Quote-Spiration #7 | Body love & My story

Namasté, beautiful!

I’m going to start with a few questions for you, dear:

  • How do you feel in your body?
  • Are you familiar with thoughts around shame, guilt, revenge, or even hatred around your physical appearance?
  • Have you ever, willingly or unwillingly, abused your body? Whether through over- or undereating, drug or alcohol abuse, overexercising, overburdening your system?
  • Have you ever wished you would look differently?
  • Have you forced your body to change in a certain way?


  • Have you ever suffered from chronic symptoms and never received any reasonable help whatsoever?
  • Battling every single day with yourself and the suffering vessel you’re carrying around?
  • Falling into confusion, depression, anxiety, even suicidal attempts, simply because you had NO clue what to do anymore?

I feel you. I’ve been there. You’re not alone.

Today, I want to share with you one crucial message that I’ve learned along my journey:

“Your body loves you,

This may sound provoking, especially when you’re currently going through rough times, health wise. When your body is aching, when you find yourself bedridden, mentally lost, emotionally broke, and spiritually in the midst of the well-known “dark night of your soul”. Does this sound familiar to you? Then this article is exactly for you!

Let’s begin with a closer look at what the body actually is, from a holistic perspective.






~ The body & our relationship with it ~

Having a look at the physical body from a spiritual standpoint, it represents the densest state of consciousness. In our time-and-space-based reality, we’re all wearing a “human earth suit”. A vessel that carries us through this lifetime. We’re made out of structural material, like bones, flesh, blood, etc. You can also say that our consciousness has become manifested as a projection onto the screen of time and space.

“Your mind, emotions and body are instruments
and the way you align and tune them determines
how well you play life.”

Back to the physical realm:

Have you ever asked yourself how unbelievably perfect your body works throughout your entire life? Trillions of cells and uncountable microorganisms are working in perfectly orchestrated harmony. Communicating with one another. Have you ever noticed…

… that your heart never misses one beat. It is beating from the moment you came into existence in the womb of your mum until the moment you will leave this world?

…that your immune system protects you in every single moment of time from any potentially harmful invader?

… that your digestion, kidneys, yet every organ work 24/7, never taking a break?

Yet, we’re constantly telling ourselves that we don’t look good (enough), that our thighs are too big, our bellies not flat enough, that we’re too big, too small, too whatever.

We’re also been told that we have bad genes, that our bodies are attacking themselves, or even that we have manifested chronic diseases…right?

It is very easy to lose faith in your body, to fall into the self-hatred loop when your mental, emotional and especially your physical health slowly but steadily deteriorates. I’ve been there! I feel you! Let me share a bit about my personal journey …







~ My journey with my body ~

Ten years ago (2010), I hit rock bottom regarding my state of health. My soul was starving to death, suffocating in an environment, that slowly but steadily deteriorated my body – on all levels. Well, at that point I allowed it to do so. I was working at a place where I physically, mentally, and emotionally burned out my system. My soul was screaming at me. But I resisted its demands. Because I thought I need to follow the system. In order to survive. That there is no other way to live your life.

“Rock bottom will teach you the lessons
that mountain top never will.”

Completely disconnected from my physical body, living in the mental body, I subconsciously tried to detach from this world, the seemingly reality. I lost tons of weight and became numb. Did not have any connection with my body’s needs, neither hunger nor the desire to exercise, sleep, etc Connecting with my deeper desires were completely out of reach. I was functioning. Or at least trying to. Holding on to the thought “I need to fit in and continue doing what I’m doing.”

“Your deepest hell
has the most priceless treasures.”

After ending up in hospital, suffering from a long list of symptoms diagnosed with burnout and anorexia, I received a hint of a message from my soul. A sparkle of awakening. Deep down I knew that I forced myself to go into a wrong direction in life. After many years with therapy, labelled as a highly sensitive person, I began to take more care of myself. I slowly found my way back to a rather acceptable place in life. At the same time, my body slowly started to recover.

However, it wasn’t until I got in the spiritual path more deeply – by traveling to India for my Yoga Teacher Trainings – that I more deeply found an anchor in life. Inside myself. Whenever I stepped on to my yoga mat, I felt (still feel) like coming back home. To myself, and simultaneously to the universe. I realized that my body is a unique gift I received to experience planet earth and follow a specific purpose that has always been lingering inside my heart. My body is a very wise compass mirroring directly if something serves it well or not.

“There is more wisdom in your body
than in your deepest philosophy.”

In order to thrive in my body (as a sensitive soul), I intuitively created certain habits and routines that allow my nervous system to move gently throughout the day. Later on, I found that Ayurveda gives similar guidelines to live in sync with the circadian rhythms, with nature and the universe. Also, the way I eat (what, how, when) has a massive influence on my physical or holistic wellbeing. After trying different approaches in the plant-based world, I always find my way back to a simple raw food’s lifestyle.

“The moment I’m kissed by the sun,
move my body,
and put fresh juicy fruit into my body,
I thrive and shine from the inside out…”

Nowadays, I am very honored to be an inhabitant of this beautiful vessel, my body. Taking care of it in the best way is one of my biggest priorities, cause I only got one in this lifetime…





~ Your body will love you back ~

Regarding all the above-mentioned self-hatred statements that bring you further along the negative downward spiral, I can tell you this:

  • There is a way out!
  • Your body is perfectly designed to thrive.
  • Your body is ALWAYS working for you, never against you, my love.
  • Your body is always ready to tap into alignment with your soul, if you’re willing to choose so.

Can you see where the crux of the issue, our unhealthy relationship with our bodies lies? – Exactly. In the mental body. In the identification with mental concepts (ego) that have nothing to do with the truth of who you are and the beauty of your unique human shell … We are conditioned to think in a certain way. Our ego is inherently focused on everything that is NOT working right or well or as perfect as it wants it to be. Which is ultimately never achievable.

Taking a step back and bringing awareness to those conditioned stories in our heads is the first to release yourself out of the ongoing suffering …

What it requires to blossom and thrive (again) is you showing up for your body like a mother for her new-born baby.

…taking good care of this beautiful vessel.

…re-connecting with your inner body by closing your eyes and feeling into certain body parts.

…meeting your body with unconditional love and compassion which has the most effective healing power. YOUR love, acceptance, and compassion.

It is NEVER too late to heal.
To come back to a thriving feeling in your physical body.

It needs you taking care of it in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way. As you honor and meet its needs, you will then start feeling the unconditional love that it always provides you with. Then you will go hand in hand with your body through this magical experience called life! 🙂

Take very well care of yourself, beautiful!

You are such a precious gift – and so is your human shell.

Sending you lots of love & a big hug,

yours Isabel!


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