Visions | How does your most desirable life look like?

Albert Einstein is one of those mighty people from the past, who impresses me most. As you guys probably know, I love powerful and truthful quotes. Thus, I want to start this article with another statement by the one and only, Albert Einstein:

 „Creativity is contagious, pass it on.“
(Albert Einstein)

In a conditioned world, where our rational mind matters most, our path is partially predetermined, as we are already presented with a specific guide on „How to live your life“ at a very early stage . Therefore, it takes a lot of courage to step out and go your very unique journey, because: who sets us an example of doing so? There are very few people who follow their one and only path. People, who are mostly regarded as “different”, yet who want to be different by choice. Because lets face it, who wants to be different by choice? Today, belonging to a group of people and being appreciated is one of the deepest human desires!

When was the last time you mentally followed your strong internal desires? When you dreamed of what life may look like for you? As we talked about mind over matters, your thoughts are the very first step in the process of creating a reality that you’re looking for. So, having visions means to start following your inner path mentally by creating images of your best version in front of the inner eye as well as creating the emotions you want to dive into. Each of us does have desires that come up one time or another. Those desires that remain permanently are kind of the dreams that have chosen you; very specific hints on what your purpose in this life is. Thus, real dreaming – meaning awakening – has to start right within your heart.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
(Carl Jung)

If you’re living a life that does not feel true and authentic to you; if you find yourself doing a job that you’re not enthusiastic about; if you constantly feel you must put on a mask in order to fit into someone else’s expectations – then THIS is an important topic you may consider to think about. Enjoy reading and make yourself ready to ask yourself some life changing questions … 🙂




~ Start dreaming… ~

Dreaming means to imagine anything you want to do, achieve, be, see, etc. without paying too much attention to your mind. Dreams have no limitations: don’t think about your (self-made up) financial boundaries, necessities, social expectations. Break free from everything you used to think and believe. Your thoughts are the very first step into a world where ANYTHING is possible.

There was this day in our life where we stopped dreaming. We adapted attitudes and a mindset which were taught from everyone else around us and therefore adapted these belief systems as our reality. Our (western) world is a brain-dominated society – but the conditions in our brain are limited and so are we now. It is conditioned, programmed, it works according to strict rules that do not allow us to follow our intuitive desires. It simply disconnects us from our intuition. But do you know what? If we’re always rushing through life, we’re missing the magnificent miracle of existence constantly. All of the infinite possibilities that our imaginary system can make us possible.

„Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.“
(Albert Einstein)

In order to create visions and to set goals, you need to dream as the very first step. Dreaming from deep within – dreaming has nothing to do with your rational mind. Each of us has these ultimate desires deeply within; and you know what? These desires do have an exact reason! Your dreams have chosen you. You wouldn’t have that desire to do something, to be with someone, to live somewhere, if you were not meant to achieve that desire. You couldn’t have that desire, if there was no possibility for you to live this kind of life you’re dreaming of. Everything you desire is part of what you are supposed to manifest in this life.





~ Listen to your heart ~

You’ve probably heard this statement a few times – “listen to your heart” -, but hearing someone else telling you to do so and really experiencing something internally are two completely different things. Knowing versus Being or Knowing versus Wisdom. You cannot really understand something until you have experienced it yourself. But how are we actually able to know and realise what our heart really desires and what it wants us to do?

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.”
(Oprah Winfrey)

There is this magic thing within us called “intuition”, some kind of superpower built in all of us. Einstein said it’s a sacred gift, whereas he called the rational mind a faithful servant. He said that we’ve created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. Intuition is our inner guidance that actually knows in every situation what’s best for us. I have good news for you: your intuition, this higher knowing, is ALWAYS available to support you, whether you realise it or not. It always speaks to you, it always tries to connect with you, as a vision, a feeling, a piece of knowledge, a voice. The question is: are you listening?

 “There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

Most people are so identified with their ego, that it’s a big challenge to distinguish between the rational mind and the inner calling, because the former is very loud and dominant while the latter speaks in gentle stillness to you. The first step to connect with your intuition is to become quiet. As simple as it sounds, it probably is a hard challenge for most of us, isn’t it?

Find yourself a quiet place, where you don’t get distracted by anything or anyone, sit down, close your eyes, take a breath and let yourself go. Thoughts will come up, but try to not follow them. This is the best possibility to step into this very moment, into the NOW, that’s all you have. This is where your inner guidance lives and comes up. Sit with this question:

> Who do I want to be? <

Anything is possible. There are no limitations. No one else knows better what you’re here for than yourself. You already know it right within your heart! Keep asking yourself this question, take time, go within – an answer will show up, you can trust your inner wisdom!





~ Courage pays up ~

 “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow know what you truly want to become.”
(Steve Jobs)

Courage is the key to growth, because you have to step out of your comfort zone and risk an unknown path. Do you know why it is so tremendously important to take risks? Simply because we are here on earth to grow and to make experiences. If we keep on doing the same, just because it works the whole time, we will stagnate. Our mind tries to keep us in this “safe” state, but our inner desire, our soul, tries to bring us further, one step at a time. And if we are not willing to follow this journey by choice, sooner or later we will face up a life changing event that might not always be something enjoyable.

“You know the truth, by the way it feels.”

You know, when we really follow our heart, when we really follow our deepest truth, we come congruent with what we do. We literally “become” what we do. At this point of time, something happens called fulfilment, an internal feeling of alignment; all of a sudden everything fits together; everything makes sense. Because purposelessness is the strongest life killer and therefore meaningfulness is what keeps us literally alive.





 ~ Create a vision ~

After getting familiar with your desires by dreaming, setting up a clear vision of what your highest dreams are is the next step to approach your most desirable life. But be patient. It may take you months or even years to manifest this life you are dreaming of. Nevertheless, your vision is the most important tool to move towards.

“Where you heart’s deepest yearning and the world’s deepest hunger meet is sacred ground.”
(Martin Buber)

Each of us has the capacity to experience the magical expression of who we really are by following our soul’s deepest calling. If you are accomplishing your mission, it will not only serve you through expressing the best version of yourself, the highest level of health, wealth and love; in this state of being, you’ll automatically serve others at the same time, and you’ll make a meaningful impact. Whatever it might be: you as well as other human beings do benefit from your gift!

A vision you can see very clearly in front of your inner eye will motivate you every single day to go towards it. The best way to find this vision is to write everything down that comes into your mind, while meditating on the question “Who do I want to be?”. Write down your strengths, your passions, your interests, your skills, where do you want to live, with whom you want to live, … To do some journaling around this topic will help you to find answers. As soon as you start setting an intention on this question, it will open up your mind and connect yourself with an answer within. Thus, you’ll possibly get spontaneous answers in a state of total relaxation, like when you’re taking a shower, while jogging, dancing or practising yoga. Write everything down that comes into your mind.

With all of these ideas, you can put together what feels the best and right for you. Write down a clear sentence of who do you want to be, such as “I am …”, followed by what you want to enjoy every single day, such as “I daily enjoy …” and what you want to do in order to share your gift with others, such as “and I …”. This sentence might change in the next weeks or months. It doesn’t need to be the ultimate goal that’s set in stone. But you need to start with something that gets clearer and clearer throughout your journey.

“Whether you think you can, or think you cannot. You’re right.”
(Henry Ford)

As soon as you have this very unique sentence, read it through every single day. The best times are right before going to bed and just after waking up! At these points of time, you’re strongly connected to the sub-conscious process of yours, the gate to who you really are. This vision will get manifested within you – with taking the right actions and sticking close to your goals you’ll eventually become what you’re telling yourself day by day.





~ Conclusion: Visions are the first step to your fulfilled reality ~

You want a life that you’ve possibly dreamed of many, many years ago? But your mind has distanced you from this idea so much that you wouldn’t even dare to dream of it anymore? Many people are in a job they are not enthusiastic about, they go there every single day just to earn money for paying their livelihood. Why? Simply because everyone else does it this way and it somehow works. But there is no passion, enthusiasm and meaningfulness of life. The question is: how big is the degree of suffering? Is it bigger if you quit your job and have the courage to do something completely different? Or is it bigger if you stay in your job and probably face a severe disease some day? Ask yourself this question: is it worth living the way I do it right now?

Creating a life you really want to live starts with visions that you clearly see in front of your inner eye. Everything starts with questioning yourself, what you want to do, who you want to be in this very unique life? Go deeply within yourself – and you’ll find answers. Get specific and write down who you want to be in 3, in 5 and in 10 years. Read your visions every single day, speak them out loudly and get ready for this journey! But remember: you probably need to go beyond where you are now when it comes to the next step: acting and following your inner calling.

Let’s keep it that way, my friends.

I’m sending you a courageous hug & lots of love.

Keep dreaming, keep staying true to yourself!

All the best,

yours Isabel!

2 thoughts on “Visions | How does your most desirable life look like?”

  1. Liebe Isabel!

    Visionen sind für alle Menschen sehr, sehr wichtig. So erschafft man sich das eigene Leben bzw kreiert sein Leben immer wieder neu. Und es macht Spaß zu entdecken, was in einem steckt. Mit 20 oder 30 oder 40 oder 50 Jahren wusste ich nicht was in mir alles steckt. Und ich habe noch immer nicht alles in mir entdeckt. Ich bin nun sehr neugierig wo ich mit meinen 70 oder 80 oder 90 oder mehr Jahren bin. Denn neue Visionen habe ich noch immer. Das Leben ist echt spannend.

    In diesem Sinne ein Drückerchen für dich, deine Mum!

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