~ My Story | From Surviving To Thriving ~

Dear one…

I’ve never shared this with many people before … but, growing up was honestly a struggle for me. For some reason, I always felt alienated from everyone else around me. Not seen or heard. Not understood. Like I didn’t fit in. Like I didn’t belong to this “system” here on earth.

No matter how hard I tried to become like everyone else… nothing worked. All I knew I wanted was … to escape.

Back in 2010, I found myself working a full-time job as an apprentice in a pharmacy. At that point in my life, this feeling hit its peak.

I was totally out of balance. My health kept getting worse. Waking up in the morning made me feel sick. Nausea, depression, anxiety, stomach cramps were honestly my frequent visitors on a daily basis.

This job suffocated me. This life suffocated my soul.

August 2010: I found myself in the hospital with life-threatening underweight, burnout, depression, severe digestive issues, dizziness, brain fog, and my hormones were all over the place. When the doctor came in, she said “We’re going to need to keep you here for a long time. You’ll get a nasogastric tube with liquid food…and because of your low weight and condition…you are not allowed to leave the hospital on your own.” My heart sunk.

As I stared at the opaque hospital walls, I felt even more imprisoned. Like I was trapped behind the bars of my bad health. My physical condition brought out my deepest fears in life.

I didn’t see any sense in continue this life and … wanted to take my own life.

But in the next moment, I heard the tune of a different song.

This time, it was coming from my heart.

And it said: “It is time for you, dear one, to take back control. You can do this. You’re not alone. Your body is so precious. It deserves your care and love.”

I realized right then and there that if I truly want to live a fulfilled life, then I need to have a healthy body. And I’m the only one who is able to take responsibility for that.

And that’s exactly what I set out to do.

I started with studying and practicing nutritional sciences. For the first time, passion started to ignite in me. I went on to intern at hospitals learning directly from professional nutritionists and did my own research on the benefits of a plant-based diet.

As I worked for and achieved my master’s degree in nutritional sciences, I also discovered the powerful and life-altering benefits of a raw foods lifestyle.

As I transitioned to incorporating raw foods, my health skyrocketed. As my grocery bags became filled with ample amounts of fruits and veggies, like bananas, mangos, blueberries, and greens, it amazed me to discover how quickly my body could heal. My skin became soft and shiny, my digestion improved, my energy levels went through the roof, my mood raised immensely, and I sensed a strong connection to nature. After I had learned about the incredible benefits of celery juice, I introduced it into my morning routine. And couldn’t believe what happened. My gut started to thrive, eventually! No medicine, supplement, or probiotics have restored my digestive health in the way celery juice did – and does!

My passion for health and nutrition grew even more, and I ended up cofounding a vegan nutrition start-up with four friends. But ultimately, I sensed deep down that this wasn’t my true path. The science was there. It all made sense. But it still felt like something inside me was missing. A feeling I was familiar with. From early on in my life.

I set out for India and Asia with an intention to discover myself spiritually. I became a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

Along my travels, I came in touch with the wisdom of Ayurveda. This felt like it was the beginning of the bridge between spirit and science for nutrition. I was deeply fascinated by the ability to cultivate a holistic healthy lifestyle by living in alignment with nature and the elements. What slightly irritated me was the dietary recommendation of cooking all your foods. According to traditional Ayurveda, raw foods are not considered as healthful for the body as cooked foods. But in my own experience, the opposite was the case…!?

Through my meditative and yoga practice, I realized something that forever changed my journey in health. This was the key ingredient of intuitive habits for holistic health:

“Using the wisdom of my heart’s truth (intuition) in spiritual practices,
I combined nutritional science, my raw foods lifestyle,
and the Ayurvedic understanding of the elements on earth
to create a holistic approach to health.”

An approach that allows you …

  • to discover your unique bio-individual needs in terms of nutrition,
  • to create unstoppable habits that allow you to continuously be in control of your long-term health,
  • in order for you to live a purposeful life which leads you to your highest fulfillment possible!

The amazing thing is… it started to work! The more I practiced, the more I thrived! On all levels! After all the years struggling with my health, I finally woke up feeling energized, full of vitality, whole, in excitement for my day, and with a deep desire to help others with their health as well.

I became certified as an Integrative Health Coach and gained valuable skills to coach other. As I stepped into deeper levels of my purpose, I experienced more fulfillment and happiness than ever before.

Indeed, for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged.

I found community and connection with so many amazing souls on their journey to health and a purposeful life. As more people read my blog, where I share tips to experience holistic health and discover your purpose, I started to help more people using my method. Confidence inside me rose along the journey of teaching this balanced and holistic approach to vibrant health and deep fulfillment.

That’s why I’ve started —Holistic You–. 

Because I know what it feels like to be stuck in a loop of hopelessness and desperation. To feel imprisoned in a sick and weak body. To feel frustrated by not living your true purpose.

I learned to discover my purpose by first taking my health into my own hands and integrating my life around a spiritual intuitive way of being in the world.

And I’m here to share this is for you all too. You deserve to experience thriving health as well as to feel a sense of belonging to this planet and other beings. Because you have a deep purpose and the universe is calling upon souls, just like you, to pursue it. Right now, we’re in a time of global awakening. It is time to tap into, fully integrate, and embody your true purpose. In a healthy and strong body that is designed to thrive and experience your uttermost fulfillment!

It is time for us to co-create a “New Earth”.

An Earth that is based on truth, joy, unconditional love, and abundance.

My love, you are an indispensable part of this co-creation!

Are you ready for your own transformational journey?