~ Isabel Maria ~

1988 born in Vienna
 2007 graduation of the A-levels
 2007-2008  au-pair in London and Paris
2009-2010 apprenticeship as a pharmaceutic-mercantile assistant
 2010-2014 B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna
 2014-2017 M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences, University of Potsdam
 since 2016 co-founder and part of  ecodemy – a German distance learning school for health and nutrition
03/2018 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Rishiksh/India
04/2019 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Goa/India
2019 Holistic Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
02/2020 Meditation Teacher Training & Inner Healing Course in Koh Phangan/Thailand
2022 Vibrant Health Course at the Academy for Vibrant Living
2023 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Varkala/India

As a born Austrian, I was lucky enough to collect a vast amount of experiences in nature during my childhood. After school, after a year abroad and after an apprenticeship, my journey led me into the field of natural science to the study of nutrition. After my bachelor degree in Vienna/Austria, I moved to Potsdam/Germany to continue my master degree and finished both of them successfully. Nutritional Science is primarily focused on research, while enabling a monument of knowledge for your own nutritional journey. So I started questioning the eating habits of myself, my family and friends as well as the global eating habits.

My journey to a plant-based lifestyle originated from ecological and ethical reasons as well as from curiosity on its effect on my own body. Because of my nutritional based studies, I learned about the health benefits which I was able to incorporate and experience in my day to day life.  My deep love for moving my body started while transitioning into a fully plant-based diet. I love to bike, run, swim, I’m passionate about the gym and enjoy dancing. My daily yoga practice is another way to express and get to know more about myself.

From the beginning of my life I’ve always been experienced a high level of sensitivity. I’ve had numerous questions about the meaning of life. I’ve always felt like an anomaly in today’s society. I felt pressed into a bottle while being in a job. Not being able to align with the patterns and structures of society. Especially after my breaking point in 2010, during the apprenticeship, I had to go my own way and evaluate my life choices drastically. Yoga and Meditation are constant fellows on the journey to my inner self; that’s why I chose to dive deeper into the Indian tradition and attended a 200 hrs yoga teacher training in Rishikesh/Indien, which was the very first milestone towards my way as a yoga teacher. Exactly one year later, I went back to India and attended my 300 hrs YTTC in Goa. My deepest experience of awakening so far happened during my MTTC on Koh Phangan/Thailand – that journey has become deeply imprinted in my heart!

It is my biggest desire to share with YOU what I have learned, experienced and what I’m about to learn; to support you along your journey in terms of nutrition and health, yoga and meditation. Simply because you you ARE worthy living a holistically healthy and magical life.