, feeling things very deeply can be a curse, but at the same time it is a gift.

A deep pain that sensitive souls face is feeling misunderstood. Their different perception of the world makes them feel different, thus separate from others. Separation is the opposite of oneness which is our true nature on a soul level. Thus, living in a world where everyone makes them feel “separate” can be an intensely painful experience. Also, their need for space may drive the people close to them away which ultimately creates more separation on a physical level.

As a sensitive soul, you may seek this internally familiar frequency of unconditional love, but people around you only share their love under certain conditions. Therefore, not only building a truthful relationship with your family seems impossible, but you may also face hardships with finding a partner. Love seems impossible.

Fitting out of the system with your purpose-driven mission is another challenge in itself. Trying to fit in, but always standing out is a major difficulty for sensitive souls – internally as well as externally.

Painful experiences in life (whether it is health issues, wealth challenges or relationship pains) can feel horrific to the power of ten. However, they are often times a wake up call. If you’re an awakened soul, you will have awareness for the bigger picture and remember why you came here on earth. Your high level of acceptance and understanding for what is happening allows you to focus on your mission, unapologetically, which is to help raise the collective consciousness – in whatever way you pursue this mission.

.. You know –deep down– that everything is turning out best case scenario.

.. You feel that you are always guided and supported.

.. You realize that you did not came to earth in order to suffer, to be broke, to depend on a job that makes you sick, and wait for death.

.. You perceive your rock bottoms as opportunities to wake up from the illusion of the mind, and start turning inside, growing and ultimately shining from the inside out. Living from the heart.

.. You remember that you can create magic in your daily life, because you do not depend on anything or anyone outside of you to be happy. Your inner light is contagious. It will inspire others to hop on the frequency of unconditional love and peace which will then create a ripple-effect within the collective.








~ My story as a highly sensitive: Survive vs. Thrive ~

I remember living super focused on the outside world throughout my adolescence. I always forced myself to fit in. To find ways doing what everyone else does, although it felt totally misaligned with my inner world. Yet, it was the only way I saw, I knew, I was taught to follow: Getting a job in order to SURVIVE. I carried this existential fear throughout my entire life. Yet, all the “jobs” I did made me unhappy, drained my body, drove my mind crazy, numbed my feelings, and suffocated my soul.

Back in 2010, I hit rock bottom. My mind desperately continued forcing myself to fit in. I battled with these unbearable emotions. I couldn’t handle them any longer and unconsciously followed unhealthy behaviours which allowed me to numb the pain. Or make it a little less intense. However, it didn’t take long until I found myself in the worst health condition I’ve ever been. And there were constantly these quesitons in my head:

  • Is this the purpose of life?
  • Desperately trying to survive?
  • To fit into a system in which I don’t belong?

“Caught between a strong mind,
and a fragile heart.”

I once said to a friend of mine that “I am my own full-time job”. Ultimately, I’d need to practice self-care 24/7 in order to stay grounded and not get lost in this chaotic world. My sensitivity to everything around is extremely high which overwhelms my nervous system very easily. Thus, it takes me a hell lot of time to recharge my batteries. At the same time, my conditioned mind popped in, telling me that this whole self-care woo-woo stuff is unacceptable and super selfish. Society tells me to “function” in this system just like everyone else, right? However, there has always been a very soft voice inside me which whispers to me: You can only serve others/the world when your cup is full. As soon as you appreciate and take care of yourself on a regular basis, then you will access your power within. Then you can thrive and you’re able to help others thrive as well. Then we can heal the world from a nourished, high-vibrational state of being.

It wasn’t until I traveled to Asia (India, Thailand and Bali) that I could deeply experience what it means to THRIVE. To feel deeply connected to my heart, meet the world with the eyes of unconditional love, live from the most authentic place within myself, be fully present. To feel, sense, and experience life with every single cell of my body. To do things that light up MY soul, that ignite my inner fire. To find purpose, deep meaning, and fulfillment in life.

My loves, there is a way for each and every one of us to thrive from the inside out. Coming back to you heart and living from that place is the most precious thing you can do – for yourself and consequently for this world. That’s the place from which we can create magic. So it is!

We need you.

You’re here for a reason.







~ How to thrive as a sensitive soul in a material world? ~

This has been the million-dollar question to me, especially throughout the toughest years of my life.

“How can I, as a highly sensitive soul, live and even thrive in this material-based world”?

… in a world that is brutal, rough, overstimulating, unfair, dark, cold, and so difficult to endure.

… in a world that is based on a system which forces me to live in survival mode, in a fight-or-flight-mode, basically all the time…

… in a world where I’m surrounded by egos. Everyone around me is acting out of their unconsciously held pains and suffering. Everyone is living based on mental conditions they’ve learned from our system (the “matrix”) in which they truly believe in.

Beautiful soul. You’re not alone feeling this way, perceiving the world in a different way. I suffered for many years in survival mode. However, along my journey I came to the conclusion that …

“When you are born into a world where you don’t fit in,
it’s because you were born to help create a new one.”

Finding your way to thrive in this world is a journey that addresses your Holistic Self:

  • Getting to know your physical body’s needs and taking care of your beautiful vessel, so you can live a healthy and thriving life.
  • Finding ways to work hand-in-hand with your mind, your helpful servant. Realizing that it doesn’t have to be in the driver seat. That you’re not a victim of your thoughts and conditioned beliefs.
  • Facing and releasing emotional tension and pain, the subconsious aspects that we carry within our emotional (and physical) body – which are ultimately interconnected.
  • (Re-)Connecting with your heart and remembering that your essence is an infinite soul which goes through a temporary human experience.

Let’s take a deep breath together:
Inhale through the nose, and exhale with a sigh through the mouth.

If this content resonates with you, I’m very honored and happy to guide you along this life journey. Besides my articles, you can get more in-depth information, tools and tips for a life as a sensitive soul in my monthly newsletters (subscribe to “Holistic You-News”). Feel free to leave a comment down below, and if you ever feel guided to, you can always reach out to me personally…

My biggest wish is to be there, inspire, and hold space for you, beautiful! To guide you towards a thriving body and into your heart. The place where your “guru”, your wise soul, resides. The place that holds all the answers and guides you towards your highest fulfillment possible…

Know that I’m with you. That you’re not alone. That you’re always guided and supported, my love!

I hear you. I see you. I feel you. So very much!
I’m here to hold space for you! We’re in this together!

All the love in the universe – from my heart to yours!


yours Isabel!



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4 thoughts on “Sensitive Soul | You are a gift for this world”

  1. Liebe Isabel,
    ich danke Dir, dass Du uns an Deinem Leben und Deinen persönlichen Erfahrungen teilhaben lässt!
    Du schaffst es immer wieder, dass ich staune, wie Du diese wundervollen Erfahrungen aus Dir heraus geschöpft hast, anderen damit hilfst und sie dann auch noch so gut in Worte fassen kannst!
    Alles Liebe,

    1. Liebe Ronja,

      deine berührenden und wundervollen Worten zu diesem Artikel haben mich zutiefst berührt. Aufgrund meiner eigenen Geschichte ist dies ein ganz besonderer Text, der aus meinem Herzen kam. Es freut mich unglaublich zu hören, dass meine Worte Resonanz bei dir finden und es ist mir eine große Ehre, so wundervollen Menschen -wie dir- Mut damit machen zu können.

      Alles erdenklich Liebe und Gute,
      deine Isabel!

  2. Dear Isabel!

    Are we Related Dearest Soul… We ARE. This is my experience, our experience. Thank you, Thank you very much for sharing your experience. For showing me the fact, that I am not alone in this Human Experience. You are a Gift to this World!

    1. Hello dearest Tenii,
      aww, I’m so deeply touched by your wonderful words. Thank you so very much indeed – from heart to heart!
      No, you’re by far not alone in this human experience.
      Feel free to message me whenever you feel like.
      Love & Light,
      yours Isabel!

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