COVID-19 | Finding light in times of darkness

Namasté, beautiful soul!

How are you feeling right now? How are you approaching the current situation that we’re all in on a global scale? What thoughts and feelings are present for you?

I’ve been without internet (WiFi) for 24 hours by now. I just found out that main parts of the city I live in are affected by this WiFi-breakup due to construction works where a cable was cut; but the “problem” should be solved within the next day. During the first 1-2 hours offline, I observed this feeling of separation and disconnection -not only from the internet, but especially within myself. Just like: I cannot connect with others online right now, that means “I am lost” – well, really? Am I? After waking up this morning, I kept up with my morning routine, had a beautiful bike ride in super sunny, yet cold Germany, did a nice workout, took a shower, made myself a tea and … already by doing all of that, I felt a sense of deep gratitude for this opportunity right now. The opportunity of being virtually and physically disconnected from the external world. I felt strongly called to go within. After an intuitive yin yoga flow, I finally found myself sitting in silence on my meditation cushion…

“Stillness is the gateway.
Stillness holds all answers.”

I immediately received these words, and would love to share some more insights, views, feelings, and my perception on the current situation with you!

First of all, it’s my biggest desire to express my compassion, condolences, and love for all of you, guys. Everyone is going through his/her own journey right now and is being affected by this challenging situation in a specific way: whether by the virus itself, by death of a loved one, by an existential crisis regarding the economic situation, or by facing their feelings. I am with you. I deeply feel you. We are all in this together. And we will get out of this together!

I also want to mention that I won’t talk about statistics, conspiracies, political decisions, the breakdown of economy, etc in this article. What I mainly focus on is my personal perspective, what I’ve received from going within, as well as what resonates with me from the exchange with other souls who are on their spiritual journey.




~ 2020 – The virus as a messager ~

The virus is not necessarily here to destroy humanity or the planet, but it delivers important messages. If we’re willing to listen,  we can stop destroying ourselves and the planet:

No. 1: The (physical) separation we’re experiencing right now is a direct reflection of how disconnected we live from each other as well as from ourselves (body, mind, and soul). Especially people living in big cities will notice the strong anonymity there – even though those places are full of people, right? Now it’s time to realize that everything and everyone is (inter)connected. Just a few examples:

  • We’re connected as humans on a biological level by passing on the virus to each other. It does not only harm one body, but every body – in other words: the “one body” of humanity. By the way, the virus also represents our energetic nature. Although we cannot perceive it with our senses, we cannot see, hear, smell, or touch the virus, yet it obviously can affect us in a very harmful way (just like an emotion or thought, any stream of energy can).
  • We’re connected as humans on an emotional and energetic level by feeling very similar (basically the same) feelings. Besides all the fear, sadness, anger, etc, I feel so much love and support going around the planet as we are connecting online, by thinking of and praying for each other, as well as during meditation. I feel so touched by watching lots of beautiful people offering their support and help. People who are just present, holding space, and spreading love, even though we are not physically close to each other right now.
  • The connection of the global economy and the dependency on one another.
  • etc.

We are now forced to face the oneness that we truly are and realize that there is NO separation. Separation is just a fear-based construct in our heads that arose as we started identifying with our bodies and the material, ego-driven “reality”.

No. 2: The initial outbreak of the corona virus (covid-19) took place in China. The virus is a zoonosis, meaning it is transferred from animals to human beings. In this case, people were consuming animals under unhygienic conditions. By taking a look behind this initial outbreak scenario, I came up with one core message: We need to take a closer look at and question the way humanity is treating animals nowadays. Exploiting, slaughtering, killing, and eating animals is actually not what we’re supposed to do, are we?

No. 3: Right now, we’re going through spring in the northern hemisphere. I do not remember a time before where I’ve experienced nature unfolding its beauty in such a profound way. (Almost) every single day, the sun shines more and more brightly than the day before, birds are singing, the sky is clear and blue, flowers start growing. Just as if nature starts breathing again. We all know that humanity (especially the western world) hasn’t been treating nature kindly in the past decades. Industrial pollution of the land and water, deforestation, monocultures, the increasing use of chemicals, species distinction, climate change. We just need to pause here and remember that:

“Nature doesn’t need people,
but people need nature.”

I feel like nature (the universe) sent us into our rooms -like parents would their children when they did something nasty- to reflect upon our behavior. And we’re not supposed to come out until we’ve learned a lesson out of it. I’d say it is no coincidence that this is happening right now during spring: the awakening period of nature, a new beginning is arising, and the bright streams of sunshine are keeping us in hope – here in the northern hemisphere; the place of the western world; the place where people need to awaken so badly. This incredible (unconditional!) love and support we now receive from Mama Nature is a sign that there is not only hope, but there is the best case scenario waiting for us at the end of this long dark tunnel.





~ Stillness is the bridge to your heart. Love is the answer. ~

I’m pretty sure that each and every one of you is dealing with certain things right now. No matter with whom I’m connecting, talking or writing: all of our deeply hidden dark stuff is coming to the forefront, presenting itself on a plate right in front of our noses. As hard, as challenging, as painful as it may sound: now is THE perfect opportunity to face the darkness. The more you resist it, reject it, disconnect from it, the longer it will persist, and the stronger it will become. You can only let go when you go through that unwanted stuff. The more time you spend in introspection, with inner healing (by facing your emotional pains with kind awareness and breathing), as well as cultivating unconditional love, the easier, more effortless, and peaceful your life will become.

“To a mind that is still,
the whole universe surrenders.”

The past weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me as well. I’m facing deeply rooted issues that have been coming up very strongly, again and again. I’ve been carrying those with me for quite a time now. It was no coincidence that I went to Thailand for the Meditation TTC and to beautiful Bali right before this global corona outbreak has happened. During those three weeks, I went through a beautiful inner transformation and connected with the most beautiful feelings (with pure consciousness) that I’ve ever experienced before. I had so many incredible “mirrors” around me that reminded me of the beauty within – all existence including myself. However, beside these wonderful external mirrors (other human beings and nature), stillness was a huge catalyst for myself. Stillness is like the bridge to the present moment which leads you to the light within, to your heart, towards consciousness, pure unconditional love. Without this experience in Asia, I probably would have approached the current situation slightly different. I now know stronger than ever before that -no matter what is going to happen, no matter where I am, no matter how others behave- I (we all!) can connect and rest with this light that we all carry within.

The more light bulbs are switched on in the hearts of people, the more love is spread throughout the collective consciousness, the stronger the planetary frequency is going to rise, the more likely it is that we will find a way out of this current situation facing the best case scenario!





~ Covid-19 & Quarantine – when will it end? ~

Now, the million dollar question is: When will this experience finally end? Well, by having a look at the current external situation, one would say we need a vaccine so that people can get out of quarantine and continue living their lives freely without worrying about getting infected.

From a spiritual perspective, there is no point in time when everything is over and we continue going back to the “old life” we lived before corona. This situation is a wakeup call for humanity. It’s a wakeup call for us to remember what matters most in life; to realize that the matrix we’re living in is an unsustainable, ego-driven system, regarding the above mentioned exploitation of nature, animals, the ratio driven consciousness we’ve established, the rejection of our own heart’s truth, the disconnection from our hearts in the first place, and the resistance towards our wounds. There has been so much dirt and mess building up and we all know deep down that the current human behaviour cannot continue this way – at some point we need to stop. And if we’re not willing to stop by ourselves – voluntarily – we will be forced by the universal intelligence. This is our force now. This is our opportunity to (finally) have a look at the bigger picture. This is the moment to pause, realize, and remember.

“The universe is giving us a consciousness enema
to purify our outdated way of being.”

Until we haven’t realized that it is time for each and every one of us to come back to our hearts, to act from a place of truth and love, we will be forced to stay inside.

This shift we’re forced to go through now is what many call the arising of the soft, nurturing feminine (yin) energy on the planet; in opposition to the mind-driven, logical masculine (yang) energy that we’ve cultivated so heavily. The universe is always always always striving for balance, for harmony. And if we are not willing to create balance by ourselves, it is taken care by the universe.

Even if we do have to swallow the (VERY) bitter pill right now, remember one thing: Everything will work out “best case scenario”. As paradox and harsh as it may sound: Deep down (as you know), this is a message of unconditional love from the universe for humanity…





~ Conclusion: Are you ready to wake up? ~

There is no coincidence in the universe. Some messages might be a very painful experience – but only for the mind, not for the soul. Are you ready to step out of your sensual experience for a moment, to distance yourself from everything you see and hear around you, and take a closer look inside? That’s the only place you’ll find everything you’re looking for, all the answers reside within your own stillness.

You cannot change what is (currently) going on outside, but you can ALWAYS choose how you want to respond. You can take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions – responsibility for your own vibration which is further connected to the collective. Your “little” switched on light bulb affects so many others around you. Our huge spider-web-like sea of consciousness is an infinite place of interconnectedness. No matter what the external circumstances look like right now: You can choose in every single moment of time whether you want to align with the vibration of fear or tune yourself into the frequency of love. Taking action from this place of clarity, stillness, and love will make this world a better place. That being said, I invite you to find a few moments of stillness for yourself (or you’ll be otherwise forced to go within, just like myself facing this WiFi-breakup!). This is an opportunity for you to focus on what’s REALLY important in life. It is an opportunity to find purpose, deep meaning, and to live -to embody- this meaningful message right out of your heart.

Right now, our lights are needed more than ever before.
The frequency of love has the potential to guide us into a heart-based (instead of mind-based) world.

You can change the world now by choosing love.
By finding meaning in life.
Remember: I’m with you!

Let’s take a deep breath together:
Inhale through the nose,
and exhale with a sigh through the mouth.

Take care of yourself. Remember that we are all interconnected. If there is anything you can do for this world right now: Take very well care of yourself, find meaning, find purpose, and stand in your light. If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know –  don’t hesitate to contact me!

If this content resonates with you, feel free to share it with anyone who needs to hear this message right now.

Love you all so much!


yours Isabel!


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