Hello and a heart-warming „Welcome“ to the
Holistic Health – section of my site!

What are the most crucial factors that lead to a healthy, long life? What brings us well-being, longevity and increases our quality of life ?

There’s one thing I can already tell you:
You are able to influence these factors day by day. With these factors, you can consciously serve your whole system – body, mind and soul.

Holistic means „integrated“ or “looking at something in its entirety.” In regards to health, this theory focuses not only on one influencing factor, like only nutrition or only physical activity, but rather includes an intertwining of multiple aspects of life.

Don’t think only with your brain, but with your whole body.
(Eckhart Tolle)

Holistic Health doesn’t see the body separated from the mind and soul. Therefore, it includes many influencing factors that benefit or harm our health. It does not focus on one specific symptom of the „body that’s separated from yourself“, therefore giving you exactly a single antidote or medicine. In our day-to-day life, we are confronted with an abundance of things that either strengthen or weaken us, be it on a physical, a mental as well as an emotional level. Therefore, it’s an obvious consequence to regard all of these aspects of life when it comes to our health.

Our body, our life, our well-being yearns for this very own „medicine“

– that only we ourselves, individually and unicately, can discover.

This “medicine” means to live your authentic version and stay true to your mission in life, to feed yourself with foods that are good for you, to incorporate a healthy amount of exercise, relaxation, caring and loving relationships in your life as well as to grow on a mental level …

My aim is to give you impulses and inspiration, knowledge, and share with you my own experience to help you find your way to optimal health and well-being. Every one of us as a human is as individual as our own finger print. A singular creation. Therefore, i’m not attending to prescribe you the one and only solution that you have to follow strictly. Because in the end, that’s the exciting journey everyone of us may experience by him-/herself.

You can pick exactly the information, advice and experiences that resonate with you and your life. It’s an honour for me and I’m truly looking forward to join you on this journey.


~ Which topics will you expect on „Holistic Health“? ~

  • nutrition: plant-based (vegan), wholefood and holistic
  • physical activity and sports
  • relaxation, calmness and sleep
  • our environment and relationships
  • the importance of nature, fresh air and sunshine energy
  • yoga and meditation

But there’s one more, immensely influencing factor: our mindset. Because of its’ importance, I’m diving into this topic in an own section – I definitely won’t skip the power of our inner world. 🙂

Get with me on your way to a holistically healthy version of yourself; a quality of your life that you haven’t experienced yet.

Enjoy reading, connecting, exchanging and become enriched!

Lots of love and Namasté,

yours Isabel!