My Recovery Journey | What I’ve Learned in Three Months of Rest

Hello & Namasté, beautiful soul!

I’m honored and happy that you’re here.

Today, I’m sharing with you a very personal story. Yet, it is a message that is very close to my heart…

It is meant to be a reminder for you that life – as challenging it might present itself to you right now – is a short and precious journey. The beautiful moments in life are as valuable as the tough ones, even if we cannot honor them at that moment. They are there for a reason. When we open up to the message behind them, we can grow through this experience and see the beauty in it.

As you can see from the title, I’ve been on an extended recovery journey from a physical injury. It’s been a rollercoaster on all levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, this period was a massive growth opportunity for me thus far, and I’m grateful to share with you some of my biggest learning during weeks of rest and recovery. But before we go in there, I’ll give you a brief backstory on what actually happened.






~ What happened: background story ~

After spending four months on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I came back to Austria in the beginning of May this year. Four days later, I had a bike accident. All of a sudden, my life completely changed. Within a single moment. I saw it, I heard it, and I knew it right away: I broke my right lower leg bone. I was under shock. Suddenly, my world turned upside down. All of what I’ve most appreciated in my life was taken away from me: freedom, independence, and my biggest passion, i.e. physical movement…

I was brought to the hospital in a lot of pain and discomfort, followed by a pretty long surgery. The surgeon implanted metal plates and screws into my leg to fixate the tibia and fibula fractures. After three days in the hospital, I came back home and had to adjust my entire life to my new circumstances. The first two weeks were the hardest as I went through a lot of pain. Simultaneously, all kinds of emotions hit me like a ton of bricks.

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”

Two weeks post surgery,I started physiotherapy and have been feeling grateful for every little progress. I had to start building a kind of new relationship with my leg and foot, because it looked and felt completely foreign to me …






~ Healing & Growing: What I’ve learned so far ~

Even though I was shocked and overwhelmed by this life-changing accident and my injury, I opened up to the opportunity of growth that the universe presented to me. Now, I want to share with you, beautiful, some main learnings I was able to integrate in the last weeks.




1. Acceptance is key for change. –
Change is the only constant in life.

Life is a collection of little moments which may feel either uplifting or depressing. Yet, every single experiencing is teaching us something. There’s a message behind what we are going through. Looking deeper behind the mere physical experiences allows you to grow, evolve, and transform whatever you need to learn.

Life is not about reaching a destination. (constant)
Life is always about the journey and who you become along the ride… (change)

We cannot always consciously control what happens in life, and we surely cannot control (the reactions of) other people. But we are in full control of how we respond to life. Responding with resistance leads you down the road to suffering. And that’s what we (subconsciously) tend to do when we face any sort of pain, distress, or an uncomfortable situation in life, don’t we?

“For after all,
the best thing we can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The most powerful and necessary step towards healing and wellbeing is acceptance. Accepting the present moment, exactly as it is, dissolves any resistance within you. Accepting doesn’t mean that you enjoy or advocate for what is happening. You simply see it for what it is without trying to change, judge, or blame it. Accepting takes away all effort of fighting against something. When you accept, you surrender, let go, and you move with ease through the given challenge.

“Acceptance is the road to all change.”
(Bryant McGill)

If you are in a state of acceptance, you will be presented with solutions – right away. There are always solutions to every single situation, challenge, or “problem”. We just cannot see them when we’re in resistance.

Whatever you are currently facing (especially if you dislike it!), know that by taking out the resistance – even just a little bit – you will open a portal to healing, and eventually to happiness. Solutions and answers are there. As soon as you accept it, the stagnancy in you dissolves, and the energy can flow freely again.

What are you ready to accept in your life…?

As I was observing my healing journey, I also realized (once again) that everything in life and in nature is a constantly changing process. Nothing ever remains the same. Everything in life is transient. A momentary experience that is already gone in the next moment.

One day, my foot was more flexible, another day it was stiffer and more swollen. One day, I felt pain, another day, there was no pain. Observing this process with (mental and emotional) distance and therefore detachment has brought me back into the beauty of my awareness, into consciousness.

There’s no need to hold onto how it was (past), to expect a specific outcome or fear the worst case scenario (future). Your mental and emotional attachments are just blocking the body from doing what it is supposed to do. All these attachments hold you back from flowing with life, and from seeing the learning lessons that come along with it. Life is, just as in nature, a constantly changing process. The more you are open to change, the easier and more beautiful it becomes.




2. Doing nothing is productive.

We grew up in a society that appreciates productivity, activity, high-performance, career, money etc. Therefore, we’ve been programmed into an overachieving mindset by a society that strives for perfectionism. We’re unconsciously more or less obsessed with working (out), constantly doing things and being active.

I have certainly been one of those ‘victims’. Although I’ve turned more inward and have been appreciated stillness since walking the spiritual path, I still find myself distracting from certain emotions and inner resistances with ‘doing things’. In the past couple of months, I was obviously forced to fully surrender and fall into the beauty of being.

Being (= doing nothing at all) is an integral part of productivity. It is the time of integration, alignment, and re-connection. This time of stillness will spark power, inspiration, creativity, and most importantly authenticity within you as it enhances the connection with your intuition.

The state of being (inactivity) refers to the feminine energy (yin) whereas doing (activity) is the masculine energy (yang). A balance between yin and yang is crucial, if you strive for health and happiness. Find out more about the importance of yin energy, especially in today’s world, in my corresponding article.




3. The body is a self-healing miracle.

Whether you believe it or not: your body loves you, unconditionally.

Your body is a piece of nature. Every single cell of your organism holds the greatest amount of divine wisdom. It knows exactly what to do in order to heal, repair, and rebuild. Your body always strives for balance. All you need to do is provide it the best environment possible: rest (for healing and repairing), fresh air, deep breathing, clean water, movement (tailored to your current state), earthing (being outdoors and connecting with nature), and deep cellular nourishment from nutrient dense and easily digestible foods (especially fruits and veg).

It has been fascinating to me to observe my body doing an incredible job, 24/7, whilst healing. If you are willing to detach from your ailments, you can witness the natural process of healing with curiosity and fascination. As I’m writing this so effortlessly, I have to say that it has honestly been not easy at all! Especially in the first couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have been able to detach from the pain. But this experience – being in the pain – has its place and value too. However, at some point I was able to let go of my constant focus on and attachment to the injury as I jumped into witness mode.

No matter what kind of ailment you are dealing with: know that your body is always on your side.







~ Conclusion: Recovery & Transformation ~

Dearest beautiful soul, whether you’ve been going through a physical injury, (chronic) disease, emotional turbulence, or anything that has brought your system out of balance: I’m here to encourage you to trust your journey. Even if it doesn’t feel that way, it is a blessing. A blessing in disguise! Everything in your life happens for a reason. There’s a message behind such occurrences. If you’re ready to accept what has happened, and open up to what it wants to teach you, miracles can happen.

“The universe only gives you what you can handle.
So trust that whatever is happening to you
is exactly what you need.
Just trust. Have certainty!”
(Patricia Velasquez)

No. It is not always easy what you’re going through. But the transformation, which is literally waiting for you behind all the pain and suffering, can be life-altering. It is waiting at the other side, and it is as deep as your current pain. I promise you, dear one. Know that you’re not alone. Know that you have all the support, guidance, and love.

Sending you all the love, dear one – from my heart to yours,

yours Isabel!

2 thoughts on “My Recovery Journey | What I’ve Learned in Three Months of Rest”

  1. Dear Isabel,
    Thank you for sharing your recovery journey. Reading your article moved me so much, from the beginning till the end.. Your words are so true and candid, each sentence, each quote resonates with me.. I’m sure your text will help many people. It made me think a lot, especially about acceptance, yin energy (loved your article on this topic by the way!) and the fact that everything in nature is transient.
    I wish you all the best on your recovery journey 🙂
    Lots of love,

    1. Dearest Elisa,
      thank you so much for this lovely comment and your feedback on my article! It truly means the world to me!
      I’m glad to hear you resonate with these topics, as they relate very much to the temporary collective field.

      Sending you all the love – from heart to heart!
      Have a wonderful rest of the summer.

      Namasté, yours Isabel!

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