Book-spirations #2 | The Four Agreements

Do you express your true Self every single day?

Or do you rather feel like a victim constricted in this corset we like to call “life”? Do you struggle with finding a certain way that might bring you towards freedom as well as safety at the same time?

In the process of accepting all the believing systems, the mindset of society, we assume these patterns as our truth and make agreements. We unconsciously agree with what we’ve been told and act upon these conditions. However, not all of these agreements do serve us.

The Toltecs, a cultural nation of Mexico, assume our view of life as a collective dream into which we were born. A dream that shapes our attitude to life. A dream in which the people surrounding us want to keep us. However, we didn’t choose this kind of dream by ourselves.

Don Miguel Ruiz is one of those Toltecs and the author of the book “The Four Agreements.” In this amazing piece of literature, he describes four possibilities that help us to escape from these manifested thinking patterns in order to reach a state of consciousness in freedom and dignity.

I couldn’t put down this giant piece of writing for a minute. It contains a vast amount of truth and simply can be seen as a masterpiece in the field of consciousness and expansion of the mind!





~ 1. Pay attention to what you say ~

…for your words will become matters. You’ll act upon them according to your decisions. Your words will become manifested in the physical world. Words are the expression of our thoughts, which are our biggest creative power.

According to our survival instinct, we’re constantly focused on all of the possible threats on the outside. Thus, we carry a very critical attitude towards many things and especially towards our-self, automaticlaly making space for many negative thoughts. Specifically, thoughts that we express in negative words. Our mind is programmed very judgmentally as we are judging all the time, everything, everyone, and not least our-self. In this state of mind, we’re living in a desolate reality.

The Toltecs tell us: Take care of your words. Only say what you understand and what aligns with YOUR truth. Don’t talk in a judgmental way against anyone else or yourself. On the contrary, try to choose your words wisely so that they support you and everyone else. Choose words that contain truth and love.





~ 2. As irritating as it sounds… ~

…but please…please do not take anything in life, anything you’re told by someone out there, personally. 

Each of us lives, feels and thinks out of a subjective point of view. And usually, we associate everything we hear and feel, as well as all the emotions arising from the one we’re talking to, to our-self. We interpret other people’s possible unhappiness as a form of a personal assault. Antipathy. Resentment. And that’s how we’re already in the middle of a conflict.

Everything that people around you convey has nothing to do with you, but only with THEMSELVES. It is their view of life, based on their own past experiences.

As soon as you accept their assumption, it will become your truth as well. But often it is a resentful truth that may depreciate you.

Make it clear to yourself that this is an act of projection.

“What Paul says about Peter tells us more about Paul than about Peter.”
(Baruch Spinoza)

…because Paul is only able to speak out of his experience. Not out of Peter’s!






~ 3. Communicate clearly ~

Communication problems in the social intercourse often make us suffer unnecessarily with unwanted consequences.

Our intellect perceives the world in a very subjective way, which we assume to be everyone’s reality. We interpret what other’s say as something completely unique, based upon our own experiences and memories, which make up our perception on life. However, this view often does not resonate with the view from the person we’re talking to. If we’re ignorantly sticking to “our truth” and want to convince the other person of what we see as the ultimate reality, we will get involved in a conflict – which often happens totally unaware.

So how can we avoid such a problem?

Ask questions. Clear up your communication. Tell this person your view, your perception, your expectations, even your emotions, YOUR own interpretation of the story. And inquire about theirs.






~ 4. Act in alignment with your highest version ~

To give one’s best might either be painstaking and exhausting or joyful, with ease and full authenticity. As long as we give our best in every situation – not more, but also not less – our inner critic has no need to speak up and judge.

The easiest and most simple way to reveal your best version is by being YOURSELF. This very version you’re yearning for – you’re feeling completely aligned with – the version you want to be.

Give your body the best you are able to.

Give you mind the best you can facilitate.

Give the people around you the best, exactly what you feel they deserve.

You’re worth living the best version of yourself; to draw on unlimited resources. Respect and honor these earnings as well as your value. Always act in alignment with your highest version, the best version you can possibly think of.

Just the intention to put the best out of your heart rewards you with internal contentment. So, what are you waiting for?






~ Conclusion: Breaking free from “the system” ~

At the end of this life-changing book, the author describes three ways that will encourage you to break free from the uncomfortable boundaries of our conventional “system”.

Changing an inconvenient situation is only possible when you become aware of the fact that the adapted attitudes which you live by do not always represent the truth. As soon as you let go of this perception, which does not serve you at all, and go ahead to create your own true reality, “your own dream”, change will happen.

This book is not only worth the read, but more so to internalize these four agreements and proceed to incorporate this wisdom into your daily life. Your quality of life will mature sustainably.

Thank you so much for reading,

sending you a heart-warming, tight hug.

Lots of love and Namasté,

yours, Isabel!


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