COVID-19 | Your Light during divisive times

Namasté and a beautiful day, lovely soul!

We’re currently living in revolutionary times. So many souls have been incarnated on planet earth, because everyone wants to witness or even become a part of this global shift that is happening right now.

More than ever before, humanity is in need of a higher consciousness. And the shift is happening now: Humanity has decided to evolve. We have collectively decided to let go of an old paradigm that has held us down for centuries, and we’re now merging into a new paradigm, one of love and truth, one of higher consciousness.

High frequencies are coming down on earth…

But wait! You may ask yourself now: There’s just darkness, fear and low vibrations everywhere – what do you mean by high frequencies?

Let’s put it this way: Imagine an old, messy, and super dirty house that needs to be renovated before people can move in again. The dirt needs to get washed away, the dust has to be removed, old stuff needs to be taken out and thrown away – there’s a lot of work to do before one can live in a clean and beautiful space. And that is exactly what is happening with all of us globally: the light reveals all the dark, uncomfortable, dirty, gnarly spots that we as a society and as individuals kept sweeping under the rug. It requires a great amount of purging, releasing, healing, and cleaning before we can enter a new age – a new world, our new earth. Thus, it is definitely not a quick and easy process, but the old has to be shed, the traumas need to be healed, and the unseen will come to the surface in order for the new to anchor in.

“To heal is to touch with love
what we previously touched with fear.”
(Stephen Levine)

Why is a pandemic like this one necessary..?

Humans tend to need a traumatic, even life-threatening event for them to wake up. To realize what really matters. To remember who they really are. Changes usually never occur when being in our comfort zone. Only discomfort will create change. Whatever this life-altering event may be: an incurable disease, an accident, the loss of loved ones, a financial catastrophy or – on a global scale – a pandemic.






~ Living in Separation: Fear vs. Love ~

You may observe duality stronger than ever before as there is a kind of split happening within humanity:

  • Some people are holding tightly onto the familiar, follow what they’re being told to do. They follow the structure, the “old system”, and want the past “normal life” back. They are focused on external authorities and information, living in fear, and giving their sovereignty away.
  • Others are removing themselves from the illusion of what we believed to be true (being powerless, having to do to what others say). They do not find any satisfaction in that sort of entertainment (anymore), but they are gravitating towards stillness, introspection, deeper connections, deeper truths, and higher consciousness.

These are the two dominant behaviors of people right now. Yet, a great amount of people are stuck in between. Stuck between the external and the internal. They feel dissonance with what they are told and try to resist it, but often times they still give in to the external and obey the structure, because of the deeply rooted feeling of dependence (e.g. financially) that we all grew up with and mostly keep inside us, more or less.

You may also find yourself switching from one behavior (or energy) to another, at certain times. And that is totally normal, because the collective energies are continuously moving and shifting. There is no need for judging or disempowering yourself when you fall into a ‘fear-based reality’. It is okay, it is normal, we all do some time or another. However, once you’ve experienced the self-empowering high frequency, you can always find your way back. This energy is becoming more easily accessible to us, because more people are connected to it. We as a collective are literally drawing it down to the planet – and you’re certainly one of them, if this resonates with you. 🙂

Fear will keep you in separation consciousness whereas love brings you into unity consciousness.

When you’re completely paralysed by fear, you’re in sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) mode. Your energy is stuck, literally frozen. Your body and mind are on autopilot. Then, you’re giving your most powerful tool – the connection to yourself – away as you become a victim of external authorities. That’s how you are controlled very easily.

Instead, you can choose to take back control and withdraw yourself from the fear-based energy which is spread by mass media and probably people in your environment. You do have a free will. At the end of the day, it is your choice where your focus lies, what you think, feel, and therefore create in your life. By connecting with like-minded people and communities, by exposing yourself to inspiring content, and by going within and connecting with the deeper wisdom inside your heart, you can easily move into the frequency of love. This high vibrational energy is a catalyst for creating the highest outcome possible.






~ Healing is uncomfortable: Stay in your truth ~

As mentioned in the introduction, we’re currently facing one of the (if not the!) biggest shifts in human history. We’re going through a massive global awakening which invites healing light on our planet and speeds up the shift in our collective consciousness.

Our deepest wounds and shadows are bubbling up to the surface. We experience this discomfort not only collectively, but also and especially on an individual level: you cannot hide your shadows and your truth anymore!

The high frequency that is entering earth does not allow the truth to be suppressed anymore. It does not allow anything to survive which is not in alignment with truth – and you can feel that. Now more than ever before are we asked to stand in, speak, act accordingly to, and embody our truth.

This event is an invitation to go within and feel into what resonates and what doesn’t. Deep within there’s your truth. You can feel it in your bones, in the core of your heart. A subtle, yet clear sensation. You are intrinsically guided by it. This is an invitation for your to speak your truth …

…even if your voice shakes.

…even if you get criticized or abandoned by others (egos) – because it is likely to happen.

Remember: The truth will set you free. It will set humanity free.

The truth is your gateway to the new earth. It catalyses the collective shift in consciousness so we can enter the new earth which is based on the frequency of truth and love – the highest consciousness there is.

Fear dissipates when you know the truth and stand in light and love. The latter is a completely different frequency and it is extremely powerful – tune in. This energy is dismantling the old world.

As you can see, (unconditional) love always goes hand in hand with truth. Thus, when you express your truth, you do so in a loving and accepting way: non-judgmental, non-violent. Whatever is happening and however others may react: only love can heal, not fear.There’s no reason for you to fight against something, because then your energy is based on fear again. Not everyone is yet ready to face and heal their wounds, because let’s be honest: this is not a walk in the park, it’s rather the complete opposite. Yet, it’s the only path that will lead us to freedom and peace.

“The only way out is through.”

Your truth is your light in the dark. And you can (and are asked to) use it to ignite the darkest corners within yourself and others to be transformed and healed. Remember that you do not have control over the free will of anyone else except your own. Your truth will trigger others. It will become uncomfortable for them and yourself as well. However, you know that a certain level of inconvenience is necessary for transformation. As soon as you’re deeply connected to the frequency of truth, you will feel all the support and guidance needed to go through these uncomfortable phases. Because then you’re vibrating on the energy of love which is not a match to fear … then you can trust that you’re exactly where you need to be.





~ Breakdown before a breakthrough ~ 

The “old system” as we know it is not going to exist in the long run anymore, because it is not in alignment with the high frequencies that our earth is welcoming and adjusting to.

Whether it’s …

  • the centralized financial system: there’s an unequal distribution of money on the planet which is controlled by a handful of people. The majority of people are held in a lack-based mindset and experience. You may also depend on a job that may make you sick, but you need the money to merely SURVIVE. Is that what you subscribe to?
  • the school system where children learn anything but how to use their consciousness and live a sustainable, healthy and happy life.
  • the medical and health (rather “disease”) system which suppresses symptoms with toxic medication and denies natural ways of healing and living, because those do not feed the pharmaceutical and the food industry.
  • on a relationship level where one is projecting their own wounds on the other person, truth is not communicated, and distraction (e.g. food and entertainment) is keeping fake relationships ‘alive’.

Let’s be truly honest here: do you want that system to continue? Do you agree with the way of living that you grew up with? Do you want to be a victim for the rest of your life? Being victimized by a handful of people who do not have any interest in seeing you truly THRIVE?

Now I can tell you that this system in which we grew up in ONLY exists, because we as a society believe in it. We believe it to be true. We think that this is and has to be our reality. Only when we support something through our own beliefs and feed it with our actions, then it can survive. If we do not … it won’t (anymore). And this is where your power comes in!

Your conditioned mind may tell you “I only believe what I can see”. In fact, the complete opposite is the case: You only see what you believe to be true. Once you start believing in something different and the energy of your thoughts and emotions build momentum, then you will start seeing a different reality in front of your own eyes … this is how it works.

If you do not agree with what you see and experience here on earth, you can change your beliefs. You certainly did not come here to suffer for the rest of your physical life, dear one. But you came here to create what you want to see. Pain is a catalyst. Whatever you’ve suffered the most from or are still suffering from – this very thing needs to be transformed. And I want to remind you today that each and every one of us has the power to create what we want to see and experience. A world …

  • …which is based on love, not fear.
  • … in which we express pure truth, not live a fake life full of suffering which we need to distract ourselves from.
  • …in which we live in harmony with nature.
  • …in which we take care of one another and our surroundings, not competing, exploiting, and creating harm.

As long as everyone says “That’s a dream, but not reality”, it won’t be able to manifest. However, the more people disagree with the current “old” reality and start creating a world they want to see, the sooner we will manifest heaven on earth.

There is no external authority who will create the “new earth” for you.

But it is us – you, I, and our like-minded soul family – who are ushering in the world we wish to see.

It is already happening. And as soon as we hit the critical mass, the shift into our new earth becomes unstoppable. The more you connect with your heart – the divine wisdom within – the more clarity you will receive. Keep raising your frequency and you will start thriving within our new earth, beautiful lightbeing!






~ Global crisis: What to do? – Practical advice. ~

In order to create the new earth – one based on unconditional love – we need to be in that exact frequency. As you remember “Everthing is energy”. That means: Your energy – your vibration – matters more than anythin else! That is what it comes all back to. The energy you emit becomes form. And you emit what you are focused on, what you surround yourself with. I have to admit that these are challenging times to stay in a high vibration, because there’s a lot of fear-based energy around us.

My number one advise for you, dear one, is to prioritize yourself. Yes, it is time to put yourself first. This is actually an altruistic (not a selfish) act, because you are in essence connected with everyone and everything. Only when you feel well in your body, have a relaxed nervous system and mind, you can much more easily tap into the highest frequency of love; then you can support others – in and through your own vibration.

If you’re trapped in pain, suffering and fear, you won’t serve anyone.

If you’re feeling healthy, happy, and relaxed, you can serve everyone.

YOU matter, my dear. I warmly encourage you to prioritize self-care, your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Check in with yourself as much as needed daily. Ask yourself: What makes me feel my best right now? Communicate with yourself and pay attention to the subtle nudges of your body and heart. Do what brings you joy: sing, dance, play, paint, run – whatever it is. Because if you are in joy, you will create the highest outcome possible!

Secondly, choose wisely what you consume and what you focus on. Because what you focus on expands and becomes your reality. What do you want to see in your reality? Is it the media which is solely focused on horrible news that keep you trapped in fear? Or is it an inspiring talk, a spiritual book, podcast or a guided meditation that brings you rather into the frequency of love, peace and in a state of trust? Your attention is the most precious currency there is … because it manifests, it creates your reality.

The best place for us to re-connect with our divine essence and wisdom is nature. It holds the highest frequency, because it is a pure manifestation of consciousness without a conditioned and fear-based (human) mind. If you allow your mind to rest in nature, you will find the best connection to your true Self, to your truth.

Last but not least, beautiful soul: hang in there. At times it can be a hard pill to swallow, but patience is key. Know that not everyone is ready to hear that information and to take their power back. The energy of victimhood, lack and fear is still present. However, deep down you know the shift is happening and change is coming. And it starts with you – with us! You’re not alone.

Remember: You cannot force others to awaken. You can only become the reminder (as the light of consciousness itself) of what they already know on a soul level. Every human being has their own free will and awakening is an inside job which happens only when someone is ready… Your own light can act as a catalyst, you do not have to “do” something to help others to awaken. Focus on your own awareness, and you will naturally emit the frequency that has the power to transform people around you.

This is nothing you need to educate yourself on. You do not need to seek or achieve anynthing. All it requires is to pause, to become still, to go within, and to remember – what your soul always knew!

I’m sending you a big hug, so much warmth, light, and peace.

All the love in the world – from my heart to yours,

yours Isabel!

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 | Your Light during divisive times”

    1. Liebe Karin,
      ich danke dir aus ganzem Herzen für deine berührenden und wertvollen Worte – sie sind tief in meinem Herzen angekommen.
      Schön, dass du hier bist. Schön, dass es dich gibt.
      Eine große Umarmung und liebste Grüße,
      deine Isabel!

  1. Hej sister, toll formuliert! Hoffe dass sich durch die Krise tatsächlich was ändert auf dieser Erde und mehr Liebe, mehr Wärme, richtige Verteilung der Ressourcen und ein Umdenken passiert! Das wäre tatsächlich schön und unheimlich toll!! Mach bitte allen Seelen Mut um die Angst zu überschatten! Bussi sorella

    1. Hallo meine Liebe,
      vielen Dank für deine wertvollen und unterstützenden Worte. Es freut mich sehr zu hören, dass du Resonanz mit den Worten im Artikel verspürst.
      Wir können alle Teil dieses Wandels sein, wenn wir uns dafür entscheiden. Im Herzen liegt unsere Wahrheit und die möchte nun gelebt werden. 🙂
      Große Umarmung und alles Liebe,
      deine Isabel!

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