Quote-Spiration #9 | I have a dream …

Namasté, beautiful being of light …

Everything starts with a vision. An idea. A thought. A flow of energy that enters your consciousness and has the potential to transform your life, humanity, the existence of all beings, the health of our big ecosystem that each and everyone of us is an essential part of. It all starts with an invisible, yet powerful nudge from within. A seed that is planted in the heart of a person…

Beautiful soul, how do you feel about your life?

How do you feel about the earth, our world, the reality you live in…?

Currently, there is so much happening in the consciousness of planet earth, in the consciousness of many people. We’re approaching an era that has never existed before. The challenging things may stick out for most people; however, changes tend to require a breakup before we are able to experience a breakthrough.

It does take patience, unconditional acceptance, and love within our hearts.

It does require us, sensitive souls, to stay grounded and take extra care of ourselves.

It does take courage to take the first steps towards change. Towards a more conscious way of living. Towards a life that is lived from the heart space, instead of a mind-and fear-based way of existing.

When you’re already connected with the truth inside your heart, you may know change does come. A new earth is about to be ushered in. And it happens with each and everyone of us. It happens by following your heart, your intuition, and by moving forward from that place … as we co-create a new way of living: our New Earth!

Eckhart Tolle summarizes this process very beautifully in his Book “A New Earth”:

“Anyone who is one with what he or she does
is building the new earth.’
(Eckhart Tolle)

I invite you to ask yourself:

  • When are you ONE with what you do…?
  • When does true happiness arise within you…?

This New Earth is built upon a frequency that we are emitting when being truly aligned with our soul – the highest and most authentic version of ourselves that we came here to be, sharing what we came here to share. It is created when you’re truly happy, and deeply fulfilled. The New Earth begins inside us. Inside yourself. And in me.

“When something difficult isn’t working anymore, you can change it.
Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.”

Today, I feel strongly called to share with you a vision that fills my heart with love, light, excitement, and bliss. A vision around a way of living based on the heart frequency, based on our inner consciousness.






~ A new earth | My vision ~

Dear one, have you ever felt like not belonging to where you live? As if you could not really connect with the people around you? Have you always felt a sense of disagreement with the way this system is set up? Do you feel like you live in fear? And you’re not really comfortable with expressing who you truly are? You’re afraid of sharing your thoughts and view on life? As a consequence, you were always trying to fit in…desperately…but the dark void inside you always remained? Maybe you were dealing with physical symptoms, again and again, as if your body was trying to tell you that you’re not living the life you’re supposed to live..?

That has been myself, and there are still moments in which I feel that way. However, my heart speaks a lot clearer and louder these days. Because I pay so much more attention to her wisdom now. Plus, I know that I’m by far not the only one feeling this way. The moment I started trusting my heart’s callings, the easier and more enjoyable life has become. The more I engage with what I love – and become ONE with it in that process – the more connected, fulfilled, supported, and happy I feel. Truly happy. Content. Not just a short-term experience of pleasure.

I’m convinced that every single one of us is not only able to, but is meant to experience life in that way. It is every person’s birthright to live in joy and deep contentment! Thus, it is my biggest desire to contribute to this co-creation of consciousness on earth by reminding and encouraging beautiful souls like yourself to trust in their heart’s truth in order to experience the highest fulfillment possible that you were meant to experience in the first place!

I have a dream …

I have a dream of a world in which …

  • we live in harmony with our Mama Earth – connected to nature –, getting fresh air, clean water, and sunshine all year long,
  • we grow our own food as we plant lots and lots of organic fruit trees,
  • we build an education system in which children learn what they actually need to know to live a healthy, sustainable, and deeply fulfilling life,
  • yoga and meditation centers become the new gym,
  • we prioritize taking care of ourselves: physically and emotionally,
  • health and vitality are being revolutionized by coming back to our basic natural needs, the way nature intended us to live and eat,
  • we support each other in living our true potential -our life’s purpose-,
  • we live according to our heart’s truth (intuition),
  • approach one another from the heart space (with love and acceptance) rather than from the mind (based on judgement and fear),
  • we love each another … unconditionally

I have a dream…

…of a new earth in which everyone represents a healthy and happy cell of one big organism (eco-system) that radiates vibrancy, light, and unconditional love. Because: At the end of the day, we are ONE. We’re not separate. At least not at an energy level …






~ Your inner awakening is the way ~

Beautiful, I strongly believe that this vision is not just a hopeless thought. I’m sure that at some point, we will be able to live that way. It all starts with(in) us. With(in) each and everyone of us. Yourself. And myself.

It begins with our inner awakening – from the illusion of this negatively charged 3D reality. The illusion that we are merely physical forms who are identified with their thoughts and emotions. That we have to live a life that everyone else around us does. That we have to succumb to a system that strongly suppresses our intuition and puts the thinking mind on a pedestal.

– This reality can only survive as long as people believe in it and continue to live according to it. However, my dear, it does not have to be your belief. It does not have to be your reality. Especially when your inner truth does not resonate with this way of living, or “surviving”. You are not “too sensitive” for this world. You are a perfectly beautiful sensitive soul who came here for a reason. Who came here to make a difference. To usher in changes. To co-create a new reality. And if you resonate with these words, you truly are an essential and wonderful part of this co-creation …

Your sensitivity is a gift, not a curse! Because this level of sensitivity is required for introducing the high frequency of unconditional love into our earth. A frequency that our planet and humanity need so desperately. To stabilize again. To thrive.

“Sensitivity, which destroys mediocrity,
is very important to understand.”
(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

The more we start connecting with and living according to the soft whispers of our hearts, the more we can spread the light of consciousness. We are here to co-create a world that is dominated by the heart frequency, rather than by the mind frequency.

I admit, it is not always easy to hold our own vibration high, and to stay in our light, to stay connected to our hearts. Especially with the ability to sense energies in a very subtle way, with the ability to empathize so strongly with other people. My love, I deeply feel you. You’re not alone with this – gift.

Especially for us highly sensitives, it is crucial to …

  • ground ourselves daily through practices that allow us to connect with the subtleties of our hearts.
  • choose an environment that allows us to grow and thrive.
  • do what expands our energies.
  • connect with souls who truly get us.
  • stop consuming the unconsciousness of the negatively charged 3D reality, such as media, which spreads fear.
  • remind ourselves, day by day, why we came here …

Never forget that these aspects are essential for you to contribute to the awakening of planet earth. It is not selfish to practice self-care and indulge in your creativity, it is absolutely necessary…especially right now!






~ Bring your light into this world … this New Earth! ~

We’re going through challenging times, that’s undeniable. However, by looking behind the facade of what is happening on the planet, by looking at the bigger picture with the eyes of your heart, you may realize that the seemingly “negative” and “destructive” occurrences are needed for a breakthrough that is about to come.

Although it can be the most difficult task for us to stay in a high vibrational state and to spread the light of consciousness … it is our daily task to take care of our energy. Because it is our embodied energetic frequency that ushers in this new way of thinking, feeling, and living – of thriving based on love and acceptance, not just trying to survive in a fear-based reality.

Because remember: Love is the answer. To everything. It always is.

It is time to do what fills up your cup, what makes you feel your Highest Self, what makes you forget time and space, what lightens up your heart, what sets your soul on fire. I encourage you to make space for those things, every single day. Creativity and passion are meant to be our guides, not an “unproductive hobby”. It is time to give our hearts the space to expand and speak up, not to suppress its power with the constricted thinking mind …

“Don’t you know yet?
It’s your light that lights the world.”

Never forget that: You are a gift. Don’t allow anyone or anything to dim your beautiful light. We’re in this together. The stronger your connection to the presence within your heart, the quicker the shift will happen. The shift towards a new earth.

Sending you lots of love & a big hug, beautiful divine being of light!


yours Isabel!

2 thoughts on “Quote-Spiration #9 | I have a dream …”

    1. Liebe Alma,
      ich danke dir, aus ganzem Herzen, für deine wundervollen Worte, die ich mit einem offenen Herzen empfangen habe.
      Eine große Umarmung zurück zu dir, liebe Alma.
      Deine Isabel!

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