Holistic You | Body-Mind-Heart Integration

Namasté, beautiful soul!

It is an honor to connect with you.

What do I mean by “Holistic You”? – This article is a deep dive into the beautiful holisitc nature of yourself! 🙂

When talking about a person from a holistic viewpoint, people often refer to “body, mind, soul”. Or spirit. Sometimes even heart. So many different, yet relatable terms. But… what actually is the holy trinity of your Self?

As you can see from the title, I describe your Holistic Self as three parts (body, mind, heart) which are a unified expression of your soul. Thus, your soul is part of each of them… What do I mean by this?

Let’s put it this way:

When a soul becomes a physical manifestation (human being) on planet earth, it “splits” into three parts, which are interconnected and never separated: your holy trinity. It is comprised of body, mind, and heart. Matters, thoughts/emotions, and intuition.

  • Your body depicts this interconnectedness very beautifully: Each cell has its function and communiates with others. Organs, hormones, the nervous system – this complex system works in a perfectly orchestrated way, because everything is interconnected with each other.
  • At the same time, you will notice that your thoughts and emotions – the mind -influence your physical state. And so does the vibration of your heart. When you’re depressed and struggling with obstacles in life, you’re much more susceptible for physical weaknesses. Of course, because you vibrate on a low level of consciousness. On the contrary, when you’re head over heels in love, you’re perfectly happy, and usually also healthy. You don’t even need much to eat, because you feel deeply nourished by the frequency of love.

“Nourish your body. Clear your mind. Listen to your heart.
– Express your soul.”

…you probably resonate with the fact that human beings are not only a physical body; that thoughts and emotions affect your wellbeing. And that the core of who you truly are goes way beyond the body, mind, and emotions. Your physical, mental, and emotional nature is a temporary holistic expression of your infinite soul which incarnated at this moment, in this time-space-reality, on planet earth.







Body, Mind, Heart | Senses, Thoughts & Emotions, Intuition ~

Let’s start with the physical level: What is the body (in spiritual terms)?

Our world is comprised of time and space. We appear as physical beings that are made out of matter. For example: bones, flesh, blood, etc. From a spiritual perspective, you could say that the human body is a projection on the screen of time and space.

The body represents the physical dimension and of one’s trinity. It is the visible outer form. But the body is not only related to your genes. If you’re attached to the rational understanding of the human body, you would perceive it as a biochemical machine which functions in a certain way. And if something is not working anymore, it needs to be “fixed” with another source of matter: drugs, surgery, etc. But it is definitely not that simple and superficial, because the body is strongly connected to the other aspects of your holistic being. On the deepest level, the body is nothing else but energy. It is the physical expression of your invisible, infinite soul. I like to say that the body is a unique gift you were given in this one lifetime of yours.

~ The body relates to your physical wellbeing. ~



Let’s move on with the second aspect of yourself: What is the mind?

The mind is primarily linked to the individual psyche, your conscious thoughts as well as your sub-consciousness. It is often perceived as the logical thinking, the ratio, the brain, the thoughts that you are aware of. However, the mind goes way beyond the brain. Mind and brain are interconnected, yet, they are two entities. To describe it in a more tangile way:

  • Imagine your brain as the hardware of a computer, and
  • your mind as the software which has also access to the internet.

Your brain receives information from the world wide web, interprets those signals and creates a three-dimensional image which creates your physical reality. The mind is a much larger space that holds all your individual memories, experiences, knowledge, and it is connected to the collective consciousness (a collection of individual minds).  The collective consciousness is like an energetic ocean filled with information and experiences.

Thoughts and emotions are very strongly interconnected, because your emotions – in other terms: how you feel – are a result of what you think and experience, mentally and physically. Your emotions are the energy that you feel behind every thought and physical sensation.

~ The mind relates to your mental and emotional wellbeing. ~



Last but not least, let’s take a closer look at the heart: What is it?

When you hear the term “heart”, you might first think of the physical organ in the chest, your blood pump. At the same time, you may also relate “heart” to the center of feelings. In more spiritual terms, your “heart space” or heart chakra is an energy wheel located in and around your chest. It is tied to the frequency of unconditional love, to compassion, and union (oneness). Therefore, it is the gateway to source energy (the universe, conscoiusness, God). In physiological terms, your heart represents the ultimate energy source which keeps you alive and provides your body with everything it needs. Back to spirituality: Intuitive messages are received by the third eye (chakra), but they become translated in your heart (chakra) through the frequency of unconditional love. When we approach one another with an “open heart”, we perceive everyone from an internal vibration, though the eyes of consciousness, of love and compassion, rather than just from the mind (thoughts and attached emotions).

Did you know that the human heart (organ) forms firstly in a human fetus? As soon as it starts beating, the heart creates an electromagnetic field which encompasses the entire body. It sends signals to every cell in the body and causes them to develop. The electromagnetic field from heart is by far the largest and most powerful that is created by the human body. The brain also has an electromagnetic field, but it creates just a tiny amount of the signals that are coming from the heart.

~ The heart relates to your spiritual wellbeing. ~







~ Then, what is the soul? ~

Body, mind, and heart: It is the holy trinity through which your soul expresses itself on an individual level. But where does it come from, how can it be described?

“You don’t have a soul.
You are a soul. You have a body.”
(C.S. Lewis)

Each individual has a soul. A unique divine fingerprint. It carries all your experiences from this lifetimes as well as all lifetimes you had before. Thus, it is like a memory store house of your Self. The soul is infinite. It is the eternal part of you which will never diminish. This individual energy force is a projection of God as such into the world.

And what do I mean by God?

God can be described as the ultimate creator deity. God is the life force energy that allows life to happen. Our souls are an extension of this universal source, because we are creators too. Each of us has been created by God. So, the creator principle resides within each and every one of us. If you’re aware of it or not: You are a creator entity of some sort, creating your own reality, day by day, consciously or unconsciously. This divine essence (creative power) within you can be referred to the soul. And the soul operates uttermost through your heart in form of feelings. Regarding the holy trinity, we could say:

  • The body is the vehicle through which the soul expresses itself on a physical level. Through the body, your soul gets to know itself experiencially.
  • The mind is a powerful tool which helps you set out for a certain direction. By living in alignment with your truth, it supports you manifest the messages from your heart.
  • The heart is a doorway through which the soul communicates with you, at a certain frequency that you have always access to. It sends you signs and nudges in order to support the highest growth and evolution of your soul. It leads you to your highest fulfillment possible.






~ The process of fragmentation ~

Keeping body, mind and heart in balance asks for your awareness. However, most of us were not raised with a regular introspective practice or with the idea that looking inward is key for a health, happiness, and fulfillment. When you go through life unconsciously, you will probably be confronted with an imbalance at some point, in one or more of these aspects: your physical wellbeing (e. g. diseases, chronic symptoms), your mental and emotional wellbeing (e. g. depression, burnout), or your spiritual wellbeing (e. g. finding life meaningless). But because these aspects are holistically intertwined, as soon as one falls off the waggon, it automatically affects the other aspects of your Self.

“Fragmentation” means to separate your Holistic Self. To put emphasis on one aspect, but neglect the others. If you fragment your Self, you’re separated. Thus, your sense of oneness (true nature) disappears which causes suffering.

I’d like to give you some examples, so you have a clearer idea of what I mean by this imbalance, neglection, and fragmentation:

  • The modern (western) world has been ruled by logic and the intelligent mind. Your intellect is considered to be supreme. Logic must rule over emotions. The body must follow what the mind says or believes to be true. Science and the thinking-related western society are heavily influenced by the era of rationalism. This concept goes back to a foundational thinker in the development of the western notion of reason and science, who said:

“I think, therefore I am.”
(René Descartes)

  • On the other hand, let’s have a look into the fitness world, professional athletes or models, for example. The physical body is considered to be supreme and receives the greatest amount of attention. However, not necessarily in a healthy and intuitive way. The mind is a strong force that controls the body toward “perfect” appearance and/or best perfomance. Come what may. The internal world of feelings and sensations is often considered as insignificant.
  • In the esoteric world, some people see the heart as the one and all, whereas the body might be perceived as an illusion and the mind is degraded as the enemy (ego) that we have to get rid of.

So, in either case, one aspect is held and enhanced, whereas the other aspects are neglected. By doing so, you are creating an energetic imbalance which can lead to suffering. Note that these examples are presented in an exaggerated and very generalized way. My intention with these examples is to give you a better understanding about the concept of “fragmentation”. This always happens unconsciously, therefore “automatically”, when you lose yourself in the outer world.







~ Living in alignment: What does it mean? ~

Balance is necessary in order for you to THRIVE long-term. To live a healthy, truthful, and authentic life. I love to use the terms alignment, congruency, or integration. What I mean by this is the union between all parts of your trinity: body, mind, and heart. Then, you can truly express your soul and fulfill your life’s purpose while thriving ans shining – from the inside out.

“As long as our body-mind-heart-soul connection is active and balanced,
we will continue to grow.”
(Joseph Rain)

Being in alignment and creating a balance between all three parts that make up your soul – your true Self – asks for integration. In other words: It asks you to accept, acknowledge, and embrace all parts of your Self, all the beauty and limitations. As soon as you treat them with equal importance, you start making decisions based on integrity. Each part is a unique and beautiful manifestation of your soul which gives you the possibility to experience this gift of life.

The process of integration allows you to feel whole. Undivided. One. There’s no longer an inner void that needs to be filled. You feel aligned with all aspects of your soul, your essence, your true Self.






~ Conclusion: Body-Mind-Heart Integration ~

Beautiful soul. Your essence is infinite. At this point in your existence, you’re incarnated on planet earth. You were gifted with a beautiful human vessel and you’re surrounded by an energy field that touches yours through your mind (thoughts and emotions). These energy waves can be a beautiful or uncomfortable experience. Through your heart space, you can connect with the divine wisdom of the universe, when you become still and tap into the frequency of unconditional love.

The soul has a hard time to express itself holistically through you, when …

  • your body is sick.
  • your mind is confused, because it runs on subconscious programs based on pains and trauma.
  • the subtle (intuitive) voice from your heart is overlooked and suppressed.

But you don’t have to “wait” until all three aspects are out of balance to wake up. If you’re not integrating all three aspects of your Self, it is highly likely that you’re going to suffer at some point in your life. On the other hand: If you choose to take care of your body and mind, and if you connect with the truth of your heart, there’s a natural alignment going to happen. And you’ll be able to see and feel it in every area of your life.

What words do you use to describe the soul and its relation to a human being? Feel free to leave a comment and let me/us know. 🙂

Thank you for your being, my love!

Sending you lots of love from the bottom of my heart!
Remember that: Your are magical! You are magic! 🙂


yours Isabel!



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