Hello and Welcome, lovely soul!

It is a path for seekers.
A path towards balance and alignment.
It is the gateway towards your Self:

Yoga & Meditation

You would have probably guessed that they go hand in hand. But did you know that yoga and meditation are in fact one and the same?

Yoga (Sanskrit: yuj) means union, or balance. Basically, it represents the principle of holism, for yoga connects the physical, mental as well as spiritual body.

I started connecting with yoga in a physical way. However, it didn’t take me long to experience that there is more behind it than the simple practice of movements. I absolutely love moving my body, play with it, but rather in a way to communicate with and listen to it. The asana practice guided me towards a life with more awareness. It led me to a daily practice of sitting with myself in stillness. Yoga gives me the opportunity to connect with my body, to reduce the fluctuations of my mind, and to open my heart. You can perceive it as a holistic practice which holds your hand and guides you through life.

One of my teaching schools defines yoga as fitness for the witness, as getting from alignment to enlightenment. Being a ‘witness’ means to observe with a passively aware mind, ultimately, it is the state of meditation. Yoga asanas (physical practice) will support you in becoming a witness, which will further guide you to your inner Self. It starts from the gross material level and digs deeper into more subtle areas. Body, breath, a focused mind, stillness, bliss, pure consciousness. Everything is connected.

It only requires to calm the fluctuations of your mind in order to realize the true nature of your Self.

It is my biggest desire to share the message of yoga – which is all about consciousness – with you out there. I believe we are ready for a shift in consciousness. Are you in?

Enjoy reading, connecting, exchanging and get enriched!

Lots of love and Namasté,

yours Isabel!