Spirituality | The power and authenticity lies already within you

Where do I come from? Why am I here on earth? What happens after death?

Is there more than my material being that’s characterized by working, having relationships and daily routines?

Probably, you’ve already thought about one of these questions every now and then, haven’t you? These are completely normal thoughts, for each of us is more or less striving after a deeper truth of humanity. It is a totally manlike need to discover this big question of meaning behind our life.

Big questions. No answers.

Or could we get them?

Sometimes things happen that we cannot justify and explain on a completely logical level; we are capable of developing feelings and sensing emotions: you can consider this capability as a kind of hint that we are probably not confined to our physical body and it’s interaction with everything material outside. And in fact, we already have scientifically proven evidence from masters like Burkhardt Heim, Albert Einstein or Dieter Broers, that there is a greater power behind what we see, hear, smell and taste. However, their research has not been acknowledged and especially not spread through society yet.

The term “spirituality” is often associated with superstitiousness, esoterism, religion and connected dogmas. Thus, it’s seen as something negative and irrational, so we quickly pigeon-hole our notion on what spirituality means.

On the other hand, more and more people open up to this field and find answers for at least some of the questions that they’ve yearned for their entire life.

But what does spirituality actually mean? Are we able to develop ourselves as human beings in a spiritual way? If so, how does it work? And can we transfer spirituality into our daily life?

Today, I’m especially looking forward to take you with me on this trip into the spiritual world.





~ What does spirituality mean? ~

The core of the term derives from the latin “spiritus” or the English “spirit”, respectively. The latin term “spiro” means “I breathe”; a wonderful metaphor for the breath of life that we receive at birth and loose with death. No breath – no life. As I already mentioned the importance of the breath in yoga and what I learnt on my YTTC in India, it is the infinite connection between your body and mind. The third part of yourself that always goes with you through life. A higher Self of yours. Thus, the simple act of breathing is the purest form of spirituality.

But normally, we just let our breath work on its own without paying any attention to it. Breath is the life-forcing energy, in India known as Prana, in China known as Chi. Becoming aware of your breath means becoming aware of a Higher Part of yourself.

“If you’ve ever felt inspired by a purpose or calling,
you know the feeling of Spirit working through you.
Inspired is our word for in-spirited.”
(Dr. Wayne Dyer)

If we take a look on a more general definition of spirituality, it outlines the mental, intellectual and subtle aspects of being; to face everything that relates to immaterialism. It may but must not strictly be attached to some kind of religion, for it unifies all existing religions.

In a tighter, more practical sense, spirituality means to strive for transcendency as the connection with the universe; there’s a desire for integrity, in order to experience inner bliss.




~ Are we spiritual beings? ~

We understand ourself as gross, material entities. Feelings are recognized, but often not understood or branded as negative and inappropriate – so they’re not felt in a lively way. But what’s their origin? Is it simply a biochemical process happening in our physical body? Something that we can rationalize by our three-dimensional view on living? Or is it a process, which is not explainable by human’s intellect and rather goes back to an undefinable soul, a higher power?

Our daily life is characterised by working, eating, drinking, exercising, watching TV, etc. – not necessarily spiritual. But there are also moments in which we are able to recognise deeper feelings and come in contact with spiritual things. Normally, this comes up in a silent moment, for example in nature or while listening to a touching musical piece. I have one more question: have you ever asked yourself, why we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping? Might this precious time be more than mere physical and mental regeneration?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Does this quote resonate with you?

Maybe this sounds a little unfamiliar or strange to you. Try to imagine life for one moment as a huge playground, on which we are able to experience endless things as children. We test ourselves and interact with everything that we see, hear, smell, taste. One time we succeed and win, another time we fall flat on our face. But we stand up and continue running and experiencing again and again. We meet a lot of different children, find ourselves in wonderful and less good relationships. We experience life. We become smarter and wiser. Failures are as necessary as success; failures are actually the best teachers allowing you to grow; and growing or evolving is the one and only thing we’re here for. How does this sound to you?




 ~ Spiritual development: a basic human need ~

Each of us  can enter the journey of spirituality while we’re exposing ourselves to the subtle and mental things. Calming down our mind and simply listening. This journey will probably not always be harmonic; it will partly be painful, respectively, and it needs our accordance to embark on everything that is.

First of all, it requires to see our ego – our “I” – that recognizes itself separated from everything else. This ego has an important task on earth; we could not express ourselves in this world in absence of our ego. However, the complete reduction to this “I” reduces us, leads to separation from everything that we actually desire and yearn for in our deepest inner world.

“In the world of bodies, we are all separate. In the world of spirit, we are all one.”
(Marianne Williamson)

The spiritual development is a way to the origin of our existence, the infinity, the divine. But where does this path lead us? Well, exactly where we would never start searching for. Our ego, our mind, is focused on the outside, all the people that surround us, the media, the politics, the science and so on. But this is not the place where we find what we desire – this would be a lifelong quest. The fulfilment that we yearn for can only be found within ourselves. So, it might be a long journey, but in the end we will be able to make a find. Deeply within.




Spirituality in our day-to-day life ~

I would say the most beautiful gift that you can give the world and most of all yourself, is being authentic. While you’re expressing your unique personality, make visible who you are, completely undisguised with all emotions and all natural, moral needs. Pay attention to your soul and express its uniqueness by being completely yourself. Your body is a vehicle and this world is your playground, where YOU can experience yourself and live the very unique version of who you truly are.

Therefore, a spiritual life is not necessarily connected to rituals in candle-light, to a room that is covered in the scent of incense sticks, to white clothes and necklaces with cross pendants.

But how do you know who you really are? Again – silence the distractions from the outside, go within, calm down, listen to your breath, let your thoughts pass by. Observe. Feel… Meditating on a regular basis has completely changed my entire life as I was able to connect myself with an inner voice of wisdom for the very first time.  Getting more in touch with your inner self, becoming more mindful and aware as you partake your individual journey in this world, is simply a blessing that I wish for every single person to experience.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
(Ram Dass)

Everybody else and everything on this planet earth also plays it’s role in your own personal growth and development, for these people and things are simply a catalyst, a reflection of yourself. Thus, you can use them to understand who you really are, as you always just see on the outside that what relates and resonates to you on the inside. See them as a reminder, a mirror that leads you closer to your truest Self.

The spiritual practice is about a mindful handling with your life, your fellow beings and all creatures as well as with our planet, the environment. It is about confidence. About gratefulness, awe, compassion and generosity. As long as you’re practising these things on a daily basis, you already live spirituality in its most precious facets.




My spiritual journey ~

You may ask yourself, how I found my way toward the spiritual path. Well, I would not be able to pinpoint a specific moment in my life, as I would say it started with my birth here on earth. As I quoted before, we are all on our very own spiritual path in this lifetime, the question is: are we aware of this fact? Are we aware of our own power? Are we aware of the divine within?

Already in my childhood, I felt a little different than everyone else, because I’ve always been a very sensitive person. I could always conceive quite a lot on the energetic level from others and sensed a lot on my own; so, it was a constant struggle in handling those energies. This process intensified even further in my teenage years, where I started writing and journaling my feelings, my deep desires and dreams in order to express all these energies inside. I remember always living two parts of myself: the one in the outer world, very shy and adaptable, and the one in the inside that I kept for myself as long as I was bounded to my parents’ house and school. But I always knew that I wanted to break free from my inauthentic Self, who walked through life wearing this mask, as soon as the possibility arose. I went through a few obstacles; especially my very last try to fit into our conditioned world – my apprenticeship in a pharmacy – was physically, mentally and emotionally the hardest time of my life and eventually my personal shifting point.

During, but especially after my studies in 2017, I started facing more and more the exciting field of our mind, of our soul, the universe, our existence and absorbed as much information and experiences from spiritual teachers as I could. I integrated powerful tools into my daily life, which changed it completely and let me grow day by day. For example, the practice of gratefulness, meditation and visualisation are parts of my daily routine since last year. Yoga is probably one of my most spiritual practices, which is definitely not restricted to the act on my mat, but expanded to my entire life. Spirituality is who we are. Who we really are.

“Spirituality is the path of your heart.”
(Marianne Williamson)

I simply can invite you from the bottom of my heart to start exploring your inner Self. It is so worth it! I promise you, my friends!





~ Conclusion: Spirituality and Humanity ~

Although we’ve experienced a development towards materialism, consumption and proficiency, where feelings are not as much acknowledged as our logical mind, more and more people find their way to the subtle word, to their inner life. We feel and understand that a deeper fulfilment can never be received from the outside, but solely on a deeper level within.

You’re carrying these subtle feelings within you. Feelings that are the communication tool of your soul, as your soul speaks to you indirectly through reactions and emotions.

You want to experience more depth and eventually more fulfilment within your life? To come closer to your very unique meaning of life, your mission?

Then, start living your uniqueness. There is nobody else on this planet, who resembles you. But if you decide to subordinate yourself to our system, doing what everyone else does and what everyone else expects you to do, you’ll become a replaceable “object”. In your very authentic version, you’re an irreplaceable, one of a kind.

Nobody laughs like you.

Nobody talks like you.

Nobody cries like you.

Nobody moves like you.

This world needs you – in fact, in your one and only individuality. 

Thank you for taking the time and following my thoughts until here. Spirituality goes along with me as much as personal development does; in fact, I cannot separate these two things from each other.

What’s your opinion and experience on the spiritual development?

I’m sending you lots of sunshine and a heart-warming hug.

Spread your love & Namasté,

yours Isabel!

5 thoughts on “Spirituality | The power and authenticity lies already within you”

  1. Liebe Isabel!

    Spiritualität ist ein sehr wichtiges Thema für jeden Einzelnen von uns. Jeder soll seine eigene Spiritualität entdecken und sie leben.. Manche Personen entdeckten die Patch-Work-Spiritualität und leben sie auch. Alles ist möglich!

    In diesem Sinne, weiterhin nur das Beste für dich und deine Spiritualität!

    Deine Mum!

  2. I had read this article so many times, It’s very beautiful and yes also helps in explaining or connecting some scientific points about spirituality and uniqueness to the theory which anyone can understand. Thanks Isabel for writing such Great …. (I don’t have words 😀 ).

    1. Thank you so much, Siddharth! Your words mean the world to me 🙂
      Hope you’re doing well.
      You’re very welcome to keep up reading and even sharing my articles.
      Lots of love. Namasté, Isabel!

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