Book-spirations #5 | A New Earth

Dear one,

…are you ready for a new world?

… for a place where we live, think, speak, and act from our highest state of consciousness?
… for a world where people are aware of their conditioned mind (“ego”), choose to let go of the unconconsiously held pains and traumas which generates their reality?
… for a world where we transcend our identification with ego (the small sense of self, identified with thoughts and emotions)?
… for a world where we truly remember the divine power that dwells within our hearts?

Then THIS is the place for you, beautiful soul! 🙂

“You can only lose something that you have,
but you cannot lose something that you are.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

Eckhart Tolle is one of the most influencial masters and spiritual teachers these days. I strongly resonate with his words, his message – especially with the energy behind his writings. It feels like he has channeled a universal message that humanity  slowly but steadily is ready to receive. The awakening on planet earth is well underway. I firmly belief this book strongly ignites and accelerates the global awakening process, so we can create the bridge to this “New Earth” on a collective level.

I also want to mention that E. Tolle is not speaking about anything new. Basically, he’s sharing the same message that other spiritual masters or “enlightened beings”, such as Jesus or Buddha, have communicated. However, Tolle simplifies these profound teachings more or less and delivers the core message in a practical and understandable way for people in our day-in-age. You can even apply his tips into your daily life.

“The Power of Now” was already an eye-opening lecture to me, written in a really tangible question-and-answer-format. Tolle’s book “A New Earth” is another spiritual milestone in the literature collection. A book that can help us bring more awareness to why humans behave the way they behave; to how you can let go of unconscious patterns, and contribute to the global awakening in consciousness, so we can co-create “a new earth” which is not dominated by fear, suffering, and dysfunction.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

Are you ready for this shift, beautiful? Are you ready to start creating this New Earth within yourself?
… then it is time to let the magic begin!







~ The cause of all human suffering ~

Humans, animals, the planet – everyone is suffering, aren’t we?

As Eckhart Tolle describes so eloquently in “The Power of Now”, we only suffer when we become victims of our minds. When we are not aware of the present moment. Fear arises from compulsive thinking: visualizing the future or recalling memories from the past. Whether it is a “good” (desire) or a “bad” (resistance) thought about the non-presence. We can easily become attached to those thoughts and identify with them which destroys the beauty of the present moment: everything that is; everything that always has been; everything that ever will be.

In every situation you have two choices:

  • Either you give into your mental stories and chew endlessly on negative thoughts which will ultimately bring you anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. These thoughts will lower your vibration and cause you suffering.
  • Or you fully accept the moment, exactly as it is. Whether it’s (currently) unpleasant or wonderful. Because you know deep down that “this will too pass”. Non-judgment. Non-attachment. Non-resistance. These are the main pillars for living in peace. For living “enlightened”.

If the moment is not appealing or pleasant for you, then you can always do something about it: Change your perception about it, leave it, and/or let go of everything that’s not in your control. This way, you can focus on the solution rather than holding onto the apparent “problem”. A solution is always there. Yet, you can only access it when you rest in total acceptance with the present moment.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation,
but your thoughts about it.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

You might ask yourself: Why is it that we are “programmed” the way we are? Why do we come here on earth and create so much suffering (mostly in our heads, our emotional body, and ultimately in reality)? When we take a look at this scenario from a spiritual lens, there is a purpose behind it, obviously. As soon as you awaken from the illusion of your mind (the driving factor of suffering) and enter the present moment with awareness, your perception of the world, yourself and everyone/-thing in existence will start to shift …

“Suffering has a noble purpose:
the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego.”
(Eckhart Tolle)







~ What’s “the ego”? ~

The ego. You’ve probably heard this term once before. Some people refer to it as “bad” and “unwanted”. Something you “have to get rid of”. However, the act of labelling and judging the ego actually derives from the ego itself.

“The ego isn’t wrong, it is just unconscious.
When you observe the ego in yourself, you are beginning to go beyond it.
Don’t take the ego too seriously…
Above all, know that the ego isn’t personal. It isn’t who you are.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

What E. Tolle speaks about “ego”, he refers to the identification with your sensory (physical) perception, your thoughts and emotions. It is basically everything you sense, think, and feel, hence, everything you’ve experienced so far throughout this lifetime. All the conditionings you’ve adopted. Everything you’ve learned and believe to be true. Everything you’ve acquired from other people – from the external. All painful experiences you’ve stored in your subconsciousness. The limiting beliefs, pains, and blocks you carry deeply within, from childhood on.

On the contrary, let’s have a look at what is NOT the ego. It is the still, non-judgmental, mere observer in the background. Your essence which witnesses what is going on with yourself and around. Your pure awareness. Your consciousness. The space and stillness that resides within your heart.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions,
be the awareness behind them.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

The ego becomes destructive and problematic when you unconsciously act out of it. You will then disconnect from your consciousness, your true Self. Many people may (mentally) know and/or feel that there is something bigger than their personality. However, we were taught and therefore tend to believe that we are (only) our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. We forgot that these aspects of ourselves are just an impermanent experience during this lifetime here on earth.

The tricky thing is: The ego is never satisfied and always tells us those limiting beliefs and painful stories we’ve accumulated over this lifetime. “You’re not good enough, not successful enough, not pretty enough”, etc. The ego feels separate from everyone and everything. It easily feels attacked and immediately reacts with self-defense mechanisms. It always wants to be right. Eventually, this behavior creates even more separation.

It isn’t surprising that when you identify with those thoughts, they will lead you to self-hatred, unhappiness, to unhealthy behaviors, and ultimately to suffering …







 ~ How to break free? ~

As we now have a clearer understanding of the ego, the next question arises: How to step out of this negative loop, eventually? Break free from this cage we’re living in and feeling trapped into?

Eckhart Tolle brings it down to a very simple, yet not often easy commitment: being fully present in the here and now. The present moment. Feeling and observing everything that is there, without any judgment. No resistance to what is. No desire for something else (what we don’t have). Basically, approaching the presence with radical acceptance.

To put this into practical terms: Go for a walk out in nature and allow yourself to fully observe everything you see, hear, smell, and feel. You may hear some birds singing. You may feel the wind or the sun on your cheeks. You may see trees, flowers, or a sea. Can you be fully present with what is? Or do you fall into the trap of your mind, telling you that you have to run important errands, call your mum, prepare dinner, etc. Or your ego makes you feel lonely, because it wants to have a partner right next to you? Isn’t there always a reason for being unhappy?

Do you see what I’m aiming for?

When you truly, fully, unapologetically immerse yourself in the present moment (like in nature), let go of all thoughts, beliefs, and temporary emotions, your heart will naturally expand with joy, bliss, unconditional love and peace. At the same time, your worries dissolve. Simply because awareness and the ego cannot exist at the same time.

You can choose from which place you want to live from:
From your head (ego),
or your heart (consciousness)?







~ Discover your true Self & your Purpose ~

Identified with the ego, we are constantly longing for more and seek a sense of fulfillment within material things and other people. It tells us that “others should give us love in order to feel loved”. However, the belief that an external source makes us happy, whole and fulfilled is an illusion. The outside may only bring temporary satisfaction or pleasure, but not persistent contentment.

“When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels,
a sense of the miraculous returns to your life.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

You may have also realized that the attempt to find meaning and purpose in material possessions and unhealthy relationships is a mere illusion. According to E. Tolle, there is one important inner purpose we all came here on earth: It is to awaken. To awaken from the illusion that we are just physical forms with thoughts and emotions. To awaken from and letting go of the identification with the ego. Letting go of the mental concepts we’ve accumulated and desperately hold onto unconsciously. Concepts about how the world should look like, how your are supposed to look like. Concepts about a certain way to make money. Concepts about relationships, health, nutrition etc. – whatever it might be. Letting go of judgment and labels. Surrendering to and fully embracing the present moment in which your consciousness can truly expand, and your true Self has space to unfold itself.

The inner purpose will then lead you to your outer purpose, as E. Tolle describes. It is the way you express and embody your inner purpose – your state of awakening – and share it with the world. The outer purpose vastly differs from person to person, as each and every one of us has a different way to express ourselves. This is when your passion, individuality and creativity comes into play. You are a unique masterpiece in this universe and only you can decide how to express yourself and share your message. Also, different people resonate with different people’s energies. Your outer purpose will naturally unfold as soon as you’re living from your innermost divine state of consciousness.

“Through you,
the universe is becoming aware of itself!

When the eye finds nothing to see, that no-thingness is perceived as space.
When the ear finds nothing to hear, that no-thingness is perceived as stillness.
When the senses which are designed to perceive form, meet an absence of form, the formless consciousness that lies behind perception and makes all perception, all experience, possible, is no longer obscured by form. (…)

You then sense the vast depth of space as your own depth,
and you know that precious stillness that has no form to be more deeply who you are
than any of the things that make up the content of your life.”
(Eckhart Tolle)

This “New Earth” is a place where human beings are aware of their egos, bring awareness and live embrace the present moment. This is when we can create happiness from within, not emphasizing material possessions. E. Tolle envisions humanity as being humble and living from an awakened state of consciousness.







 ~ Conclusion: Awaken. And co-create “A New Earth” ~

This book is truly an invitation to connect with the deepest, most wise, authentic, and truthful part within yourself: your soul, your consciousness. If you feel called to take a deep dive into yourself and you’re ready to contribute to the global shift in consciousnness, “A New Earth” by E. Tolle is for you, my love!

I truly feel that this book is a contemporaray masterpiece. It ignites the awakening in some people, accelerates and deepens this process in others, and allows us to bring awareness to the divinity (consciousness, spaciousness, stillness, universe) that resides within each and every one of us.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you: Does this book resonate with you? How do you perceive the current global situation from the eyes of your higher consciousness?

Are you ready to co-create a “New Earth”? An earth which is based on the highest vibrational frequencies, the qualities of consciousness: truth, unconditional love, awareness, peace, joy, bliss, divinity, and abundance? If you resonate with these words and feel an inner calling to support the co-creation of this magical place, you’re already awakening to your purpose …

I’m utterly thankful for you, beautiful, connecting with and allowing your inner light to shine through. The light of space. The light of truth. The light of unconditional love. And whatever does not resonate with your heart’s frequency: bring your soft awareness to it and allow it to subside. With kindness. With love. With gentleness. You’re so incredibly powerful, beautiful soul! You’re a gift for this world. Thank you, for being!

I’m sending you all my love, dear one, and a big, tight hug – from my heart to yours!


yours Isabel!




E. Tolle. A new earth. Penguin Books (2016).


Unsplash (

2 thoughts on “Book-spirations #5 | A New Earth”

  1. Liebe Isabel,

    vielen Dank aus tiefstem Herzen für diese wundervolle Erinnerung an dieses so wichtige Meisterwerk. Du hast es so sehr auf den Punkt gebracht!!!
    Ich hoffe, dass noch viel mehr Menschen über diesen Weg darauf aufmerksam gemacht und neugierig werden. Je mehr Menschen es lesen, umso besser wird es Mama Erde und allen Lebewesen gehen. Da bin ich mir ganz ganz sicher.

    Sonnengrüße von Herzen aus München <3 :-*
    Deine Claudi

    1. Liebste Claudi,

      ganz herzlichen Dank für deine schönen Zeilen. Dieses Werk von E. Tolle ist meinem Empfinden nach nicht nur einfach ein “Buch”, sondern pure Weisheit, welcher sich die Menschheit nun step by step öffnet. Es tut gut zu hören, dass diese Zeilen bei Menschen -wie dir- Resonanz finden und in ihr Bewusstsein durchdringen.

      Schön, dass es dich gibt, du Liebe!
      Herzliche Grüße und eine große Umarmung,
      deine Isabel!

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