~ ABOUT | That’s me ~

Behind Holistic You stands a life-affirming, nature-affine nutritionist, yoga teacher, holistic health advocate, and a passionate verbal acrobat: Isabel Maria.


~ Key Facts ~

I       –        innovative

S      –        September-born & sportive

A      –        authentic

B      –        bright

E       –        empathic

L       –        loving


M      –        mindful

A       –       affectionate

R       –        romantic

I        –        inspiring

A       –        aspiring



With authenticity, curiosity and enthusiasm for life in all its facets, with depth and her sensitive character, the Austrian-born woman wants to share her knowledge, practical tools and experiences on a plant-based nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation with the world.

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~ AIM | That’s my mission ~

My deepest wish is to help people discovering the enthusiasm for their own life, their being and doing within themselves. I want to inspire people towards a holistically healthy nutrition and lifestyle, while guiding them to discover the ability to create and manifest their own life.

My two key areas are:

    • Holistic Nutrition: The basis of a fulfilled life is a healthy, vital body full of energy. Only within a state of health and well-being are we able to concern ourselves with the inner attitudes, values and visions. 
    • Yoga and Meditation: Practicing yoga means to be curious about yourself. It opens a doorway to new dimensions and supports you in becoming your authentic Self. The original and vast part of yoga is meditation, thus, asana and meditation practices are tightly interconnected. Yoga will allow you to gain more depth in life. Do you want to practice with me? 🙂

You will receive my knowledge, my experiences and feelings to guide you on your own journey, while aspiring you to discover and express the most wonderful, healthy and authentic version of yourself within you.




What’s to achieve? ~

Health. Awareness. Authenticity. Joy. Fulfillment. Love.
In fact, EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life.




How does the journey look like? ~

A plant-based nutrition combined with yoga & meditation practices…

…will help you to shape your own life, the life of your fellows as well as our planet with love and abundance to a healthier version!




~ Which values are taught~


  • health and well-being
  • more depth in life 
  • authenticity
  • awareness
  • freedom and self-determination
  • success
  • joy and enthusiasm
  • love






Which topics are communicated~


Holistic Nutrition  Yoga & Meditation

plant-based, wholefoods

yoga & meditation:
philosophy, asanas,
personal experiences

holistic lifestyle:
sports, relationships,
nature, relaxation

consciousness & spirituality

yummy food for
body, mind and soul

book recommendations,
thoughts on quotes




~ My 5 steps for a holistically fulfilled life ~

  1. A natural, plant-based lifestyle to nourish the body with the optimal amount of nutrients, water, energy and joyfulness.
  2. Regular exercise in the different fields of cardio, strength and flexibility.
  3. To find balance between action and relaxation where yoga and meditation come into play.
  4. Connecting with nature: fresh air, sun, woods and seas; that’s a gift for body, mind and soul. The so-called biophila effect scientifically proves the healing effect of nature on our bodies (Arvay, 2015). I want to extend this connection to relationships with people in a way that encompasses love, warmth and faith. If you’re giving someone your undivided attention, that’s one of the strongest expressions of love.
  5. To choose your own thoughts, values and life attitudes consciously, to decide and act in your creative power.






Arvay C. Der Biophilia-Effekt – Heilung aus dem Wald. edition a (2015), 3. Auflage.