~ ABOUT | That’s me ~

Behind Holistic You stands a life-affirming, nature-affine nutritionist, yoga teacher, holistic health coach, sensitive soul
and creative spirit: Isabel Maria.


~ Key Facts ~

I       –        innovative

S      –        September-born & sportive

A      –        authentic

B      –        bright

E       –       empathic

L       –        loving


M      –        mindful

A       –       affectionate

R       –       romantic

I        –        inspiring

A       –        aspiring



With authenticity, curiosity and enthusiasm for life in all its facets, with depth and her sensitive character, the Austrian-born woman wants to share her knowledge, practical tools and experiences on a plant-based whole foods nutrition, a holistic lifestyle, yoga and meditation with the world.

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~ AIM | That’s my mission ~

We were all gifted with a highly intelligent bio-computer (=body) that innately knows what to do in order to achieve thriving health. Just like everything else in nature does. When you want to be nourished deeply and soak up nature’s wisdom, tap into the consciousness of plants.

When you connect with the innate intelligence of your body by consuming plant (raw) whole food, being kissed by the sun, breathing in fresh air, connecting with the earth, you will be intuitively able to listen to this soft, yet powerful voice within your heart.

“The body heals itself by itself,
given half a chance.”

Holistic Nutrition: The basis of a purposeful life is a healthy body filled with energy and vitality. Only in a state of thriving health, you are able to connect with your inner purpose and live your highest fulfillment possible. When you align your inner ecosystem (body) with your outer ecosystem (nature) through eating plants, you develop a grounded and interconnected presence, a strong immune system, and vibrant health. 

We as a society have been living way too long in our heads, and neglected the powerful wisdom of our hearts. It is time to shift our awareness from the brain down into the heart, and connect with our true authentic power. I 100 % believe that everything starts within (yourself). The outer world will align as soon as your inner world is aligned.

“The longest distance we will ever travel is
from our heads into our hearts.”

Yoga and Meditation: Practicing yoga means to be curious about yourself. It opens a doorway to new dimensions and supports you in becoming your authentic Self. The original and vast part of yoga is meditation, thus, asana and meditation practices are tightly interconnected. Yoga will allow you to gain more depth in life. Do you want to practice with me? 🙂







~ My credentials ~

Beside my credentials in nutritional science (M.Sc.) and a Holistic Health Coach certificate (IIN), I’m a Yoga instructor (500 hrs RYS), meditation teacher as well as blogger on holistic nutrition and spirituality.

I am specialized in

  • plant-based whole (raw) food nutrition,
  • Ayurveda & elementary (natural) principles,
  • Yoga (asanas),
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques),
  • Meditation & inner healing (metta-, feeling- and healing guidance).

You’ll receive my support to connect with your intuition, reveal your truth, speak up, transform your life, and explore your full potential! By working in a holistic way – addressing the body, mind, and spirit -, you will come closer to a radiant, aligned, resilient, and HOLISTIC YOU.

My deepest wish is to help people discovering the enthusiasm for their own life, their being and doing within themselves. I want to inspire YOU towards a holistically healthy and conscious lifestyle, so you can discover the ability to create and manifest your own life.








Which topics are communicated~

Holistic Nutrition  Yoga & Meditation

plant-based nutrition,
raw living foods

yoga & meditation:
philosophy, asanas,
personal experiences

holistic lifestyle
Ayurveda: routines
, elements, nature

consciousness & spirituality

yummy food for
body, mind and soul

book recommendations,
thoughts on quotes






~ My 5 steps for a holistically fulfilled life ~

  1. A plant-based lifestyle that nourishes the body optimally with nutrients, water, life force energy and joy.
  2. Daily movement in the fields of cardio, strength and flexibility.
  3. Finding a way of relaxation where yoga and meditation come into play.
  4. Deep connections:
    • with nature by soaking up the nurturing energy from Mother Earth. The so-called biophila effect scientifically proves the healing effect of nature on our bodies (Arvay, 2015).
    • in relationships with other beings by radiating and receiving unconditional love, warmth and faith.
  5. Living in alignment with your heart’s truth which guides you to a life of awareness, love, joy, and deep fulfillment.




Arvay C. Der Biophilia-Effekt – Heilung aus dem Wald. edition a (2015), 3. Auflage.