Quote-Spiration #4 – My powerful message to you…

Dear everyone out there!

It is not only an honor, but a deep desire of mine to share these powerful lines with you today. The first time I read this quote, it hit me right in the heart. Why? Because I can profoundly relate to it’s message. It actually brings down the essence of what I’ve felt almost my entire life. I could never come up with the right words and explain how I felt…I would just sit with these emotions on my own until I finally took one step out of my own mediocre life. And THAT is exactly my message today. I want to encourage each and every one of you to make your dreams actually happen….not just in your mind, but in your own reality.

But before I dive deeper into this topic and my own story, let’s begin with the essence of this article, a beautiful quote by Maya Mendoza:

“No amount of security is worth the suffering
of a mediocre life chained to a routine
that has killed your dreams.”
(Maya Mendoza)

Once a human is born into this world, they are raised into a system that people have created and are constantly creating. This system has been established and only held stable as a result of a majority of people considering it as the ultimate truth. People don’t know anything else. This is how it is, how it is supposed to be and how it has always been. Children are brought up within this system. These are stories we’ve been told by everyone around us. By our parents, teachers, the media, politicians; by almost anyone you meet on the street. So, why the hell should everyone lie to you? Of course, it “has to be” exactly this way. Maybe with a few tiny modifications. But essentially, this is our reality. Our truth. – Isn’t it?





~ The system ~

Basically, we’re born into a construct that makes us feel like “we have to fit in to”. Otherwise, we become expelled, rejected, not accepted. Well, what do you think this belief system will lead to? – It leads to a profound feeling of fear. And this is exactly the kind of energy that dominates most people’s life. FEAR. We’ve been told these stories by a system that takes advantage of our insecurities – ultimately, of our fears.

… The fear of being rejected.

… The fear of being homeless.

… The fear of unemployment.

… The fear of having no money.

… The fear of remaining alone.

… The fear of a lack in your CV.

… The fear of losing security.

Because this is what you’ve been told if you don’t follow the standardized path. So what’s this system all about?

A 9-to-5 routine (job). Always working for someone else just to earn money. Simply because you need that money to pay your bills and maybe go on holiday once a year – ultimately, a vacation to shortly escape this chained routine. Dreaming about your dreams. However, they will tell you “Dreams are but shadows. Life can’t be a constant state of flow, being content and feeling miraculous all the time. There is always an area you’re not satisfied or happy with. You’ll suffer from physical ailments as soon as you’re getting older. You have to work at a place you absolutely dislike until the age of 65 or even further.” Of course, everyone is doing so. It is the most normal thing in life. – Well, is it?

Most thoughts that a person thinks do not even come from the individual themselves; but rather by the collective mindset. In this stressed state of unawareness, a person has around 60.000 thoughts per day, 90 % are the same from the day before. They are repeated again and again. But what if we start questioning all these conditional thinking patterns? What if this is all an illusion? – That’s the moment when change will start unfolding in your favour…

I want to ask you a few important questions right now:

What would you do, if you woke up and money was
NO LONGER an issue?
Where would you want to live? With whom?
What would you love to do with your time?
What is your passion?
When does your heart start singing? When is it totally filled with love?
What nourishes you mostly?
What brings LIFE into your life?


Would you live your life the same way?
What keeps you doing what you do right now?





~ A glimpse into my own journey ~

For as long as I can remember, I always felt some kind of difference within. A silent, yet never-ending feeling that I’m not aligned with everything I did. However, I remained silent…and obeyed the given structures. Simply out of fear of being different. And of course, because I had no clue how to start, where to go, whom to ask. It was only when I was alone with myself that these urges came up a little louder. I journaled, expressed myself in arts by painting, singing and dancing. I was dreaming of freedom, stepping out of these routines and creating a life in which I feel empowered and authentic; simply being able to express my true Self. Because this real Self of mine was constantly suppressed by me. I lived a compromise…and always thought it HAS to be that way. There is no other possibility. I HAVE to suppress and resist my inner nudges and adapt societies expectations…and tried so desperately to fit into this concept. But it simply did not work. I had to face this fact by becoming sick, physically and mentally. All because my deepest voice had a different perception on how to live life. It wanted me to follow a different – my own – path.


Yes: If you are not forced by your body or any life-changing disaster, it definitely takes courage. It sometimes feels like you’re completely alone, awkward, stupid, crazy and making wrong choices. You start doubting yourself. In the beginning, it is not the easiest way. However, if you take this first step, stand up for yourself and your own values, life will start to blossom in a very beautiful way. Possibilities will show up that you’ve never ever dreamed of before. And one day, your dreams will become REALITY.


I personally am still in the middle of my journey. But there was a point in time I started becoming familiar with my internal nudges, visions, and dreams. After making my own decisions of what I want to do with my life – still finding a way within society – I felt more and more aligned. The resistance softened. I became attracted by so many inspirational teachers out there, predominantly through the gift called “World Wide Web.” I went deeper into the spiritual path of Yoga; started meditating. I went out into the world and met many inspiring individuals. With time, I understood that I am in full control of my reality. As long as I base my decisions on fear, I give away all my power to a system that has successfully managed to slave our free will. I would actually support this system by obeying its “rules”. A system that does not serve my highest goods and the highest goods of so many others. I don’t want to live a life in which not only my dreams were forcingly trying to be killed; but the dreams of millions of people. Just because of an illusion called “security.”






~ My message to you ~

We don’t need to believe in a well put-together story that has been invented to brain-wash us into thinking that we’re insignificant. We are definitely not.

Each and every one of us plays an important role here on earth.

I truly believe that we are all here for a reason. That we need to be here at this specific time. I believe that we can heal this planet again through the power of human connection. To resolve the state of suffering that has been inflicted upon us as we (used to) live in social separation. There are already hundreds of thousands, no, millions of people who realized this and connect with each other. The internet is our first and foremost connection platform and I believe it is no coincidence that it has revolutionized the world at this exact time of existence. People are resolving and rewriting the old habitual thinking pattern, supporting each other in the process of stepping into their own power. A major shift is happening and every single one of us is a part of this creation. Each of us has the opportunity to choose which life he wants to feed, where he wants to set his focus on – in every single moment! It is never too late, too early or not the right time. It is just the present moment in which you can act. The more we act together, the more powerful we are. The more energy flows towards one direction, the faster we can heal this planet from the old, destructive mind patterns.

What I can observe is that the internet and especially social media is one of the biggest gifts we have right now to start a silent revolution. A revolution that cannot be stopped, because it is already happening in the mind of so many people. The collective mind has been caught, influenced and energies are shifting towards freedom, free will, making choices FOR and not against oneself.

I want to make this announcement: You DO NOT have to live a life that makes you unhappy.

You are worth living the life of your dreams.

You are able to live the life of your dreams.

You just have to start believing in your dreams.

Your dreams have chosen YOU for a reason. You‘re here to follow your own, authentic path which will serve this world as well as yourself. You can and will contribute to the ongoing transformational shift we’re in the midst of already. You‘ll support the collective awakening. You are NOT alone. BE a voice. BE a guide. BE a message. GIVE yourself and others the permission to follow their own hearts calling. BE your dreams!

First of all, ask yourself the question “What do I really want? What makes me happy?”

Then stand up for yourself and start – step by step – building your life around the answer.

As I have been through all of this by myself, it is my deepest desire to encourage as many people as possible to do the same. My greatest wish is to support people along their own journey towards living their dreams; becoming aware of what has been happening; taking a step out; connecting with their intuition; listening, and going for whatever answer (dream) comes from their hearts. Because I absolutely think that we are all WORTH living a life of fulfilment, happiness, alignment, of constant flow, in peace and love.


Choose love. Choose your truth. Choose your dream. Choose your Self…
…and go for it!

Written with love,

yours Isabel!


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2 thoughts on “Quote-Spiration #4 – My powerful message to you…”

  1. meinen allerherzlichsten Dank liebe Isabel… ich fühle mich gerade wie ein Vogel imKäfig ,wobei der Käfig immer kleiner und enger wird… ich weiss ich will Veränderung…sooo viele Ideen,aber der erste Schritt,kaum sichtbar … ich versuche weitere größere Schritte zu machen,damit der Käfig/das Korsett mich nicht zerquetscht,auch der Körper rebelliert…..aber ich freue mich sehr über all diese wundervollen Texte und Menschen ,die mir auf meiner zaghaften Reise begegnen…..ich fasse erneut Mut und will aufbrechen…zu sooooo viel Mehr…für einen Mehrwert ,für eine Neue Welt…und für bedingungslose allumfassende Liebe….. ich sende dir mit tiefer Dankbarkeit viel Liebe Mut Freude Wärme Harmonie Glückseeligkeit Schutz Verbundenheit Gesundheit und erkenntnisreichen Wachstum…love Sasa

    1. Liebe Sasa,
      ich danke dir aus ganzem Herzen für diese offenen und berührenden Worte.

      “I feel you..” – die neue Welt, wie sie Eckhart Tolle beschreibt, ist bereits auf dem Weg. So steinig dieser im Moment zu sein scheint oder so “einengend” es sich anfühlt. Am Ende der Dunkelheit scheint das Licht. Und das erwartet uns, wenn wir dazu bereit sind, uns im Vertrauen der Dunkelheit zu stellen.

      Alles erdenklich Liebe für dich und herzliche Grüße,

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