Hello and a very cordial welcome
to my section on the topic „Mindset“

– you’re wondering what it’s about? The following quote will give you a first little clue:

„Our thoughts create our reality.“
(Dieter Broers)

Your health and whole well-being – meaning your success, fulfilment, love, stability, self-confidence – does not only revolve around a healthy lifestyle. We often underestimate the immense  power of our day-to-day thoughts, which can be a crucial determinant of our happiness and well-being. Thoughts are the most powerful tool that create our reality.

Meaning: not only our physical muscles need a regular training.

Also our mental muscles are in much need of training.

In general, a human has at least 60.000 thoughts per day and the majority (almost 90%) is not thought consciously. These thoughts are in fact those that have manifested in our sub-consciousness based on our life experiences . And specifically these thoughts become your reality.

Are you happy and satisfied with your results in the outside?

Are you striving for more contentment, success and love?

Join me on this powerful, thrilling journey into our mind and our soul. You’ll learn important facts and things that will help and strengthen you on your way.  Dive in – with me – into the world of our brain, the deep source of our sub-consciousness, into our feelings.


~ Which topics will you expect on “MindSet”? ~

  • mindset: thoughts, believing patterns and inner convictions
  • scientific facts on the field of conscious research
  • psychology and philosophy
  • spirituality
  • personal development
  • book-spirations: inspiring books that will potentially change your life

Your inner world has MUCH more potential to create your life than you’d have ever believed. Training your brain cells is at least as important as training your muscle cells.

You want to get more out of your life, your potential, your authentic personality?

Then stay tuned – and follow your path, step by step, with my motivational and thrilling inspirations!

Enjoy reading, connecting, exchanging and get enriched!

Lots of love and Namasté,

yours Isabel!